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Publication numberUS2873881 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 17, 1959
Filing dateNov 13, 1957
Priority dateNov 13, 1957
Publication numberUS 2873881 A, US 2873881A, US-A-2873881, US2873881 A, US2873881A
InventorsNichols Frank C
Original AssigneeNichols Frank C
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Container rim protector
US 2873881 A
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Feb. 17, 1959 F. c. NICHOLS CONTAINER RIM PROTECTOR Filed Nov. 13, 1957 Frank C. Nichols.



United States Patent 2,873,881 v CONTAINER RIM rnomcron Frank c. Nichols, Lees Summit, Mo.- Application November 13, 1957, Serial No. 696,218

2 Claims. (Cl. 220-90 This invention relates to rim protectors for cans containing paint or other liquids, and more particularly to such a protector used on open liquid containing cans or containers to prevent accumulation of liquid in the cover receiving groove therefor.

.Co'nventional can's or containers used forfpaint sand other liquids have a flange structure at their mouth with an annular groove for receiving a complementary portron on a cover or lid to provide an effective sealing of the container. When the cover or lid is removed from the container, the annular groove is exposed, and subsequent use of the contents of the container, either by pouring a. portion of the contents from the can or by .dipping a brush inthe contents and wiping the brush on the flange, by mixing. of the paint or other contents, usually results in the paint or liquid entering the annular groove. The paint or liquid in the annular groove results in poor sealing when the lid is replaced on the can and deterioration of the c'ontentsduring storage, and also makes it difiicult 'to again remove the lid or cover because of drying of the liquid in the groove causing adherence of the lid or cover thereto.

The'principal objects of the present invention are to provide a protector which is applied to open containers to protect the rim .and annular groove from accumulation of paint or liquid and thereby eliminate the abovementioned difliculties; to provide a unitary protector attachment of resilient material with portions s'ealingly engaging the innerand outer edges of the can rim to prevent passage of liquid thereby; to provide such a protector attachment that forms an extension preventing spilling or splashing of liquid from the container during mixing or removal of the contents from the container by pouring or by a brush or other liquid applying tool; to provide such a protector with portions on which a brush may be supported out of the liquid yet for draining into the container; and to provide a can rim protector that is economical to manufacture, easily applied and efficient in keeping the *rim and annular groove therein clean during use of the contents of the container.

In accomplishing these and other objects of'the present invention, I have provided improved details of structure, the preferred form of which is illustrated in the accompanying drawing, wherein:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a protector attachment embodying the present invention applied to an open container.

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view through the container and attachment thereon.

Fig. 3 is a bottom view of the protector attachment.

Fig. 4 is an enlarged fragmentary sectional view through the protector attachment.

Referring more in detail to the drawings:

1 designates a container such as a typical can for containing paint and the like having a cylindrical side wall 2 closed at one end by a bottom 3. The upper end of the cylindrical wall 2 is joined by a conventional roll or bead 4 with an end piece 5 forming an annular Patented Feb.

rim flange extending inwardly from the upper end of the side wall 2. The end piece or member 5 is formed to provide an annular'groove 6 having a bottom, 7 and side walls 8 and 9 with the upper edge of the inner side wall 9 rolled as at 10 to form a protrusion extending laterally inwardly fromthe upper end of said inner wall of the groove. The conventional cover that shown) has a depending portion that extends into the 'annular groove is open, and the groove 6 and rim are exposed to paint or liquid contents of the can as they are removed by pouring or by brush or other applying tool, as well as to splashing when the liquid is mixed.

The protector attachment 12 is adapted to be applied to the open upper end of the can to protect the rim flange 5 and groove 6 from accumulations of the liquid from the container. The protector is preferably of unitary structure molded or otherwise formed of resilient material such as rubber, synthetic rubber or resilient synthetic resins, and is in the form of an annular member or body having a tubular or circular wall 13 with the lower portion 14 having an inner diameter or bore of a cross-section for 'sleeving over the upper portion of the container side wall 2. The bore is of a size slightly less than the outer dimension of the head or roll 4 whereby the inner surface 15 of the lower portion of the wall 13 will tightly engage said roll or bead 4 when the protector is applied to the can. To facilitate application of the protector to the can, the lower portion of the wall 13 has its inner surface conically tapered downwardly and outwardly as at 16 from a location intermediate the length thereof whereby the inner diameter at the bottom opening 17 at the lower end of the wall 13 is slightly larger than the outer diameter of the roll or bead 4.

A top wall 18 extends inwardly and downwardly from the cylindrical wall 13 from a location intermediate the upper and lower ends 19 and 20 respectively thereof, said top wall being conically tapered downwardly and inwardly and terminating in a depending inner wall or skirt 21-adapted to extend into and through the mouth 11 of the container 1. The inner wall or skirt 21 has an outer surface 22 larger in diameter than the mouth 11 and is provided with a groove 23 adapted to receive the roll orbead 10 when the protector attachment is applied to the container 1. The lower outer portion of the inner wall 21 is tapered as at 24 from the lower edge 25 of said wall with the diameter of the outside of the lower end of the wall 21 being less than the diameter of the mouth 11 to facilitate insertion of the wall 21 into said mouth. The spacing between the inner surface of the cylindrical wall 13 and the outer surface of the inner wall 21, and the arrangement of the groove 23 therein, is less than the distance from the outside of the head 4 and inside of the roll or bead 10 whereby when the attachment is applied to a can, and the walls 14 and 21 wedged into engagement with the heads 4 and 10, as illustrated in Fig. 2, the walls 13 and 21 are spread to resiliently engage said beads and form a tight seal therewith.

' A plurality of circumferentially spaced lugs 26 depend from the top wall 18 in outwardly spaced relationto the inner wall 21 whereby said lugs extend into the groove 6 when the attachment is applied to the container 1.

' The spacing 27 between the inner surface 28 of the lugs engagement with the inner surface of the groove side wall 9 and the roll or bead 10 in the groove 23.

In using a protector attachment constructed as described, the lid or cover is removed from the can 1 and the attachment 12 placed .over. the open end of the can and moved downwardly to engage the taper 2'4 with the head 10-. The attachment is then pressed downwardly whereby the taper 16on the inner portion of the wall 13 engages the bead 4, and due to the resilient nature of the material from which the member 12 is made, .said walls will'give on further downward movement until the bead 10 enters the'groove 23 to a position. as shown in Fig. 2, and thenthe resilient nature of the attachment holds the walls against the heads 4 and 10 to provide a positive seal around. the top of the can or container. 1, the lugsf26 and. the inner wall 21 cooperating to retain the bead 10in the groove 23 to effectively lock the attachment'IZ on the container. the can may be poured therefrom or a brush.may be dipped into the contents andwiped on the wall 21 for use of the contents of the can. The wall.13 extends upwardly a substantialdistance from the top wall 18-, whereby when desired a brush may be placed on said top wall and the handle thereof engage the opposite upper edgev 19 of the wall 13' to supportthe brush whereby any liquid in the brush can drain into. the can. After using a portion of the paint or contents of the can, the protector attachment is removed and the rim and annular groove of the can will be clean for easy replacement ofthe cover or lid thereon.

It is to be understood thatwhileI have illustrated and describedone form of my invention, it is not to be limited to the specific form or arrangement of parts herein described and shown except-insofar assuch-limitations are. includedinthe claims.

What I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A unitary protector attachment of resilient-material for containers having a cylindrical side wall and a rim flangewith an annular groove extending around the container opening atone end of the container for receiving a cover membercornprising, a continuous cylindrical tubular wall having a lower. portion for sleeving over the upper portion of the container side wall in gripping engagement therewith, a top wall integral with and extending downwardly and inwardly from said tubular wall and over said rim flange, an upstanding annular wall extending above said top wall in an upward continuation of said tubular wall, an inner wall integral with and depending from the top wall inner edge and arranged for insertion through-the container opening to depend therebelow, said inner wall having an exterior tapered down- Then the contents of through thecontainer opening, said lower portion of the wardly from a location intermediate the lengththereof for facilitating insertion through the container opening, said tubular wall and inner wall being adapted to wedge ingly engage and gripthe container side wall and edge of the rimflange defining the container opening for sealing engagement therewith, said inner wall having a circumferential groove for receiving the inner edge of the rim flange, and means depending from the top wall and extending into the annular groove of the container rim flange. and cooperating with the inner wall to grippingly engage -the rim flange therebetween, said inner wall defining theopeningfor-access to the interior of the container, said top walljforming an inclined ledge extending from said upstanding annular wall whereby any liquid on the ledge will return to the container.

2. A unitary protector attachment of resilient material fOn-cQntainerS-having a cylindrical side wall and a rim flange with an annular. groove extending around the containeropeningat-one end ofthecontainer for receiving a cover member comprising, a continuous cylindrical tubular wall having a lower-portion to be sleeved over the upper. portion'of' the-container side wall in gripping engagement therewith, a top wall extending downwardly and inwardly from said. tubular wall and over said rim flange and inupwardly' spaced-relation tosaid rim flange of the container: when-applied thereto, an upstanding annular wall extending above said top wall in an upward continuation of said tubular wall,,an inner wall depending from the top wall inner; edge and. arranged for insertion through the container opening to depend therebelow in gripping'engagementwith said rim flange, said inner wall having an exterior tapered downwardly from a location intermediate thelength thereof for facilitating insertion tubular wall having an interior tapered downwardly from a location intermediate the lowerend and the top wall torfacilitatingsleevingoven the container side wall,

' said tubular, wall and inner wall being adapted to wedgingly engage the container side wall and edge of the rim flange'detining the'container. opening for sealing engagement therewith, said inner wall having a circumferential groove for receiving the inner edge of the rim flange, said inner walldefining'the opening for access to the interior of' the container, said top wall forming a ledge .thereon forum in supporting the bristle end of a wet brush while the handle of the brush rests on the top of said upstanding annular wall at the opposite side thereof whereby any liquid draining from the brush will return to the container.

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Cooperative ClassificationB65D25/48, B65D47/40
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