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Publication numberUS2874697 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 24, 1959
Filing dateJun 22, 1954
Priority dateJun 22, 1954
Publication numberUS 2874697 A, US 2874697A, US-A-2874697, US2874697 A, US2874697A
InventorsJohnson William H
Original AssigneeWilliam T Sevald
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Colostomy device
US 2874697 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Fei.A 24, 1959 w. H. JOHNSON CoLosToMY DEVICE Filed -June 22. 1954 2,874,697 o COLOSTOMY DEVICE WilliamH. Johnson, Clawson, Mich., assigner of one-half to William T. Sevald, Royal Oak, Mich. Application June 22, 1954, Serial No. 438,531 14 Claims. (Cl. 12S- 283) Thisr invention relates to a sanitary device for collectingY the digestive material discharged through anv openingv in the body of an animal which is particularly suitable to persons having undergone colostomy or illeostomy surgical operations wherein the normal rectal opening is closed and the persons bowels are vented through an opening in the abdomen wall.

In this type of operation the vent aperture can be in any area of the abdomen depending on where the termination of the intestinal track occurs. Due to the fact that normal intestinal storage capacity is either substantially depleted or eliminated and due to the fact that the natural muscles and nerves preventing uncontrolled secretion are by-passed and/or eliminated, a constant secretion or travel of waste material discharges through the intestinal vent aperture and the person thereof must wear some type of device which collects this discharge in order for him to persue a normal life. v Y

The utility and economy of these collecting devices is well established as it enables the wearer to work and perform his -usual duties. However, the devices of the prior art leave much to be desired in that they are cumbersome, expensive, burdensome to wear, require excessive pressures, required cementing'of the device to the body of the person, and in spite of all, they leak, causing a contarninationof the person and hisV clothing, and rendering the. person. unt to perform his normal duties` in society.

With the foregoing in view, the primary object of the instant invention is to provide a device for collecting abdominal discharge material particularly from human beings,which,above all doesnot leak or allow any of the discharge-to` escapewhich. is inexpensive to manufacture, easy` to wear, does not require cementing to the body, does notcrequire excessive pressures, does not constitute or cause, an unseernlyburdensome bulge in the persons clothing,whichcan be easily cleaned, which is simple in. construction, andy design, which employs a minimum number of parts, and to which the used receptacle bag can beeasilyremoved and a new bag fitted thereon while the wearerfhas the. device attached to his body.

Anjobjectfoff the invention is to provide a cushioned pad, preferably of spongef rubber, having. an aperture thereim. adapt-ed to fit .againstV the body of the wearer with-the. aperture inthe pad concentrically surrounding, in slightly spaced. relation the discharge opening inthe body.

An object. of the inventionV is to provide ar closed looped flangeA or. acylindrical, ring-likcange edgewise contacting the bodyr immediately surrounding. theopening in` the body andof a dimension. normal` to the bod'yrsubstantially equal to fthe` thickness` of. the pad. Anobjectof the invention-istoprovidea pressure plate connectedtothe fla-nge andoverlying the padV so as to press both the pad, and theflange into easy pressurecontact with the personsbody whereby thewhole area of the. body Vsugrroundingthe flange adjacentthe opening resists.l the `pressure Yso that thelring Vlike edge ofi thev flange hasfasolid bearing portionlbuilt. upinI thefbody so as to ,sealably press thereagainst to insure' sealing contact between;A the'end of the ange and :the body;

Anobjeetiof the inventionis toprovide a nozzlefportion connected ,to the plate and communicatingiwiththe flange i-nsealing` relationship.-

YA11-object;v ofthefinvention isi to provide af, harnessplate (United, States Patent farice overlying theY pressure plate surrounding the nozzle portion in free pivotal relationship to both the plate, the ange, and the nozzle so that the attaching straps connected Vto the harness plate can be arranged as desired by the wearer without rotating the flange` pressure plate and pad.

An object of the invention is to provide a fore shortcned bottom wall in the nozzle portion so that a discharge channel is provided atvthe bottom thereof so that the receptacle bag positioned over the nozzlecannot seal olf the end of the nozzle under the pressure of the clothing lying thereagainst.

An object of the invention is to provide an outwardly opening interior area in the nozzle portion to aid and facilitate downward gravity feeding of the discharge material into the receptacle bag.l

An object of the invention is to provide a groove in the outside wall of the nozzle portion surrounding same and spaced slightly relative to the pressure or harness plate portion for receiving a compression ring therein so that the ring extends radially outwardly of the nozzle area so as to abut and annex the harness plate to the nozzleand pressure plate in free pivotal relationship thereto.

An object of the inventionv is to provide a receptacle bag whose mouth may be located between the compression ring and the nozzle portion so that pressure ring sealably connects the receptacle bag to the nozzle portion.

An object of the inevntion is to provide a harness belt, preferably elastic, connected to said harness plate by snap fasteners capable of pivotal movement so that the harness belt, harness plate, and pressure plate are all pivotally connected relative to one another so that' the person can adjust the angles of the attaching strap as desired.

An object of the invention is to provide a radial or outward extension on theV pad or cushion and a radial or outward lever extension on the harness plate adapted to overlie and contact theextending radial portion of the pad at a point adjusted so as to bev opposite or substantially opposite the bottom portion of the nozzle to aid in biasing the bottom portion of the nozzle into pressure relationship against the body beneath the body opening to insure correct sealing, especially in areas of the body where contours tend to lift the bottom portion of the nozzle or ange from sealing contact with the body wall at the bottom of the discharge opening.

These and other objects of the invention will become apparent by reference to the following description of a device for collecting discharge material-from. an animal body opening embodying the invention, taken in connectionwith the accompanying. drawing, in which:

Fig. 1 is a front elevational view of the inventive device, including the radial arms or pads;

Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional View of Fig. 1 taken on the line 2-2 thereof showing a; receptacle bag in addition to that seen in Fig. l;

Fig. 3 is a horizontal cross-sectional view of the device seen in Fig. 1 taken on the line 3-3 thereof;

Fig 4 is a view similar to Fig. l showing a moditied' Vdevice not entailing the radial arms and` lever projections;

Fig.- 5 is a view similar` to-Fig.. 4 showing a device witha much larger central opening;V

Fig. 6 is a view similar to and a moditied form Voi'the device. shown in: Fig. 2 showinglthe effect. of thef'pressure of clothing against the receptacle' bag; and

Fig. 7 is a view similar tov Fig; 2, showing. a: modi'edf device employing a combined harness' andpressure plate'.

Referring now to the drawings wherein like? numerals refer toY like and corresponding parts throughout the several views, the collectinggdevice shown. andidisclosttdy therein toy illust'ratethet invention; andi its environmentcomprises a sponge rubber cushion pad having an aperture 11 therein with the pad 10 adapted to lie against the body wall 12 with the pad opening 11 surrounding the aperture or discharge opening in the body wall 1 8, and, it is to be noted that the pad opening 11 is concentric with the body opening 13 and spaced slightly away therefrom to allow the inter-positioning of the closed loop or ring like flange 14 in endwise sealing condition against the body within the aperture pad 11 and outside the body opening 13. Connected to the closed loop flange 14, and preferably formed integral therewith, is the pressure plate 15 which overlies the cushion pad 10 so that movement of the plate 15 towards the body 10 presses the pad 10 towards the body and also the closedV loop flange 14 towards the body, and it is to be noted that the pressure plate 15 is equipped with a central aperture so that the body opening 13 can communicate through the closed loop flange 14 and the pressure plate 15. Attached to the pressure plate 15 and communicating through the opening therein with the closed loop flange 14 and preferably formed integral therewith is the nozzle portion 16 which extends outwardly of the pressure plate 15 and has a groove 17 formed in its outer wall adapted to receive the compression ring 18 therein. Disposed between the compression ring18 and the pressure plate 15 is the harness plate 19 which is equipped with a central aperture surrounding the nozzle portion 16 with the pressure plate 19 in free-floating pivotal relationship relative to the rest of the device so that the harness plate 19 or the rest of the device can be rotated relative to each other and to the body to adjust the device as desired on the body. The nozzle portion 16 is preferably formed with a foreshortened wall area 20 at the bottom thereof and with expanding semi-truncated cone like interior walls 21 so that material discharging out of the opening 13 gravity feeds through the nozzle portion downwardly into the receptacle 22. The bag or receptacle is positioned with its mouth portion 23 over the nozzle portion 16 over the area of the groove 17 so that the compression ring 18 overlying the receptacle bag mouth 23 sealably presses the bag mouth 23 against the nozzle portion 16 as well as holding the harness plate 19 in free floating pivotal relationship relative to the rest of the device.

The harness plate 19 is preferably equipped with a radial or outwardly projecting lever arm portion 24 and the pad 10 is equipped with a radially or outwardly projecting arm portion 275 underlying the harness plate arm 24 so that the arms can be adjusted circumferentially relative to the device so as to position the arms opposite and foreshortened bottom wall V20 of the nozzle so as to bias the bottom portion of the closed loop flange 14 into sealing relationship with the body wall 12 immediately below the body discharge opening 13. It is to be noted that the harness plate lever arm 24 can be curved inwardly as seen in Fig. 2 to accentuate the pressure as previously described if desired or found necessary. Y

The pressure plate is equipped with side wings 26 and 27 and has attached thereto snap fastener male-elements 28'and the harness belt or strap 29 is equipped with the snap fastener female counter-part 30. These snap fasteners embody a pivotal action so that the belt 29 is pivotally mounted relative to the harness plate 19 so that in adjusting the device on the body, the belt 29 and harness plate 19 are pivotally connected and adjustable to each other as Well as the harness plate 19 itself being capable of pivotal adjustment relative to the remainder of the device. Referring to the device as illustrated in Figs. 4 and 5, it is to be noted that the harness plate arm 24 and pad arm of Figs. l to 3 are deleted and that the disclosed device is completely operable, especially where the body wall is relatively at along the vertical axis of the device. It is to be noted in the device of Fig. 5 that the dimension of the closed loop ring 14A is substantially larger than the other devices illustrated. This large opening is especially suited to a colostomy where a portion of the large colon protrudes through the abdomen wall. In other words, the devices of Figs. 4 and 5 are complete as the auxiliary pad and plate arms 25 and 24, respectively are supplemental to the main body of the invention.

The closed loop ring 14, the pressure plate 15, and the nozzle portion 16 can be formed separately and sealably integrated with each other within the purview of the invention, but they are preferably formed integral as seen in the drawings. While the device is preferably made out of synthetic resins and the pad portion 12 made from foam rubber and the receptacle 22 made of Pliolm or cellophane, any material which is suitable to the use is considered within the scope and purview of the invention. The compression ring 18 is preferably made of rubber, however, it can be made of spring material such as metal or any type of elastic or compression material, such as even a screw type pressure band.

Referring to Figs. 6 and 7, the modied embodiments disclosed therein include the combined pressure and harness plate 50 which interts with the annular rib and the belt fastenings are made directly to the plate 50. The tube nozzle 52 is equipped with a ange 53 which cooperates with the combined harness and pressure plate 54 to hold the pad 10 and flange 14C against the body. The nozzle 16 has a rib S5 for holding the compression ring 18 against the plate 54. It is to be noted in all instances that the plate is pivotal relative to the ange. However, it is considered within the scope of the invention to make the flange, nozzle, and plate integral.

In operation, the user positions the pad over the closed loop ring 14 against the pressure plate 15, locates the harness plate 24 adjacent the pressure plate, loops the bag mouth 23 over the nozzle 16 and tits the pressure or compression ring 18 over the bag into the groove 17 so that the device is completely integrated. The user then places the device against his skin with the closed loop ring or ange 14 surrounding the abdomen opening 13 and attaches the belt or strap 29 via the snap fasteners 28 and 30, and by adjusting the length of the strap, which is preferably elastic, he can obtain the desired pressure on the device. It is to be noted thtat this pressure is not only placed on the body walladjacent the opening by the abutting edge of the closed loop ring 14, but also placed on the body wall in a substantial area surrounding the opening by the pad 10 under the pressure of the pressure plate 15 against the pad 10. This is important due to the fact that the pad compresses a slight amount in its confinement between the body wall and the pressure plate allowing the closed loop ring ange 14 to protrude slightly therefrom into contact with the body wall in a line-type bearing. This line-type bearing on the area of the body wall in contact with the edge of the closed loop ring 14 is enhanced more or less hydraulically due to the fact that the pad is putting pressure on the body wall adjacent this contact so that the body wall or the interior of the body supporting the wall cannot ow to escape the pressure of the edge of the ring 14 due to the fact that it is back lpressured by the pad bearing thereagainst, thereby furnishing a rm contact for the edge of the closed ring 14 which lies slightly extended from the area of the pad.

In the event the body opening is adjacent the groin area where the lower abdominal wall is curved along the vertical axis of the device, especially in females, it is found advisable to use the auxiliary radial pressure plate or harness plate arm 24 and the pad arm 25 to outwardly project the upper portion of the harness plate so as to carry the rest of the device outwardly at the top thereof so as to force the bottom of the device into more iirrn contact with the body wall located beneath the discharge opening so as to bias the bottom portion of the closed loop ring 14 into sealing relationship with the body.

Referring now to the device as seen in Fig. 6 Where clothing 40 is superimposed on the device and` contines it between the body wall 12 and the clothing 40, lthe receptacle bag 22 is held against the mouth of the nozzle portion 16 normally occasioning a back pressure to the discharge flow. However, due to the fore-shortened bottom wall 20 of the nozzle portion 16, it can be seen that a channel lies in the direction of gravitational ow as indicated by the arrow 50 between the bottom portion of the nozzle 16 and the pliolm bag 22 oppositely disposed thereto, thereby insuring that a channel will always be open to receive the material as it is discharged, regardless of the pressure of the clothing there against so as to prevent back pressuring the device thereby stopping the discharge of material and/or causing leakage between .the various joints of the device and between the device and the body wall.

Although but a single embodiment of the invention has been shown and described in detail together with a few modiiications, it is obvious that many changes may be made in the size, shape, detail, and arrangements of the elements of the invention within the scope of the appended claims, including making the articles separate instead of integral and including the substitution of materials.

I claim:

1. A device for collecting material discharged through an opening in the body of an animal comprising a cushion pad portion adapted to lie against the body wall adjacent the discharge opening having an aperture therein for eX- posing the body opening and a ring of body wall about the periphery of the body opening to permit communication with the body opening through said pad, a tube-like flange lying in the aperture of said pad adapted to contact the body wall immediately surrounding the periphery of the body opening, a pressure plate surrounding said liange and connected thereto and adapted to overlie said pad, a receptacle nozzle mounted on said plate in communication with said flange; said nozzle having an annular groove in its outer surface, a harness plate surrounding said nozzle and overlying said pressure plate, a receptacle disposed over said nozzle, a clamping ring over said receptacle 1ying in the area of said nozzle and confining said harness plate against said pressure plate, and means connected to said attaching plate for securing the device to the body.

2. A device for collecting material discharged through a body opening comprising a cushion pad adapted to lie against the body having an aperture therein for concentrically surrounding the body opening with the pad walls defining the pad aperture spaced slightly radially away from the periphery of the body opening, a cylindrical flange lying in said pad opening adapted to contact the body wall adjacent the periphery of the body opening in surrounding communicating relationship therewith, a pressure plate contacting said flange and overlying said pad in the area surrounding said ange adapted to press the pad and end of said ange against the body in sealing relationshiprsaid plate having an` aperture therein concentric With said cylindrical flange; a nozzle leading from said cylindrical llange through said plate having a groove in its outer wall, a harness plate overlying said pressure plate having an opening for receiving said nozzle therethrough, a receptacle having a mouth surrounding said nozzle, and an elastic ring over said receptacle in the area of said nozzle groove clamping said receptacle into said nozzle groove and adapted to abut said harness plate to coniine said harness plate against said pressure plate, and an elastic harness belt attached to said harness plate adapted to hold the device against the body under pressure.

3. In a device as set forth in claim 2, said nozzle having an outwardly opening interior wall foreshortened in its bottom area to provide gravity drainage downwardly into said receptacle and to provide an open channel into said receptacle against the pressure of clothing tending to occlude said nozzle with said receptacle wall.

4. In a device as set forth in claim 2, said harness plate being freely pivotally mounted relative to the other elements of the device. t

5. A colostomy and illeostomy device comprising an apertured pad adapted to lie against the body wall surrounding the body opening, an apertured pressure plate overlying said pad; the apertures of said pad and plate being concentrically aligned; a closed looped ilange connected to said plate adjacent said opening projecting bodyward of said plate through said pad opening a distance substantially equal to the thickness dimension of said pad to endwise sealingly contact the body in communication with the body opening, a conical nozzle portion connected to said plate communicating with said flange opening outwardly of the body to provide outward downward gravity llow from said ange; and means connected to said plate for pressing said plate against said pad and flange to press said pad and llange against the body.

6. In a device as set forth in claim 5, a radial projection arm on said pad and a radial projection arm on said means contacting said pad projection to bias the bottom of said flange against a body just below the body opening.

7. In a device as set forth in claim 5, said means comprising a harness plate overlying said pressure plate in free pivotal relationship and a harness strap connected to said harness plate.

8. In a device as set forth in claim 5, a nozzle extending outwardly from said flange having a foreshortened bottom area for establishing an open channel into a receptacle against the force of clothing pressure tending to seal a receptacle Wall against said nozzle.

9. In a device as set forth in claim 8, a groove in the outer wall of said nozzle and a compression ring adapted to surround said nozzle and press into said groove so as to prevent said means moving away from said plate.

l0. In a device as set forth in claim 9, a receptacle bag mouth overlying said nozzle and secured thereto., by lying between said nozzle and said compression ring.

ll. A body discharge collecting device comprising an outwardly opening conical nozzle providing downwardly outwardly gravity flow for body discharge, an annular flange integrated in said nozzle for surrounding the body opening in endwise sealing contact with the body, a compressible pad surrounding said flange, and a pressure plate adapted to contact both said nozzle and said pad to exert pressure thereagainst to force said pad and said ilange against the body wall.

l2. A body discharge collecting device comprising a pressure plate having a central opening, a conical nozzle supported by said plate providing downwardly outwardly vgravity flow for body discharge, an annular flange normal to said plate surrounding said opening and axially extending from said plate, and a cushi-on pad surrounding said ange and lying against said nozzle.

13. In a device as set forth in claim l2, a belt connected to said plate adapted to press said ange into sealing relationship surrounding a body aperture and to press said pad against said body to prevent the body from llowing out of sealing relationship with said flange.

14. A body discharge collecting device comprising an annular llange for endwise pressure bearing against a body in surrounding sealing relationship to a body opening a conical nozzle attached to said flange providing downwardly outwardly gravity flow for body discharge and a pressure plate surrounding said nozzle for contacting the body under pressure to prevent the body ilowing away from said llange and to force the body into v sealing relationship with said flange.

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