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Publication numberUS2874707 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 24, 1959
Filing dateJul 11, 1957
Priority dateJul 11, 1957
Publication numberUS 2874707 A, US 2874707A, US-A-2874707, US2874707 A, US2874707A
InventorsKoppel Margaret G
Original AssigneeKoppel Margaret G
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Manicure kit
US 2874707 A
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Feb.v 24, 1959 M. G. KoPPEL. 2,874,707

' MANICURE KIT Filed July 11. 1957 f 2 sheets-sheet 2 INV ENTOR.

Cem/Z7 f @227 ,Unid Sete y Patenti@ The present invention relates to a manicure kit, more particularly to be used by young girls. I

It has been observed that girls of the pre-adolescent age have a certain reluctance to take care of their hands and nails. Frequently this dislike of any cosmetic refinement is accompanied by a predilection 'for reading and studying. The article according to the invention therefore aims at utilizing thesetcndencies by associating the attraction produced byl a book with the unwelcome care of the hands, similarly to the method used in drug preparations by flavoring or sugar-coating an unpleasant remedy; or, in other words, it is the object of the invention to provide a psychological aid for the training of young `girls of that age group in attending to their manicure.

The kit according to the invention comprises a box which has the appearance of a book. Within, the tools and lotions usedfor the care ofthe hands and nails are mounted in leaf-like partitions which also bear imprints giving hints or directions for the use of each item.

The article of the invention will be described in further detail with reference to the accompanying drawings,-but it should be understood that thisdescription is givenby way of illustration and not of limitation and that many changes in the details can be made without departing from the spirit of the invention.

In the drawings, t

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the kit according to the invention in closed position;

Fig. 2 is a View of the box with the cover-flap turned to open position, exposing the rst leaf;

Fig. 3 is a similar showing of cover and first leaf, turned over, exposing the second leaf;

Fig; 4 similar1y illustrates the third leaf;V

Fig. 5 shows the bottom of the box, and

Fig. 6 is a section drawn along line 6--6 of Fig. 2.

Referring now to the drawings, Fig. 1 shows the box, generally designated by 8, in closed position. The box comprises a lid 11, a bottom 12, and four side walls, two of which are seen in Fig. l. The wall designated by simulates the back of a book, whereas 9 is at the bottom when the box is in upright position, e. g. when placed in a book shelf. The lid 11 bears, in the exemplified embodiment of the invention, the title imprint Hand Book and a Table of Contents, in'which the individual leaves represent, as it were, the chapters of a book.

The side wall 10 is rigidly attached to the bottom of the box and the lid is hingedly connected to the said wall, so that it can easily` be turned back.

This is illustrated by Fig. 2, in which the inside of the lid is shown at 11a. The first leaf, which is now exposed, is designated by 14. This leaf, which bears the inscription Chapter I has mounted thereon a nail iile and an emery board 16, both held in place by` cut-out strips or loops 14a. For easier handling, the one side of the box, side 13, is flexibly attached to the bottom 12. 'This side 13 is shown 4slightly bent backA in Figs. 2-6.

u 2,874,707 VPatented Feb. 24, 1959 At the end of leaf 14 near the side wall 9 of the box, `an yaperture 17 is provided which accommodates the handles 19a of a nail brush 19 mounted at the bottom 12 of the box, as more fully shown in Figs. 5 and 6.

' An imprint or inscription is providedl above each tool describing its use and function. f

In Fig. 3- the first `leaf 14 is shown bent back to position 14a, whereby the second leaf, 18, is disclosed bearing the inscription Chapter Il. On this leaf are mounted an orange stick 20, and a cotton wad 21. This leaf has two openings; one opening 17a being, in superposed position of leaves 14 and 18, in alignment with opening 17 on the rst leaf to form therewith a space for accommodating the nail brush 19, whose handles 19a can be seen in Fig. 3. The second opening in leaf 18 is 22 which serves for receiving the lid of a jar 23 containing cuticle softener.

The third leaf 24, bearing the inscription Chapter III, is illustrated in Fig. 4. It has two openings 17b and 22h, which register with 17 and 22 described above, for the purpose already mentioned. Further provided in leaf 24 are two more openings, 25 and 26, for receiving the tops of jars 27 and 28 containing hand cream and nail polish, respectively.

Fig. 5 illustrates the bottom of box 8 with all leaves turned back. The articles there displayed are the different jars 23, 27, and 28, and the nail brush 19.

Fig. 6, as mentioned before, shows the box in section with brush 19 and one of the jars.

It is, of course, not necessary to have all the tools mounted as described, other implements could take their place; also, the order in which they are arranged could plastic material, or any other desired material of approon the leaves near the respective tool or jar.

priate stiffness and texture.

As already mentioned, the directions for carrying out the different operations of the manicure, can be imprinted Alternatively, leaves could be interspersed between the leaf-like partitions, which contain not only directions, but other text as well pertaining to the care of the hands and related subjects, some of which may also be in rhymed verse.

What I claim is: Y

l. In a box-type manicure kit having the outer appearance of a book, with the box having a lid, a bottom, and four side walls, one of said side walls being rigidly attached to the bottom and forming the back of the book, to which the lid is hingedly attached, one of the other walls being hingedly connected to said bottom, a plurality of leaf-like partitions flexibly connected to the backforming side wall arranged in a definite order for consecutive turning back during use and for exposing the next leaf as needed, with holding strips and apertures in said partitions for accommodation therein of a plurality of tools and jars to be used in the care of the hands and nails, said tools and jars being disposed in the order of their use in the consecutive partitions and on the bottom of the box.

to a jar of cuticle softener and the other one which is in alignment with the aperture in the uppermost partition giving access to the nail brush. Y 4. The manicure kit according to claim 1, wherein the third partition contains a number of apertures adapted to receive the tops of a plurality of containers mounted at the bottom of the box and one aperture in alignment with the apertures in the two superposed partitions affording access to the nail brush.

5. The manicure kit as claimed in claim 1, wherein inscriptions are associated with each tool and jar directing 4 the user to its proper application for the care of the hands and nails.

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