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Publication numberUS2875460 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 3, 1959
Filing dateFeb 23, 1956
Priority dateFeb 23, 1956
Publication numberUS 2875460 A, US 2875460A, US-A-2875460, US2875460 A, US2875460A
InventorsLegge Walter G
Original AssigneeWalter G Legge Company Inc
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Brush with wiping cloth
US 2875460 A
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March 3,1959 w. G. LEGGE 2,875,460

BRUSH WITH WIPING CLOTH Filed Feb. 23, 1956 2 Sheets-Shel'. J

INVENTOR. WALTER G. LEGGE TTR/VEYS March 3, 1959 w. G. I r-:GGEl l 875,460

BRUSH WITH WIPING CLOTH Filed Feb. 2s, 195s I A 2*Smeets-sheet 2 ATTORNEYS Legge Company, Inc., New York, N. Y., a corporation of New York l Application February 23, 1956, Serial No. 567,328

This invention relates to'a floor brush and the like. An object offtheinvention is `to provide a brush of United States Patent@ "we rugged and durable construction in` which a brush strip can be conveniently and4 expeditiously assembled with the brush head, which can be manufactured at a small cost and which is practical for its intended purpose.

Another object of the invention is to provide a brush cloths arranged to extend over the ends of the bristles and which may be-dampened or chemically treated for absorption of dust or the wiping cloths may be treated which is adapted to be used in combination with wiping with wax or other preservatives for applying a coating I thereof to the iioors or other surfaces. f t

Still another object of the invention is to provide a brush of lsaid character with means for connecting an auxiliary brush head therewith having a brush strip of relatively greater length than the brush head.

Still another object of the invention is to provide a brush of 'said character with openings in the brush head through which liquid may be poured for treating the floors or for applying the same to a wiping cloth used in connection with the brush head.

With the foregoing and other objects in view, reference is now made to the following specication and accompanying drawings in which the preferred constructions of the invention are illustrated.

In the drawings:

Fig. l is a perspective View of a oor brush and the like constructed in accordance with the invention.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged longitudinal vertical sectional view taken approximately on line 2--2 of Fig. l with the handle member broken away and showing a wiping cloth in association with the brush.

Fig. 3 is an enlarged transverse sectional view taken approximately on line 3-3 of Fig. 1 and showing a different type of wiping cloth in association with the brush.

Fig. 4 is a perspective view similar to Fig. l but showing the brush in association with an auxiliary brush head.

Fig. 5 is an enlarged fragmentary transverse sectional view taken approximately on line 5-5 of Fig. 4.

Fig. 6 is a view similar to Fig. 4 with parts broken away and showing a wiping cloth used in association therewith.

Fig. 7 is an enlarged fragmentary cross-sectional view taken approximately on line 7 7 of Fig. 6.

Referring to the drawings, the brush includes a brush head 10 to which a handle 11 is ailixed by a universal connection 12 to permit of swivelly turning the brush head and the convenient manipulation of the brush over floor surfaces and the like. The brush head 10 is of oblong formation in plan and is provided with a depending rim 13 extending peripherally thereabout. Afixed to the under side of the brush head 10 by screw studs 14 or equivalent fastening means are angle members 15 and 16 at the ends and sides thereof respectively. The angle members 15 have downturned legs 17 which 2,875,460 Patented Mar. 3, 1959 f 2 extend angularly outward and are bowed. in plan corresponding to `the bowed formation of the ange 13 at the ends of the brush head. The angle members 16 have downturned legs 18 which similarlyextend angularly outward and are of straight formationin plan. The said legs 17 and 18 are disposed in spaced relation-to the flange 13 to provideA recesses therebetween in which is arranged a brush strip 20 extending continuously about the brush head. The bristles of the brush strip are `secured in an elongated metal `member 21 of inverted U shaped formation in cross-section having converging opposite side walls between which the lends of the bristles `are clamped. The angle members` 15 and 16 are tightened against the metal members 21 to thereby retain the brush strip infixed position between the angle members and the peripheral flange 13.` The screw studs 14 may be readily loosened or removed so as to replace the brush strip when it becomes worn. f

The universal connection 12 includes an upper section 22 which is atixed to the handle/11 `and a lower section 23 which extends through an opening 24 inthe brush head and is secured to a circular plate 25 which is fastened by screws 26 or other fastening means to the under side of the brush head. The upper and lower sections 22 and 23 have bifurcated ends 28 and 29 between which is arranged a block 30 which is pivoted to the bifurcated ends on pivot pins 31 and `32 respectivelywith the pivot pins disposed in right angular relation. The handle 11 may be swung on the pivot pins 31 and 32 to dispose the handle in various angular relation with reference to the brush head 10 and to turn the brush head so as to present either side or either end forwardly of the handle. A wedge 34 aixed to the end of a chain 35 connected with the brush head 10 is adapted to be in serted between the bifurcated ends 29 and beneath the block 30 which has a flat under face for preventing turning of the block on the pivot pin 32. This retains the brush head with the length thereof in right angular relation with the handle 11 which is then swingable only on the pivot pin 31.

A wiping cloth may be used with the brush head so as to extend over the ends of the bristles to take up dust and particles which cannot be taken up with the bristles. A wiping cloth 36 illustrated in Fig. 2 of the drawings may be so employed. The said wiping cloth is of bag like construction and is adapted to engage over the ends and the sides of the bristles with the top thereof extending inwardly over the brush head 10 and retained in position thereon by means of a drawstring 37 of equivalent means extending through a continuous tunnel formed in the upper periphery of the wiping cloth. A wiping cloth 38 may also be employed with the brush head which is provided with a central opening 39 for receiving the handle 11 therethrough with the cloth draped about the sides and ends of the brush head and of a length to extend under the bristles and to trail behind the bristles as illustrated in Fig. 3 of the drawings.

The brush may be employed also with an auxiliary brush head 40 as shown in Figs. 4 to 6 inclusive of the drawings. The brush head 40 consists of an elongated bracket 41 preferably of straight formation having a depending flange 42 extending longitudinally thereof. The bracket 41 is mounted longitudinally on the brush head 10 and is releasably secured thereto in any desired manner such as by wing headed studs 45. Secured to the under side of the bracket 41 by screw studs 46 are longitudinally spaced angle members 47 which are formed with downturned legs 48 extending angularly outward. The legs 48 are disposed in spaced parallel relation with the flange 42 to provide a recess therebetween for a straight brush strip 49 similar in construction to brush strip 20.

A wiping cloth v51 may be employed with the auxiliary head 40. The said wiping cloth is of general rectangular formation adapted to extend longitudinally of the brush head and downwardly in front thereof and under the bristles so as to trail beneath the brush head as shown in Figs. 6 and 7 of the drawings. The wiping cloth is adapted to beA releasably connected with the brush head 40 by longitudinally spaced spring clips 52 carried by the bracket 41. y The wiping cloths 36, 38 and 51 may be dry or dampened or the same may be chemically treated or have liquid applied thereto for treating the iioors or other surfaces. For this purpose the brush head 10 is formed with a plurality of openings 53 through which water, chemicals, wax and the like may be applied to the cloths as desired during brushing or treatment of the oors or other surfaces.

While the preferred forms of the invention have been shown and described herein, it is to be understood that the same is not so limited but shall include any and all modifications which fall within the purview of the claim.

What is claimed is:

In a brush, an elongated base having a top wall and Agrooves in the under face thereof adjacent the peripheral edge thereof, a handle for manipulating the brush connected with said base, a continuous brush strip secured in said grooves having 'depending bristles and extending continuously about the peripheral edge of said base, and elongated bracket afiixed to said base and projecting outwardly of one side of the base and a substantial distance beyond each end thereof, said bracket hav, ing a straight groove in the underface thereof, a straight brush strip secured in and extending longitudinally of said straight groove and having depending bristles, said straight brush strip extending outwardly of Said base a substantial distance beyond each end thereof, a wiping cloth detachably secured at one of its edges to said bracket and extending under the bristles of said bracket and base and having a free trailing end opposite its secured end adapted to rest on a flat surface to be cleaned, said wiping cloth extending' outwardly ofthe bristles of the `base a substantial distance beyond each end' thereof, and said base having a plurality of openings therethrough, each extending across a major portion of the width of said base and spaced from said handle to permit of applying a processing liquid to the portion of the wiping cloth below the base.

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