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Publication numberUS2875938 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 3, 1959
Filing dateJun 27, 1957
Priority dateJun 27, 1957
Publication numberUS 2875938 A, US 2875938A, US-A-2875938, US2875938 A, US2875938A
InventorsBramhill Percy W
Original AssigneeBramhill Percy W
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Dispensing cartons for cigarette packages
US 2875938 A
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March 3, 1959 P. W.-BRAMHILL 2,875,938

DISPENSING CARTONS FOR CIGARETTE PACKAGES File d June 27, 1957 FIG 5 In van for P Bramhi/l Afforhgys DISBENSING'CARTQNS FOR CIGARET TE I P CKAGE Percy W. Bramhill, Mount Royal, Quebec, Canada Application June 27, 1957, SerialNo. 668,531 1 Cla m- .(CL. 2 1

The present invention relates to improvements in cartons for cigarette packages and particularly to the novel conversion of a standard type carton to a dispenser for cigarette packages.

The principal object of this invention is to provide a carton of the character described with novel means for defining a dispensing opening at one end thereof through which opening one package of cigarettes at a time may be removed with facility.

Another object is to provide said carton with a dispensing opening so disposed that when each package is removed therethrough another package will assume a position at the opening in readiness for removal without mechanical aid or manipulation until the carton has been emptied.

One feature of this invention is that it is readily adaptable to a standard type of carton which is employed for transportation and storage of cigarette packages, such carton being convertible to a dispenser without destroying the basic structure of the carton and without displacing the cigarette packages in the process of conversion.

Another feature is that the invention is readily adaptable to a disposable type of carton which can be discarded when empty without material loss over and above that of the standard disposable carton.

Still another feature of this invention resides in the fact that all of the equipment employed in the manufacture of the standard type carton may be retained, it only being necessary to provide certain additional means for scoring the dispensing opening tear strip and one recess or slot in the blank from which the carton is formed. Thus the necessity of making substantial changes or scrapping expensive portions of existing equipment is not required in the production of a dispensing carton embodying my invention.

The above and other objects and features characteristic of my invention will be understood more readily from the following detailed description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which:

Fig. l is a perspective view of a dispensing carton embodying my invention.

Fig. 2 is a plan view of a blank from which said carton is formed.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view showing said carton in a substantially formed condition.

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of a carton in closed condition.

Fig. 5 is a view similar to Fig. 4 but showing the dispensing opening tear strip in partial state of being removed.

Referring more particularly to the drawings, 5 generally indicates a cigarette package dispensing carton, illustrated in Fig. 1, which is formed from a blank of cardboard or other suitable material shown in Fig.2. The blank ,is stamped to form a rear wall 6, end walls 7 defined at opposite ends of rear wall 6 by crease lines 8,

a side wall 9, defined by crease line 10 along one side lice edge of rear wall 6, and a second side wall 11, defined by crease line 12 along the opposite side edge of rear wall 6.

Side wall 9 has end wall flaps 14 and 15 at opposite ends thereof which are defined by crease lines 16 and 17 respectively. The side wall 9 also has a cut-out recess 18 extending inwardly from the outer edge adjacent the crease line 16. Side wall 11 has end wall flaps 19 and 20 at opposite ends thereof which are defined by crease.

lines 21 and 22 respectively.

A front closure wall 23 extends from the side of side wall 11 at a crease line 24. This front wall 23 is provided along its side edge with a closure flap extension 25 defined by crease line 26. Substantially adjacent one end 28 of front wall 23 and closure flap 25 there is provided a perforated and through cut line 27 which extends part way across side wall 11. A second through cut line 29 extends between the inner end of score line 27 and crease line 21. Additionally, a portion of crease line 21 is perforated at 30. These perforations facilitate the removal of a tear strip 32. A carton suspension tab 31 may be cut in the rear wall 6 if desired.

The carton is made up from the blank by folding along the several crease lines and so that the end flaps 14, 19 and 15, 20 are respectively infolded behind their adjacent end walls 7 as shown in Fig. 3. Suitable means such as adhesive (not shown) secure the adjacent end flaps and walls in lapping relation. When the cigarette packages have been inserted in the carton 5 the front wall 23 is closed and flap 25 is secured along the outer surface of side wall 9 by adhesive as generally indicated at 33. In this connection it is preferable that the outer end portion of tear strip be free of adherence to the side wall 9, although it may be lightly secured if desired.

When the carton 5 is closed, as shown in Fig. 4, it is ready for shipment and storage. When it is desired to gain access to the contents of the carton, the contents may be made accessible according to my invention by removing the tear strip 32 to provide a dispensing opening 34 at one end of the carton, as indicated in Fig. 5, so that, when the carton is stood on end or suspended by tab 31, one cigarette package is made available for withdrawal at a time through opening 34, as indicated in Fig. 1.

As will be seen, particularly in Fig. 1, when tear strip 32 is removed along the perforations at 29 and 30 there is provided a recess 35 in side wall 11 at one end of opening 34 which recess corresponds to the recess 18 in the opposite side wall 9 at the other end of opening 34. The recesses 18 and 3S facilitate the withdrawal of a cigarette package through the opening 34.

Alternatively the carton may be opened in the conventional manner by breaking the seal between side wall 9 and closure flap 25 so that the whole of the front cover may be raised for selective access to the cigarette packages.

What I claim is:

A dispensing carton formed from a single blank of material and comprising a rear wall, side walls having their rear edges integrally joined to the side edges of the rear wall, a front closure wall having one of its longitudinal edges integrally joined to the forward longitudinal edge of one of said side walls, a flap extension integrally joined to the free longitudinal edge of the front closure wall, flap extensions integrally joined to the end edges of the rear wall, and a pair of flap extensions integrally joined to the end edges of each of said side walls, the front closure wall, the flap extension attached to said cover wall and the side wall to which the front closure wall is attached being provided with a weakening line extending from the free edge of the front 3 closure wall flap across the entire width of the front closure wall and to a point intermediate the width of the side wall to which the cover wall is attached, said weakening line being located relatively close to and parallel with corresponding end edges of the said flap and wall members across which itextends, a slit extending from the end of said weakening line located intermediate the last mentioned side wall to the adjacent end edge of said last mentioned side wall, a portion of the last mentioned side Wall being provided with a weakening line extending forwardly from the outer end of said slit to the line of juncture between said last mentioned side wall and said front closure wall, said last mentioned weakening line extending along a portion of the line of juncture between the last mentioned side wall and one of the end flaps attached thereto, the other side wall of said carton being provided at one end witha slot extending inwardly from the forwardedge thereof, said slot being in line with a tear-off portion of the front closure-carrying side wall, a front closure and flap which are defined by the previously mentioned weakening lines and slit, the end flap extensions of the rear and side walls extending inwardly therefrom to close the ends of the carton.

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