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Publication numberUS2877934 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 17, 1959
Filing dateNov 19, 1956
Priority dateNov 19, 1956
Publication numberUS 2877934 A, US 2877934A, US-A-2877934, US2877934 A, US2877934A
InventorsCharles Wallace Frank
Original AssigneeE R Livingston, H H Helbush
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Detachable handle for gas-loaded dispensing containers
US 2877934 A
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March 17, 1959 F. c. WALLACE 2,877,934


36 23 39 4| 40 32 2O 2| 32 30 INVENTOR f\. .-.l .k` -,1-- FRANK c.wALLAcE X u Bv ATTORNEYS United States Patent@ ,l

DETACHABLE HANDLE Fon' GAS-LoDED DISPENSING CONTAINERS Frank Charles Wallace, North Hollywood, Calif., assignor of one-third to H. H. Helbush, and one-third to E. R. Livingston, both of Los Angeles, Calif.

Application November 19, 1956, Serial No. 623,141 3 Claims. (Cl. 222-323) My invention has to do with devices for holding spray cans and incorporating means for actuating the spray valve carried by such a can to dispense th'e contents thereof. l

There are on the market spray cans containing cleaning solvents, paints and other dispensable liquids. Such cans also contain a gas for dispensing the liquid from the can through a spray orifice controlled by a plunger or button actuated valve. However, it is rather cumbersome to hold such a can in the hand and at the same time actuate the plunger valve. This as particularly true of those spray cans in which the spray orifice is in the plunger which actuates the valve because the plunger is rotatable and often the small spray orifice is directed in the wrong direction when the plunger is pressed inwardly to actuate the valve.

It is therefore an object of my invention to provide an economical holding device which is readily attachable to and detachable from such a can, and which holding device incorporates a finger-actuated lever for depressing the valve actuating plunger carried by the spray can.

Other objects and advantages will become apparent from the ensuing description.

While I shall point out in the appended claims those features which I believe to be new, I shall, for the purpose of. rendering my invention clearly understood, describe a presently preferred embodiment thereof, for which purpose I shall refer to the accompanying drawings wherein, x

Fig. 1 is a view, partly in side elevation and partly in section, showing my holding device attached to a spray can; L

Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the holding device; and

Fig. 3 is a side elevation of the holding device.

In the drawing, the numeral 5 designates a conventional spray can containing a sprayable liquid such, for instance,a cleaning solvent, the can havingA a neck 6 sealed by a cover cap 7 crimped over the annular neck bead 8. Conventionally, such a cover cap is embossed to present an upwardly opening recess, undercut at its side as shown at 10. A valve 15 is supported by the cap, thevalve being actuated by a tubular plunger or button 16 yhaving an enlarged top end 17 presenting a spray orifice 18 through which the contents of the can are sprayed when the valve is opened by depressing the plunger. A suitable gas is present in the can to displace the material therefrom when the plunger is depressed. The can and valve structure which I have described are conventional.

My holding device is generally designated by the numeral 20 and comprises a stamping 21 having a channelshaped inner end or shank portion 22 and having at its outer end an opening for passing the valve plunger or button. Partially surrounding the opening there is a resilient depending flange or bead portion 23 which is of curved cross section and, as shown in the drawings, is curved in plan section more than 180 but less than u 2,877,934 Patente?, Maffldf 360, sol as toembrace more-than/ thercircumference of the bead ofthe cover portion' of the can; also, the outer endv portion of thefstampingor" body portion 21 lhas depending,circumferentially spaced fingers or ears 24 disposed around the opening in laterally spaced relation to the flange 23. As shown in the drawing, the bottom ends of the fingers 24 terminate below the plane of the bottom edge of the auge 23. The bead portion 23 snaps over the neck bead 8 of the cover cap while the ears are curved or bowed outwardly to resiliently engage in the undercut 10. Thus the bead 23 and ears 24 resiliently frictionally secure the outer end portion of the holding device to the cover cap of the can. A U- shaped handle strip 30 of metal or other suitable material has end flanges 31 secured to the shank portion 22 as by rivets 32.

The shank portion is provided with an opening 35 for the reception of a lever 36 which is pivotally mounted by means of a pin 37 mounted at its end in registering openings in the side flanges 38 of the shank 22. The outer or left end portion 36a of the lever is provided with a depending projection 39 disposed for engagement with the top end of the plunger, while the inner or right hand end 36b of the lever is trigger-shaped for engagement by a finger of the users hand which grips the handle portion 30. Notch 40 formed in the lever provides a stop shoulder 41 which normally engages the shank portion 22 at the edge of the opening 35. The inner or right hand end portion of the lever is relatively heavier than the opposite end portion beyond the pin so that the stop shoulder is normally retained in engagement with the portion 22 at the edge of the opening by gravity.

In use, the device is mounted on the can by snapping the flange or bead portion 23 over the bead of the can cover and by snapping the ears 24 into the undercut portion of the recess. When thus mounted, it is only necessary to press the trigger portion of the lever toward the handle portion 30 to cause the projection 39 to engage and press the valve actuated plunger to dispense the contents of the can. Since the can is thus held in position spaced from the handle portion 30 it is easy for the user to observe the position of the outlet orifice to be sure that it is disposed in the proper direction.

It will be understood of course that, for purpose of explanation, I have merely illustrated in detail what I deem to be the presently preferred specific embodiment of my invention and that, Within the broader purview of the invention as defined by the appended claims, various modifications may be made in the illustrated structure.

I claim:

1. A handle device for releasable attachment to the cover bead of a spray can having a spray valve button surrounded by said cover bead, comprising an elongated body having an opening through its outer end portion for passing said button and having a handle portion depending from its inner end; said outer end portion having a depending ange disposed to embrace the outer surface of said bead and having resilient fingers of outwardly bowed cross section depending therefrom around said opening in laterally spaced relation to said flange whereby to resiliently engage the inner surface of said bead, and a valve button actuating lever pivoted between its ends to said body, said lever having an inner end portion disposed adjacent said handle and having an outer end portion overlying said opening.

2.v The handle device of claim 1 wherein the bottom end portions of said fingers terminate below the plane of' portion of said inner surface of said bead.

3. The handle device 'of daim 1 wherein said ange,

in plane's'ection, is curved in excess o'f 180, but less than 360.

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U.S. Classification222/323, 222/472, 239/526
International ClassificationB65D83/16
Cooperative ClassificationB65D83/202
European ClassificationB65D83/20B2