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Publication numberUS2880542 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 7, 1959
Filing dateMay 29, 1957
Priority dateMay 29, 1957
Publication numberUS 2880542 A, US 2880542A, US-A-2880542, US2880542 A, US2880542A
InventorsButterweich Abraham S
Original AssigneeButterweich Abraham S
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Decorative sheeting with multi-color sparkle effect
US 2880542 A
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April 1959 A. s. BUTTERWEICH 2,830,542


Application May 29, 1957, Serial No. 662,419

2 Claims. (Cl. 41-22) The present invention relates to a novel and improved sheeting material construction to attain decorative multicolor sparkle. This invention is applicable for example, for the manufacture of greeting cards, show cards and other decorative, multi-color displays.

Heretofore, decorative sparkle material was flocked onto localized areas of a design or pictorial representation on a sheeting member and differently colored flocking material had to be used for different areas in accordance with the design scheme. Commonly used flocking material for such purpose consisted of glossy metalized particles, sequins, glass granules and the like. Such process is costly, tedious and cumbersome.

It is therefore the principal object of this invention to provide decorative multi-color sparkle constructions of the character mentioned which avoid localized flocking operations, but use a single sheet presenting a surface of sparkle material of a single color in the aggregate sheeting structure.

l-leretofore, the flocking with sparkle or other materials, of localized areas of a picture or design pressed to form a has-relief, required exceptional skill because of the difficulties involved, which are well known to those versed in the art.

Another object of this invention is to provide novel sheeting construction of the nature set forth aifording decorative multi-color sparkle in has reliefs, by the use of a single sheet presenting a surface of sparkle material of a single color.

A further object of this invention is to provide multicolor decorative sparkle in sheeting structures of the nature described, which is simple to manufacture, reasonable in cost and efficient in carrying out the purposes for which it is designed.

Other objects and advantages will become apparent as this disclosure proceeds.

One manner of practicing this invention is to print the design or pictorial representation on a transparent sheet as vinyl, acetate, Celluloid, paper or the like, which may then be pressed to a bas-relief form if desired. Those parts of the printing which are to appear in sparkle fashion shall be printed in their required color respectively, with transparent inks. This front sheet is given a backing of a sheet whose contact surface is covered with sparkle material of say silver color. It is evident that the color of the sparkle material seen through the colored transparent areas will be that of the transparencies respectively.

In the accompanying drawing forming part of this specification, similar characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in all the views.

Fig. 1 is an exploded perspective view showing the essential parts of a sheeting structure in accordance with this invention. In assembly, the front sheet shown at the left, is superposed onto the backing sheet shown at the right and they are secured to each other in any suitable fashion, for instance, around their perimeter.

r ce Fig. 2 is a section taken at lines 2-.-.2 in Fig. 1, when said front and back sheets are assembled.

Fig. 3 is a similar section, showing aportion of the front sheet in has-relief. This is a modification.

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary perspective view of an intermediate transparent sheeting of another modified construction.

Fig. 5 is a section similar to the others, of the last mentioned modified construction.

In the drawing showing various preferred forms this invention may assume, the numeral 15 designates the front sheet, the numeral 16 its backing sheet and if desired, there may be sheet 17 intermediate them.

The front sheet presents the matter which delineates the exhibit. It may be accomplished by printing, inlay work or both, as matter of example. Regions of the pictorial representation, design or other indicia are transparent and differently colored. In the embodiment illustrated, the front sheet presents a showing of three toy balloons 18, 19, 20, each at the end of a stick as 21, which sticks are held in hand 22. The balloons and the sleeve fragment 23 are transparent and differently colored respectively. This picture may be accomplished by printing onto a transparent sheeting of vinyl, plastic, Celluloid, paper and the like; the printing of those areas intended to be transparent, being done with transparent inks and the background is printed with opaque inks, or the differently colored transparent areas may be inserts or applique work or inlays.

The backing sheet 16 has one surface covered with sparkle material 24 of course texture as effected by a coating with sequins, metallized crumb material, glass particles, beads and the like.

If desired, the transparent portions of the pictorial representation on the front sheet 15, may be pressed into basrelief form as indicated at 19'. Also, an intermediate transparent sheet 25 having delineations 26 thereon to give grain effect, as matter of example. Sheet material known in this art as lace lawn may be used for this purpose.

The sheets used, are superposed so that the sparkle material 24 show through the transparent areas of the front sheet 15, and joined to one another in any suitable manner about the perimeter, as for instance by the use of heat seaming, adhesive or the like.

The color of the sparkle material 24 is preferably silver. It is evident that the colors of the sparkle material as viewed, will be that of the transparent colored areas respectively. The front sheet 15 may originally be colorless, and any area thereon remaining transparent may be untinted, so that the sparkle material therebehind will show its silver color, when such is an intended part of the design scheme.

This invention is capable of numerous forms and various applications without departing from the essential features herein disclosed. It is therefore intended and desired that the embodiments shown herein be deemed illustrative and not restrictive and that the patent shall cover all patentable novelty herein set forth; reference being bad to the following claims rather than to the specific description herein to indicate the scope of this invention.

I claim:

1. An ornamental article comprising a section of transparent sheet material, said section of sheet material having a design printed on a surface thereof formed of separate areas printed in different colors, including areas printed in different transparent colors, a single color layer of metal flakes having bright, light-reflecting surfaces, and means holding said layer of flakes with their lightreflecting surfaces facing a surface of said section of sheet material.

3 2. The ornamental article of claim 1, wherein the means for holding said flakes comprises a second section of sheet material and a layer of glue securing said flakes to said second section of sheet material, and means holding said second section of sheet material with its fiakc- 5 covered surface against said first section of sheet material.

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