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Publication numberUS2881445 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 14, 1959
Filing dateFeb 8, 1957
Priority dateFeb 8, 1957
Publication numberUS 2881445 A, US 2881445A, US-A-2881445, US2881445 A, US2881445A
InventorsCharles Vrana
Original AssigneeCharles Vrana
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Combination inner and outer inflated boxing glove
US 2881445 A
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C. VRANA A ril 14, 1959 COMBINATION INNER ANO OUTER INFLATED BOXING GLOVE Filed Feb. 8, 1957 INVENTOR. CHA/PL E 5 W34 NA United. States Patent 2,881,445 COMBINATION nn OUTER INFLATED BOXING GLOVE Char1es 'Vrana, Paterson, NJ. Applicatibn' 8", 1957; N0. 639,120

6 Cltlililfl (Cl.

This invention relates to ath'l'etie Boxing. gloves which are air inflated and particularlyto' a combination of. one glove over another.

The subject matter in this invention represents an improvement over my co-pending" applications of a similar type Serial Number 587,229 filed May 25, 1956,- now abandoned and Serial Number 589,289 filed June 4, 1956, now abandoned and has a's'its mainobject an inner inflated glove of a more firm body to hold off all heavy blows yetbeyielding enough notto be too hard, and relative thereto'a' softer", more elastic auxiliary cushioning outer body, all for the purpose of adequate inner protection and softer outer punching so that'the gloves will provide more funand frolic as opposed to the knockout nature of conventional gloves.

Another object of. this invention is to provide a glove of similar construction in order to reduce manufacturing time, cost and materials.

Still another. objector this invention is to provide a permanently sealedair. compartment, independent of all other air compartments, for cushioning means. Also a foam cushionin'g'mate'rial as a cushioning means in the forwardend ofthe outer body- Andstill another means to keep the inner body more buoyant and punch absorbent in its firmly inflated state.

Another object is to provide a deep fist pocket which is sufliciently gripping of itself to need no hand grasp to retain the glove on the hand.

All the details of construction will become apparent from the study of the following specification with accompanying drawings, wherein:

Fig. 1, shows the glove assembled. The inner glove is intact, the dot and dash lines define the fist pocket. The outer glove is in section.

Fig. 2, shows the inner glove as it comes flat from the sealing process.

Fig. 3, is the triple spherical balloon form of the outer glove.

Fig. 4, is a partial top view of a modified form of the inner body.

Referring now to Fig. 1, 10 is the air inflated glove assembled of which 11 is the inner body and 12 the outer body.

In Fig. 2, 11 represents the entire inner body in a flat deflated state just as it is removed from the heat sealing or vulcanizing process. It is made of 2 substantially square sheets of sealable airtight material of a firmer or less elastic nature one laid on the other shown partially in 13 and 14. 15 is air inflating means which is put into sheet 14 before it is laid on sheet 13. The sealing die comes down on these sheets to seal up airtight and cut around the entire edges 11a of the form 11 as shown, making a central compartment 16, then extending radially therefrom compartments 17 having air communicating sections 18 between chambers 16 and 17. Portions 23 and 24 are eliminated.

By admitting air through 15, compartments 17 take "ice 2 on an oval shapeand compartment 16 also'ri'ses. Compartments" 17 are then folded up perpendicular tochamber 16 and are fastened" together with tiein'g strips" 21 which are formed integrally with body 11 extending outward from indented sections" 19, the strips" being. seve'red at' points 22. v

When compartments: 17 are fastened as described, they form the-side sections" of the inner body while chamber 16 forms the bottom or forward end, and the opening bounded by theinner sides of chambers 16 and 17 remains as a fist pocket 25, shown by dots and dashes: in Fig. I. This fist pocket needs no hand grasp because forward section 25a is a so formed that it grips the fist sufi'iciently' to hold the glove to it in action. Medial section 25b grips the .wrist while end section 25c en'- gages the forearm, thus providing a deep fist pocket which is desirable in respect to adequate all around protection.

At the outer end of compartments 17 is another air communicating section 19 which flows into auxiliary compartments 20, which compartments help absorbthe air as it compresses suddenly when a blow is struck, thereby making, the inner glove more buoyant or punch absorbable without giving up protection; Sections'19 are narrowed in order for the collar 31 of the outer body to fit therein snugly wheninflated.

To further make the inner body more buoyant yet firm enough for adequate protection, chamber 16 is partially drawn in around its periphery by a sufliciently tense elastic 26 so that when a blow is struck at any part of the glove, the elastic gives when the air compresses and the blow is absorbed. Elastic 26 is held inplace by being wovenaround the bottom sections 18 of chambers 17, first over one then under another all aroundl- A modified form of inner body 11- is shown partially in Fig. 4, and is virtually an up side down version of inner body 11 shown in Fig. 1, except for afew changes.

In Fig. 4, section 38 isth'e same as chamber 16- of Fig. 2, but instead 38 is cut out and sealed at 11b in the seal-cut process, and forms the top opening of the fist pocket 25, while chambers 17 remain the side sections of body 11 when the narrowed sections 19 are fastened together with strips 21 to leave no opening between them, thus the 19s become the bottom of fist pocket 25, while compartments 20, not seen in Fig. 4, take the place of compartment 16 as a cushioning means.

Air inflating means 15 remains at the top, and air passages 37 are formed as shown between sheets 13 and 14 to permit the inflation of the entire body 11. The remaining outside form seal-cut periphery 11a otherwise remains as in Fig. 2.

Outer body 12, Fig. 3, is integrally formed of three spherical balloon sections 27, 28 and 29. Balloon 29 has formed on it inflating means 30, also, balloon 29, by being turned inside out is turned over to envelope sections 27 and 28, leaving 29 joined to 28 in the forward end. Part 31a goes over part 31b, they are folded and sealed airtight to make the neck portion 31, Fig. 1, of the outer body 11. At the same time by matching holes 32a over 32b, they form a hole 32 in the neck portion, not seen only indicated in Fig. 1. This hole admits lacing 21 from the inner body 11 to hold the two bodies together.

By turning said 29 over 28 and 27 and by sealing said 31a and 31b to make said 31, an airtight inflatable chamber 39 is formed to be the outer auxiliary cushioning means to inner glove 11. 29a Fig. 3, becomes the outside 29a of Fig. 1, and 33, the inside of balloon 27, becomes the recipient chamber 33 for inner body 11, Fig. 1.

To insure more positive cushioning, chamber 28, Fig.

adequate protection.

, 3 1, is sealed air tight by a patch 34 to the inner balloon 27, and patch 35 on the outside of balloon 29a, to form a permanently sealed cushioning air compartment, and which may be made as large as deemed necessary. Likewise there-is provided a cushioning ring 36- around compartment 28 made of cushioning material. Then, either one or both cushioning meansmay be used depending onwhether the gloveis made for children or adults. And, although. cushioning means 36 is shown inside chamber 39, the same cushioning means may be secured, .notshown, to the outer surface of balloon 27 within chamber 33, just forward ofcornpartment 16.

Whenthe-tw'o bodies 11v and 12 are assembled as in .Fig; '1, first inner body 11 isinfla'ted, then the outer body Yi -L and the combination inner and'outer air inflated bodies-make a boxing glove. ready for use. The out- ;side is soft and yielding while the inner body yields just :enough to cushion a blow yet remain firm enough to give Having described the preferable form of an inner and outer boxing glove assembly and not the many possibilities which will be apparent to those skilled in the art yet fall within the scope and spirit of this invention, what I claim is as follows:v

t 1. An infiated boxing glove comprising, in combination, an outerinflated body, an inflated body disposed within said outer inflated body, and said outer and inner inflated bodies having adjacent portions defining a central hand receiving opening at one end, wherein said inner inflated body comprises. a central spherical pressurized chamber, a plurality of radially outwardly extending pressurized air compartments connected to and communieating with the interior of said spherical chamber, and

elastic band means connecting the outer ends of said air said outer inflated body, and said outer and inner inflated bodies having adjacent portions defining a central hand receiving opening at one end, wherein said inner inflated body comprises a central spherical pressurized chamber, a plurality of radially outwardly extending pressurized air compartments connected to and communicating with the interior of said spherical chamber, said formed cylinder being open at one end to partially define said central hand receiving opening and being closed at the opposite end bysaid spherical chamber.

3. An inflated boxing glove as set forth in claim 2, wherein said outer inflated body encompasses said formed cylinder and said. spherical chamber, and the opening defining portions of said outer body being secured to the open end of said formed cylinder.

4. An inflated boxing glove as set forth in claim 3, wherein said outer body comprises a pair of substantially identical circular cushions, and a circular cushion of smaller diameter-than said pair of circular cushions tangentially disposed intermediate said pair of identical circular cushions.

5. An inflated boxing glove as set forth in claim 4, wherein each of said circular cushions includes spaced apart side walls defining the central chamber, and cushion means intermediate said side walls of said pair of identical circular cushions adjacent to said intermediate circular cushion.

6. An inflated boxing glove as set forth in claim 5, wherein said outer inflated body is deformable to a greater extent than said inner inflated body, and said intermediate circular cushion of said outer inflated body is concentric with said spherical chamber of said inner inflated body.

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