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Publication numberUS288201 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 13, 1883
Filing dateMay 18, 1883
Publication numberUS 288201 A, US 288201A, US-A-288201, US288201 A, US288201A
InventorsGaehseee S. Blodgett
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US 288201 A
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(No Model.)


OVEN COOKING, BAKING, 0R DRYING. No. 288,201. Patented NOV. 13, 1888.

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OVEN Foa oooKlNc,

SPECIFICATIGN forming part of Letters Patent No. 288,201, dated November 13, 1883.

` Application` filed May 18, 1883. (No model.) I

To all whom it may concern:

Be itiknown that I, GARDNER S. Bnonenrr, of Burlington, inthe county of Chittenden and State of Vermont, `have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Ovens for Baking, Cooking, or Drying; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, and to the figures and letters of reference markedthereon.

This invention relates to that class of ovens designed for baking, cooking, or drying in `whicha circulation of heated air is kept up I 5 within a closed case or chamber by means of a lire-box; or heater arranged in the lower part` sents a front elevationv of an oven constructed and arranged in accordance with my invention.

Fig. 2 is a view of the same, partly in section and partly in elevation, taken on the line o: fr, Fig. 15 and Fig. 3 is a horizontal sectional view 3o taken on the line y y, Fig. I.

Similar letters of reference in the several iigures indicate the same parts.

Letter A represents the case of the oven, eX-y tending over the top, back, sides, bottom, and a portion of the front of the oven, and forming, in connection with the doors B B at the front, a tightly-inclosed chamber.

Within the case A, near the rear thereof, is arranged a plate or partition, C, whose upper 4o end extends nearly to the top/of the chamber, while its lower end terminates some distance above the bottom of the chamber, as shown clearly in Fig. 2.

Extending across the chamber from side to side` are a series of shelves, D, the rear edges of which abut against the vertical partition C, while their front edges terminate a short distance from the front wall of the chamber, so as to leave a clear passage,K, from top to bot- 5o tom, as shown also in Fig. 2.

The vertical partition O is provided with slots or openings 1 3, which extend transversely across the same, directly under the shelves D.

The lowest shelf, D', is preferably construct-` ed somewhat wider than the upper shelves, so as to contract somewhat the passage at the front of the chamber, though it may be arranged so as to be slid back and forth, to increase or diminish the size of the passage.

Below the shaft D', in the space between said 6o shelf and the bottom of the case, is located the fire-box or heater F, and the smoke and other volatile productsVv of combustion which pass from` it are conducted through the pipes G, also arranged in said space, and thence pass off up the flue H, at the back of the oven, on the outside thereof, as shown.

A fire being kindled in the fire-bon, and the doors of the' oven being closed, the air in the space where the lire-box is located becomes 7o highly heated by contact with the fire-boX andv with the conducting-pipes G, and passes thence up the passage J, between the partition C and the rear wall of the case, and out through the openings E in said partition against the bot- '75 tom of the several shelves, and thence contin- Vues outward and downward through the passage K at the front, and again into the space in which the iire-box is located, taking the course indicated by the arrows in Fig. 2.k The 8o impingement of the hot air against the bottoms of the shelves directly heats the latter, and insures the thorough cooking, baking, or dry ing of the articles placed therein, as well as of the portions of the articles which project up 8 5 between the shelves. This feature I regard of primary importance.

It will be noticed that by passing the smoke, &c., from the fire-box through the system of V pipes G the heatl of such waste product is ef- 9o fectively utilized in raising the temperature in the lower space, and the maximum effect is thus obtained for a minimum quantity of fuel.

The shelves, especially the lowest one, are preferably applied so as to be putin and taken out when desired. l

p In order that fresh air may be admitted to the oven, and that the gases and vapor arising from the materials cooked, baked, or dried may be caused to pass out of the oven as they are 10o evolved, I provide air-inlets L, closed by suitable valves, and from the upper part of the case I extend a pipe, M, and cause it to discharge into the smoke-hue H, as shown in Fig. 2. A controlling-valve, N, is provided in said pipe M.

The oven may be constructed of galvanized iron, or any other suitable material that will answer the purpose.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new- Y The herein-described oven, consisting of the inclosing-cas'e, the fire-box or heater located in the lower part of the case, the horizontal shelves extending from side to side of the chainber, but arranged to leave a space between their front edges and the front wall of the ease,and

the vertical partition at the rear of the chamspace at the front of the case back to the irebox to be reheated, thuskeeping up aconstant circulation throughout all parts of the oven, 3o

as set forth.





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