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Publication numberUS2883139 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 21, 1959
Filing dateNov 23, 1955
Priority dateNov 23, 1955
Publication numberUS 2883139 A, US 2883139A, US-A-2883139, US2883139 A, US2883139A
InventorsDobkin Israel T
Original AssigneeAllied Block Chemical Company
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Container supporting and retaining bracket
US 2883139 A
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A ril 21, 1959 l. T. DOBKlN 2,883,139




United States Patent CONTAINER SUPPORTING AND RETAINING BRACKET Israel T. Dobkin, Pittsburgh, Pa., assignor to Allied Block Chemical Company, Pittsburgh, Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania Application November 23, 1955, Serial No. 548,568

2 Claims. Cl. 248-311) The present invention pertains in general to supporting brackets and more specifically to supporting brackets for mounting refillable dispensing contains wherein the bracket is so related to the container as to prevent unauthorized removal of the container from the bracket.

3 -'Many business establishments, shops, garages, and public wash rooms maintain dispensing containers for delivering measured quantities of hand cleaning fluids for the convenience of their employees and patrons. Such dispensing containers are mounted in a convenient place and are periodically serviced to keep the containers filled and in working order. The containers are mounted by means of brackets upon vertical supporting surfaces and sometimes on horizontal surfaces such as wash stands or benches. To prevent unauthorized removal of the container from the bracket, means must be provided for locking the container within the bracket, which means must be readily releasable for servicing purposes. Where the container is provided with a measuring dispensing device, such locking means must also prevent mischievous removal of the dispensing device from the container.

The object and purpose of the present invention is to provide a readily mounted, adjustable bracket for said containers which may be suitably actuated to prevent unauthorized removal of the container or parts thereof.

In the drawing, forming part of the present disclosure,

Fig. 1 shows a front elevation of the bracket with the container indicated by dotted lines;

Fig. 2 shows a side elevation of the bracket;

Fig. 3 shows a section taken on lines III-III of Fig. 1;

Fig. 4 shows an enlarged plan view of Fig. 1 showing the detachable container locking member of the bracket; and

Fig. 5 shows an enlarged cross section through the bracket along lines V-V of Fig. 2.

Referring now in detail to the drawings the bracket comprises an upright portion 1 and a base and container supporting portion 2 preferably integrally formed with the upright portion. The upright portion is of a length greater than the height of a container to be mounted by the bracket. The upright portion 1 is of generally channel shape, comprising a web 3 and forwardly extending flanges 4 terminating in opposing re-entrant flange portions 5 disposed in spaced relation to the web 3. The web portion 3 extends upwardly from one side of the base 2 and the flanges 4 preferably terminate above the base 2. The base is of suitable size to support the container 9 being mounted by the bracket, and may be of any suitable shape. As shown in Fig. 3, the base is rectangular having side edges 6 extending forwardly from upright l, a front edge 7 and a rear edge 8 connecting to the upright portion 1. The connection between base edge 8 and upright web 3 is braced in any suitable manner to provide adequate support for the container and contents when the upright web 3 is mounted on a vertical support. Apertures 10 and 12 are provided in the upright and base portion for reception of removable fastening members 11 mounting the bracket upon vertical or horizontal supports.

Slidably mounted on upright 1 is container retaining member 13, comprising a continuous band portion 15 and a mounting member 16. The inside diameter of the band 15 is slightly larger than the outside diameter of the largest container 9 to be received therein, and the member 16 projects upon opposite sides of its connection to member 15. The projecting portions of member 16 are slidably mounted between flanges 4 of portion 1 and behind the re-entrant flanges 5 thereof. The member 13 may be adjustably positioned along upright web 3 by means of the heads of the screw fastening members 11 projecting above the plane of the web 3, or the heads of members 11 may be counter-sunk in web 3 to permit free movement of the member 13 longitudinally of bracket portion 1. p

The container. 9 is locked in place upon the bracket and within member 13 by means of the substantially Z-shaped member 14 comprising an upstanding flange 20, outstanding web 21 and depending flange 22. The flange 20 is of substantially rectangular shape disposed against upright web 3, between the flanges 4 and slidable relative thereto behind re-entrant flanges 5. Suitable tapped openings 24 in flange 20 receive screw threaded members 25 which bear against web 3 to lock flange 20 against the reentrant flanges 5, retaining the member 14 in adjustable fixed relation relative to upright member 1. The container 9 is preferably refillable and of the type dispensing measured quantities of the fluid therein. For this purpose a detachable cap 17 is provided for container 9 and a conventional pump type measuring device having a head 18 and stem 19 is mounted in the cap 17. The stem 19 extends through cap 17 into the container and is preferably secured within the :cap to prevent unauthorized removal thereof. The web 21 and flange 22 respectively have suitable connecting apertures 23 and 23a therein for threading the web 21 over the pump head 18 and stem 19 as shown in Figs. 1 and 4. The aperture 23 formed in web 21 is of such size that the surrounding web portions bear against cap 17 to retain the cap in position when the container is locked in the bracket by member 14. The depending flange 22 overlaps the adjacent front face of the cap to prevent lateral displacement of the container.

In use, the bracket portion 1 may be disposed against a suitable upright support and secured thereto by fastening members 11. The member 13 may then be mounted on upright 1 by means of the portion 16 and spaced along the upright by the heads of fastening members 11 as aforesaid, or not, as desired. The filled container is then disposed within member 13 and upon base 2. The web 21 of member 14 is threaded over pump head 18 and its flange 20 disposed between upright flanges 4 and behind flanges 5. The member 14 is then moved downward until web 21 thereof engages container cap 17. The removable fastening members 25 are then engaged with tapped apertures 24 of flange 20 and when turned engage web 3 forcing the flange 20 forwardly into engagement with re-entrant flanges 5 of the upright 1 locking member 14 in position. When so positioned the member 14 prevents vertical and lateral displacement of the container relative to the bracket and is assisted by member 13 in preventing lateral displacement. The members 25 may be provided with recessed heads to require a special tool for their removal. When it is desired to service the container, as by refilling, the fastening members 25 are loosened and the member 14 removed. The cap 17 may be then removed from the container by refilling or the entire container removed to a convenient place :for refilling. If the pump dispensing mechanism is damaged, a new cap 17 and dispensing pump may be provided. After servicing, the member 14 is replaced and fastened in posit-ion.

Many obvious detail changes in the bracket will suggest themselves to those skilled in the art and may be made without departing from the invention as disclosed. Hence, the exact details of construction disclosed are for purposes of illustration and not limitation except as made necessary by the scope of the appended claims.

I claim:

1. A supporting and retaining bracket for liquid dispensing containers having a removable cap and hand pump of the type described, comprising a base portion upon which the container is supported, a fiat upright portion at one side of the base of greater length than that of a container to be received on said base, means on the bracket for restricting lateral movement of the container relative to said base, re-entrant opposing flanges on opposite vertical sides of the upright portion and extending outwardly in spaced relation thereto, a substantially Z- shaped member having one flange slidably received between said npright re-entrant opposing flanges above said container and a web portion extending outwardly from said upright overlying said container cap, a second flange on said web portion depending therefrom in overlapping engagement with said container cap, openings in said flange of the Z-shaped member engaged with said upright for reception of removable members locking the Z-shaped member in fixed relation to the upright, connected openings in said web and depending flange of the Z-shaped member for passage of the outer end of the container hand pump, and openings in said upright between the flanges and intermediate the ends thereof for receiving means for fastening the bracket upright portion to a supporting surface.

2. The bracket as defined in claim 1 wherein the means for restricting lateral movement of the container relative to the base comprises a ring shaped member for receiving the lower portion of said container, aportion atone side of said ring shaped member being slidably received between said upright re-entrant flanges, and said latter portion of the ring shaped member engaging an adjacent fastening member in said web portion for restricting vertical movement of the ring shaped member upon said upright.

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U.S. Classification248/311.2
International ClassificationA47J47/16, A47J47/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47J47/16
European ClassificationA47J47/16