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Publication numberUS2888306 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 26, 1959
Filing dateMar 20, 1957
Priority dateMar 20, 1957
Publication numberUS 2888306 A, US 2888306A, US-A-2888306, US2888306 A, US2888306A
InventorsJohnson Dorothy J, Sease Lura A
Original AssigneeJohnson Dorothy J, Sease Lura A
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Desk with rotary chart magazine
US 2888306 A
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May 26, 1959 L. A. SEASE ETAL INVENTORS Lura A. Sense Dorothy J. Johnson M. M

l 5 t l 9 e u h S t m h s 2 D 7 l w m m 0 u m m m a n u M n n d 1. k H i 5 F ATTORNEY y 1959 L. A. SEASE ETAL 2,888,306

DESK WITH ROTARY CHART MAGAZINE Filed March 20, 1957 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR LURA A. SEASE DOROTHY J. JOHNSON MMM ATTORNEY United Statesv Patent DESK WITH ROTARY CHART MAGAZINE Lura A. Sease and Dorothy J. Johnson, Ontario, Calif. Application March 20, 1957, Serial No. 647,250

' 1 Claim. Cl. 312-196) This invention relates to the recording of events and the care and maintenance of records including those of patients by hospitals where doctors, nurses and others particularly dedicated to the treatment of human ills perform their services as well as others, and where access to such records sometimes is had by several persons at the same time.

The invention relates particularly to desks and charts kept or placed thereon and kept for frequent examination by persons concerned with such records and requiring periodic access thereto.

File cards and charts have been kept in various ways in hospitals and other places where population is dense and trafiic is heavy and examination of such file cards by several people simultaneously has caused confusion, delay, loss of time, difiiculty in finding lost records, and other problems. This is particularly true where the cards and charts are stacked or kept on racks on the back of a desk.

It is an object of the invention to overcome the above and other problems by providing a desk with a rotary chart or card turret from which a card may be removed and replaced with the minimum of effort, and from any location around the desk, and making it possible for several people to withdraw and return cards or charts with minimum loss of time and confusion regardless of whether the cards or charts are removed for additional entries or with respect to those already made by the hospital staff or attending physician.

Another object of the invention is to provide a relatively simple and inexpensive desk with a rotary chart holder or turret in which the parts are maintained in a most practical and convenient position and with the chart holder mounted on suitable bearings for easy rotation and accessibility.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent from the following description taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings wherein:

Fig. l is a front elevation illustrating the invention;

Fig. 2, a top plan view;

Fig. 3, an enlarged vertical section on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2;

Fig. 4, an enlarged fragmentary perspective of the rotary magazine;

Fig. 5, an enlarged fragmentary vertical section of one of the bearings on the line 5-5 of Fig. 2 and Fig. 6, an enlarged fragmentary perspective of a modified form of chart holder.

Briefly stated the invention comprises a desk of conventional construction, for example of equal length and breadth, in the center of which is mounted a rotary chart turret including multiple pairs of spaced inclined notched supports for the pins at opposite ends of hospital charts so that the charts may be supported in proper relation. The angularity between the supports and the base of the turret preferably is near 40 and the turret is provided with a raised center section and an annular lower section, the raised center section being supported by a center post 2,888,306 Patented May 26, 1959 "ice and the lower annular outer portion being supported by suitable bearings for free rotation of the turret.

With continued reference to the drawings, the present invention comprises a desk having a table top 10, depending corner members 11 supporting said table top and having inset floor-engaging base members 12. In the center of the table top 10 is provided a central recessed opening 10' in which is located a rotatable card or chart holder or turret 13 having multiple inclined faces located for example adjacent the four sides of the desk on a post 14 (Fig. 3).

In the support for each corner of the deskthere is a stack of drawers including a shallow top drawer 15 and two lower drawers 16 and '17. The shallow top drawer is slidably mounted under the top 10 and below the drawer 15 in each corner there are two slidable drawers 16 and 17 with handles 18 of any suitable shape to pull out and return drawers 15, 16 and 17.

The central chart holder or magazine is a rotary turret with four inclined supports 13 having recesses 19 to receive conventional hospital charts provided with extended hinge pins or pivots by which they are supported in a rigid holder. The turret 13 may be turned to any position around the desk so that its inclined faces will be located conveniently for persons seated about the desk. The turret is mounted on roller bearings 20 located in sockets 21 on the underside of the annular horizontal body member 22 of the turret, the rollers preferably are packed in grease to increase their life and make them run freely in a groove 23 in the upper face of the cutout portion of the top of the desk in which the turret is located. Bearings 20 support the annular lower section of the turret and the central raised portion being supported by post 14, the ends of which being located in bearings 24. The lower bearing 24 rests upon a base 25 carried by a marginal ring 26 which is fastened by a ring 27, L-shaped in cross-section to the underside of the desk top 10 by means of screws or other fasteners 28. The turret 13 is provided with openings 29 on four sides to permit depending charts to extend therethrough, the horizontal portion of the turret being otherwise solid except for a center opening 30 about which are four upstanding walls 31 on which is mounted a cap 32, the parts being joined by dowel pins and glue or other desired fastening means. The inclined supports 13 may have holders 33 adjacent each recess 19 adapted to contain identification means for the charts held therein. Instead of the recesses 19 of Fig. 4 the device may have undulations 19' as shown in Fig. 6.

Suitable cushioning means such as heavy cloth 34 (Fig. 5) is preferably located between the outer wall of the turret and the adjacent wall of the opening 10" in the top of the desk to reduce noise, avoid friction and provide a finished joint.

Preferred dimensions for the chart holder units may be ten inches wide and twelve inches in height, sloping at their upper faces at a 40 angle upward toward the center of the unit, leaving handling space for the charts. The rounded grooves 19 for the charts are spaced one inch apart, and are formed for accommodating a standard 12 x 9 chart. The cap 32 at the top where the four units meet is a flat surface. The center post 14 extends from the top of the chart unit to twelve inches below the desk top and rotates on ball bearings at top and bottom which ball bearings are packed in oil.

It will be obvious to those skilled in the art that various changes may be made in the invention without departing from the spirit and scope thereof and therefore the invention is not limited by that which is illustrated in the drawings and described in the specification, but only as indicated in the accompanying claim.

What is claimed is:

In a multi-personnel chart-desk comprising a substantially square relatively flat top, a circular opening transversely through a central portion of said top, an annular peripheral recess about said opening extending into said top, an annular body rotatably supported in said recess in alignment with the top of said desk and inwardly of said circular opening, a cylindrical base including a transverse bottom depending from said top co-axially with said central opening, a support post journaled at its lower end to said transverse bottom and extending axially through said central opening and above said top, and a turret including a downwardly opening rectangular housing journaled to the upper end of said post and extending thereover inwardly of said central opening, and pairs of spaced chart supports including an upper edge extending angularly from said rectangular housing to said annular body member, said chart supports including aligned recessed References Cited in the file of this patent UNITED STATES PATENTS Lane Aug. 31, 1948 Jackson Sept. 26, 1893 Tracey Feb. 10, 1903 Blackman Feb. 5, 1907 Hawthorne July 23, 1907 Walton Feb. 24, 1914 Hemshewski Aug. 29, 1922 Finocchiaro May 8, 1923 Cook Mar. 19, 1935 Wassell June 26, 1951 Shampaine July 29, 1952 McAllister Mar. 31, 1953

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