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Publication numberUS2889036 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 2, 1959
Filing dateOct 23, 1956
Priority dateOct 23, 1956
Publication numberUS 2889036 A, US 2889036A, US-A-2889036, US2889036 A, US2889036A
InventorsJohn T Davies
Original AssigneeJohn T Davies
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Loose leaf holder and display device
US 2889036 A
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June 2, 1959 J. T. DAVIES LOOSE LEAF HOLDER AND DISPLAY DEVICE Filed Oct. 23, 1956 I INVENTOR. JOHN T. DFIV/ES 2,889,036 LOOSE LEAF HULDER AND DISPLAY DEVICE John T. Davies, Minneapolis, Minn. Application October 23, 1956, Serial No. 617,835 4 Claims. (Cl. 206-452) This invention relates to containers for a multiplicity of loose leaf sheets or leaves, and more particularly to a combined holder and display device for loose sheets retained therein.

It is an important object of the invention to provide a novel and efiicient holder and display device for loose sheets wherein the sheets may be viewed consecutively and shifted therein without disturbing the order in which the sheets are arranged.

It is another object of the invention to provide a covered retainer for loose sheets or leaves in which the outermost sheet becomes exposed upon removal of the cover for the container.

It is a further object of the invention to provide a structure of the class described wherein the cover for the display container is capable of conversion into an easel for the container with the cover inverted to provide an extra container during use.

These and other objects and advantages of the invention will more fully appear from the following description, made in connection with the accompanying drawing, wherein like reference characters refer to the same parts throughout the several views and in which:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of my combined display box and supporting cover in closed condition, hidden portions being shown in dotted line;

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the box or container portion of my invention, the framed opening exposing a front sheet and the top flange being raised to show the conformation of the rear wall openings;

Figure 3 is a perspective view of the cover portion of my invention, the open bottom thereof being inverted to uppermost position; and

Figure 4 is a reduced perspective view of my invention showing the cover hingedly secured to the container and providing an easel and additional container for retaining loose leaves or sheets.

With continued reference to the drawing, Fig. 1 shows my holder and display device, indicated generally by the numeral 11 in closed condition with the contents thereof protected and incapable of viewing. The cover thereof is indicated generally at 11 and is adapted to slide over the top of the box or container 12 in snug or interfitting relation. Fig. 2 shows the box or container 12 alone, and shows the conformation thereof which makes possible the cooperative functions hereinafter disclosed. The container 12 is generally rectangular in shape having a front wall 13 with a viewing area 12 which may be merely a rectangular opening of lesser dimension than the front wall 13 with the margin thereof providing a frame 15 for exposing the foremost of a plurality of sheets 16 to view. It is understood, of course, that the opening 14 may also constitute a viewing area in which the front wall 13 is provided with a transparent structure to serve the same purpose. Where the sheets 16 are adapted to be written upon by a user, then the preferred structure is the opening. The container 12 also has a rear wall 17 and side walls 18 secured to a bottom wall 19, as shown in Fig. 2.

2,889,036 Patented June 2, 1959 In order to facilitate shifting of the sheets 16, the upper corners of the front wall 13 may be diagonally cut away at 20. Similarly, the upper edge 21 of side walls 18 are angulated downwardly from the upper edge 22 of the rear wall 17 to meet the diagonal cut portion 20 at each side. A flange 23 may be formed with, or secured to, the rear wall 17 so as to be swingable on the top edge line 22 in a forward and rearward direction. Fastening means in the container 12 may comprise openings 24 of inverted T conformation in the form shown and extending slightly beyond the top edge line 22 as shown.

The cover member 11 is shown alone in Fig. 3 and comprises a rear wall 25 (shown in forward position in Fig. 3 an enclosed top 19a (shown in bottom position in Fig. 3), front wall 26, and side walls 27. The cover is of rectangular conformation and slightly larger in crosssectional dimension than that of the box or container 12 so as to slidably interfit thereover in close relation. The lower front edge 28 of the front wall 26 may coincide with the bottom 19 of the container 12 when the cover and container are in closed relation, as in Fig. l. The rear edge 29 of the cover is recessed at the bottom and the bottom edges 30 of side walls 27 may be angulated from edge 28 to edge 29, as shown in Figs. 1 and 3. Secured to the rear wall 25 at the lower edge 29 are a pair of tabs 31 having T-shaped conformation and adapted to interfit in keyed relation with the openings 24 in the rear wall 17 of container 12. The upper edges 32 of the tabs 51 may coincide with bottom 19 of container 12 so that they will not extend beyond the rectangular surfaces of the enclosed structure shown in Fig. 1 and thereby be subject to bending and tearing.

The sheets 16 may be divided in several portions in my arrangement. To this end, a divider 33 may be positioned medially of the container 12 and in parallel relation with rear wall 17 and front wall 13. Dual compartments are thus created in the container.

In use, the combined holder and display device will normally have the appearance of Fig. 1 with sheets disposed in loose and flat condition therein. The sheets may comprise book pages, blank forms, note paper, sheet music, and any other forms of blank and printed sheet material.

During use of the holder as a display unit, the cover member 27 is slidably removed from container 12 and the tabs 31 are inserted in the openings 24 as shown in Fig. 4. The cover 27 is then bent rearwardly in contact with the flange 23 and with the tabs 31 in keyed relation with the openings 24. The open bottom of the cover 27 thus becomes an open top in its inverted relation and cover 27 is also adapted to receive a portion of the sheets 16. The foremost of the sheets adjacent the viewing area in the front wall 13 may be read or written upon in the position shown in Fig. 4. When it is desired to remove the front sheet, it is slid upwardly and may be grasped at the corner created by the angulated edges 20 and 21. The sheet may be placed in the rear compartment formed by divider 33 or may be placed within the cover 27. If the pages 16 constitute book sheets printed on both sides, then such pages may be numbered consecutively on the outward facing sides of all the sheets up to a given numher with a continuation of consecutive numberings from the given number on the opposed facing sides of the sheets. Thus, when the entire quantity of sheets 16 in the foremost position in container 12 have been removed rearwardly, they may be inverted in their entirety and again consecutively viewed and removed as before.

It may thus be seen that I have devised a novel loose leaf holder and display device wherein the cover portion cooperatively functions as an easel as well as an additional container during use.

It will, of course, be understood that various changes the open bottom thereof becoming a top opening for may be made in the form, details, arrangement and proreceiving sheets. portion of the parts without departing from the scope of 3. The subject matter set forth in claim 2, wherein one my invention. 7 of the lower edges of said cover is receded and said tabs What I claim is: extend normally downward therefrom.

l. A combined display box and supporting cover com- 4. A loose leaf holder and display device comprising prising, a rectangular box having an open top, a rear wall, an open-topped generally rectangular container for bold and a front wall with a viewing area formed therein, said ing a multiplicity of sheets in flat contact, said container box being adapted to receive and h ld a stack f flat having a front wall with a viewing area formed therein sheets with the outermost sheet exposed to view at said 10 and also having a back wall with an upper edge portion, area, fastening means adjacent the upper edge of said rear a generally rectangular cover of slightly larger cross sec- Wall of the box, a rectangular cover having an open bottional dimension than that of the container, said cover tom, said cover being adapted to slide over and closely having an open bottom and being slidably mounted on inten'it with said rectangular box, and fastening means adthe container whereby to enclose the open top and viewjacent a lower edge of said cover and keyedly secured in ing area thereof, the cover having a back wall with a hinging relation with the fastening means on the box, lower edge portion and in overlying relation with the whereby said cover alternately, may be swung to inverted back wall of the container, the back walls having, adposition rearwardly of the box to provide an easel thercjacent their edge portions, slidably interfitable fastening for and the openbottom thereof becoming a top opening means permissive of flexing to provide a hinge between for receiving sheets and may he slid into encompassing the container and cover whereby to permit the cover to relation with the box. swing to inverted position to create an easel for the 2. A combined display box and supporting cover comcontainer.

7 prising, a rectangular box havmg an open top, a rear wall, References Cited in the file of this patent box being adapted to receive and hold a stack of flat UNITED STATES PATENTS sheets with the outermost sheet exposed to view the said 1, 57,942 Spaldo Jan. 31, 1928 area, a flange hingedly attached to the upper edge of the 1,321,960 Brooks Sept. 8, 1931 rear wall of said box, said rear wall having openings 1, 25, 19 Whitehead Sept. 29, 1931 formed therethrough adjacent said flange, a rectangular 1,971, 84 Hoppe Aug. 28, 1934 cover having an open bottom, said cover encompassing 2,011,410 Jones Aug. 13, 1935 and closely interfitting with said rectangular box, and 2,046,751 Reichel July 7, 1936 tabs formed on the lower edge of said cover, said tabs 2,35 ,802 Glover Sept. 26, 1944 being capable of interfitting with said openings whereby ,503,379 Davis Apr. 11, 1950 of the box with the flange between the box rear wall and FOREIGN PATENTS the cover and thereby provide an easel for the box and 638,942 Great Britain June 21, 1950

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