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Publication numberUS2893546 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 7, 1959
Filing dateAug 8, 1957
Priority dateAug 8, 1957
Publication numberUS 2893546 A, US 2893546A, US-A-2893546, US2893546 A, US2893546A
InventorsFriedman Stanley S, Gerry Powell, Kendall Charles O
Original AssigneeFriedman Stanley S, Gerry Powell, Kendall Charles O
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Package and packaged article
US 2893546 A
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July 7, 1959 Filed Aug. 8, 1957 C. O. KENDALL ET AL PACKAGE AND PACKAGED ARTICLE 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 INVENTORS Char/es d [1 endall (ferry Powell 0/1/61? Sfi/lZ/Md/L I MW y 1959 c, o. KENDALL ETAL 2,393,546

PACKAGE AND PACKAGED ARTICLE Filed Aug. 8, 1957 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 4 "25 Zqi 1% i I g 1 l 1 i 5pvERT|sEMENT E H SPACE 55 A! x] 'j g v" \I Y 15 I sMALL! THUMB JUNCTURE HERE A A R f i '7 7,

INVENTORS Charles 0. Kendall (1321? Powell United States Patent PACKAGE AND PACKAGED ARTICLE Charles 0. Kendall, Waldwick, and Gerry Powell, Bergenfield, NJ., and Stanley S. Friedman, Lynbrook, N .Y.

This invention relates to an assembly of functionally and structurally improved design and by means of which an article may be desirably packaged and displayed.

By means of the present teachings an assembly is furnished which will attract the prospective customer who may examine the packaged article and even try on that article without disturbing the display.

In its more specific aspects, the present invention aims to provide a package for the housing and display of articles such as gloves and particularly rubber gloves of the household type. The thus packaged articles will be maintained free from exposure to dirt and packages containing the same may be efiiciently stored in quantity by stacking them. i

Moreover, this invention will furnish a package which may be efliciently produced and which will require a minimum of manipulations in order that articles, such as gloves, may be stored therein and also displayed.

With these and otherobjects in mind, reference is had to the attached sheets of drawings illustrating one practical embodiment of the invention, and in which:

Fig. l is a face view of the package assembly;

Fig.2 is a sectional side view thereof taken along the line 22 in the direction of the arrows as indicated in Fig 1;

Figs. 3 and 4 are transverse sectional views taken respectively along the lines 3-3 and 4-4 in the direction of the arrows as indicated in Fig. 2;

Fig. 5 is a face view of the reverse side of the package from that illustrated in Fig. 1;

Fig. 6 in a perspective view showing the initial manipulation to which a glove is subjected prior to packaging and displaying it; and

Fig. 7 is a similar view showing a further step resorted to prior to disposing the glove within the package. s

Referring primarily to Figs. 1 and 2, the numeral 10 indicates a cover which is preferably transparent and conveniently formed of a suitable plastic. This cover in the illustrated embodiment includes in its upper surface the outline of thumb and finger portions 11 and 12, respectively. These portions are continued in the form of a palm part 13 which generally conforms in its contours to the palm of a human hand. Substantially in line with the base of this palm portion the cover is formed with a housing part 14 of generally keystone configuration. This part will embrace the area of the wrist and, as shown, will include a raised surface 15 the purpose of which will be hereinafter brought out.

Adjacent its opposite ends, the cover is extended downwardly as indicated at 16. The side edge zones of that cover may be defined in the area of the housing part by a series of steps and flanges 17 and in the area of the finger part by a single flange 18. This has been shown in Figs 3 and 4. Beyond these parts the cover may terminate in beads 19 which in section are substantially U-shapcd and have their trough portions facing each v, 2,893,546 Patented July 7, 9

other. Received within these grooves is a backing'she'et 20 which thus closes the base of the cover to furnish together with the same the exterior walls of the package. This sheet is conveniently formed of opaque material such as cardboard.

As afore brought out, the present package is primarily intended for the display and housing of articles such as gloves. One form of such glove is illustrated in Fig. 6 inwhich the numeral 21 indicates the palm portion of a glove provided with finger receiving parts 22 and a thumb receiving part 23. As illustrated, this glove also includes a wrist-encircling portion 24 beyond which it is continued-in the form of an arm-encircling part 25. The inner'surface of the glove may be flocked as indicated at 26.

Returning to a consideration of the package structure it will be noted 'inFigs. 2, 3 and 4 that a tray intervenes the upper portion of the cover ;10 and the backing sheet 20. This tray has been indicated at 27 and includes a base and side wall portions which latter are disposed in the direction of the backing sheet 20. The base of the tray being preferably in face-to-face contact with the edge zones 28 of the cover which extend beyond the parts 11 to 14, inclusive, it follows that an upper compartment is furnished. Between the opposite face of the tray and the backing sheet 20 a second compartment is provided. The tray being preferably formed of non-transparent material, the interior of the same is not normally visible.

Within the latter a glove, generally indicated at 29, may be disposed. Access to this glove may of course be had by simply sliding the backing sheet 20 within the retaining grooves provided by portions 19 so as to expose the glove. Within the upper compartment of the package (i.e., between the base of tray 27 and the portions of the cover inwardly of surface 28) the second glove of a pair is disposed. That glove is preferably arranged to provide a display.

To this end and as indicated in Figs. 6 and 7, it is preferred to invert the rear portion of the glove upon itself in the manner shown in Fig. 6 so that at least the interior of the cuff zone is exposed. In this manner the flocking will become visible to the viewer. Thereupon by, for example, grasping the cuifportion and rapidly swinging the hand part of the glove over and around the same a certain amount of air is entrapped within that hand portion as shown in Fig. 7. Accordingly, the palm, finger andthumb port-ions of the glove are distended to some extent and in a manner similar to that in which they would be contoured were the glove disposed upon the hand of a user. Therefore, and as shown in Figs. 1 and 2, these parts of the glove will present generally convex and otherwise contoured surfaces which extend up into and generally in contact with the inner surfaces of the finger, thumb and palm portions of the cover 10. This results in an extremely attractive display and enables the viewer to visualize precisely the appearance of the glove when worn.

Now in order to maintain the air entrapped within the glove against escape, it is of course necessary that the line of told, as shown in Fig. 7, be preserved under conditions of intimate contact of adjacent glove surfaces. In order to achieve this result it will be noted, as in Fig. 2, that the cuff portion 25 fills the housing 14 to an extent such that the folded portions of the cult are lightly pressed together. In other words, this part of the glove intervenes the inner face of the housing and the opposed face of the tray base 27. With the housing having a keystone configuration, as generally shown in Fig. 1, the cuff of the glove which is slightly flared will also fill the housing from side wall to side wall and the flocking 26 will be displayed. However, the parts of the glove will not be crowded together but will present a normal appearance to the viewer. It will be observed that it is preferred the upper surface defining housing 14 present the upwardly extended portion 15. Within the latter faplabel 31 of similar configuration may be retained. The rear end of this label may extend downwardly into contact with backing sheet 20 as shown in Fig. 2. To retain the label, the cover is conveniently formed with lips 32 which extend inwardly of the rece'ss'ed portion 30. Thus, they underlie label 31 to retain it in position. Theexterior faces of that label convenie'ntly present indicia such as trademarks, description, 'etc., all of which is clearly visible through the transparent body of the adjacent cover portion.

In order that a customer may have available a convenie'nt gauge or scale to determine hand size and thus choose properly dimensioned gloves, the outer face of backing sheet 20, as shown, presents a scale. That scale may be imprinted as in Fig. 5. A mark 33 of this imprinting may define at its lower end the position to be occupied by the juncture of the thumb and forefinger. Additional marks, such'as 34, may furnish indications for the positioning of the fingers of the hand. Further lines or areas such as 35 indicate increasing areas of width which -ac cording to the disposition of the hand edge with reference to the same-will inform the customer whether a small, medium or large glove'size is required.

As-is apparent, a Storekeeper will display the package with cover extending in an outward or upward direction. Thus, the customer will see the outer glove of the package and as aforebrought out will be able to visualize precisely how this glove will appear on the hand. Assuming that the customer desires to try on a glove,then by simply removing the backing sheet 20, glove 29 is rendered accessible for this purpose. This is accomplished without in the slightest disturbing the displayed glovewhich of course remains above the tray 27. That glove will, therefore, be maintained in slightly inflated and proper condition. Accordingly, the dealer does not have to constantly rearrange the display.

As shown in dot-and-dash lines in Fig. 2, by simply reversing adjacent packages to have face-to-face contact, these packages may be stacked with their base portions or backing sheets substantially parallel to each other. Thus, an assembly of packages may be compactly stored within a receptacle or other given space without moving with'respect to each other. The package will not oflFer such resistance to the passage of air that the rubber glove is unable .to breathe. In this connection, it will be understood that access to air is a requirement for the proper storage of rubber units. When a customer purchases a package containing a pair of gloves, both of these are of course readily available, one within the space tween said cover and base and containing an amount of air such that it is distended, the edge zone of the article being folded upon itself to e'ntrap such amount of air, the folded edge zone being disposed adjacent one end of said cover and base and the spacing of the parts being such that said cover and base yieldingly bear against such zone of the article to cause the surfaces thereof to substantially sealingly engage with each other.

2. In a package assembly as defined in claim 1, means providing a slidable connection between said cover and base such that the cover is movable longitudinally of said article.

3. In a package assembly as defined in claim 1, the inner face of said cover being spaced varying distances from said base throughout difierent zones and such spacing being a substantially maximum distance within the zone of folding of said article to accommodate the thickened area of the latter within such zone.

4. In a package assembly as defined in claim 1, said cover having article-accommodating areas of different widths, such article being a glove and a relatively wide cuff portion forming a part of said glove defining the edge zone which is folded upon itself and said cover including an area which in its Widthwise aspect presents a substantially keystone configuration overlying the folded cufi portion of'said glove.

5. In a package assembly as defined in claim 1, means forming a part of said base to provide a compartment and a second article in non-distended condition housed within such compartment.

6. In a package assembly as defined in claim 1, said article being a glove and indicia means upon the outer face of the base providing a measurement for a users hand indicative of the size of glove contained within said assembly.

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International ClassificationB65D85/18
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European ClassificationB65D85/18