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Publication numberUS2893644 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 7, 1959
Filing dateJan 25, 1957
Priority dateJan 25, 1957
Publication numberUS 2893644 A, US 2893644A, US-A-2893644, US2893644 A, US2893644A
InventorsHolden Orloff W
Original AssigneeMarguerite H Holden, Holden Orloff W
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Combination wall shower and shampoo spray
US 2893644 A
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y r1959 ofw. HOLDEN 2, 93, 44

COMBINATION WALL SHOWER AND SHAMPOO SPRAY Filed Jan. 25. ,1957 v @Wze g l limited States Patent COMBINATION WALL SHOWER AND 1 SHAlVIPOO SPRAY (Irloir W. Holden, Chicago, 111., assignor to Orlolf W. Holden and Marguerite H. Holden, doing business as Knickerbocker Rubber Company, not Inc.

Application January 25, 1957, Serial No. 636,277

Claims. (Cl. 239282) -This-invention relates to a combination wall shower and shampoo spray and more particularly to a device that can be alternately used as an adjustable wall shower or a portable shampoo spray.

Detachably mounted adjustable wall showers .are common hardware items universally employed where built-in shower plumbing is not available. Portable shampoo sprays are similarly common items widely used for rins ing hair after a shampoo.

The present invention is directed to the combination officing the adjustability thereof and further it is con-' structed so that the sprayer can be detached for use as a portable shampoo spray. As a matter of fact even disregarding the advantage obtained by combining these elements the device is an improvement over existing separate shampoo sprays. Thus the water conduit is positioned .to extend from the side of the device and since the conduit normally extends to a faucet well below the operating position of the device, less awkward bending of the conduit is required than when the conduit extends upwardly from the top of the device. Further, a knob on the sprayerwhich engages a socket for mounting as a shower serves'theadditional function of a handle which extends between fingers of the user to prevent the sprayer from slipping from the hand when soapy and wet.

It'is-the general object of this invention to provide a newand improved combination wall shower and shampoo spray.

Another object of the present invention is to provide a new and improved adjustable wall shower having a sprayer portion that can be'detached from a base for use as a portable shampoo spray.

-A' further object of the presentin'vention is to provide an adjustable wall shower and portable shampoo spray as described above which is joined to a base by disengageable socket means.

Still another object of the present invention is to provide a device as described above wherein a knob which is attached to the sprayer for mounting in the socket means when using the device as a wall shower, serves as a handle when the device is used as a shampoo spray.

A still further object of the present invention is to provide a device as described above wherein the water conduit extends from the side of the device.

Other and further objects and features of the present invention are readily apparent from the following description and drawings in which:

Figure 1 is a side elevational view of an illustrative embodiment of the combination adjustable wall shower and portable shampoo spray shown attached to a tile wall and being used as a wall shower.

Fig. 2 is a front elevational view of the discharge face of the sprayer of thedevice of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a view similar to Fig. l but showing the ele-- ments partially in section.

Fig. -4 is a perspective view of the device of Fig. showing it being used as a shampoo spray.

While this invention is susceptible of embodiments in many difierent forms there is shown in the drawings and will herein be described in detail several embodimentswith the understanding thatthe present disclosure is to be 7 considered as a-nexempl-ification of the principles of the invention and is not intended to limit the invention toithe embodiment iliustra'ted. The scope of the invention will be pointed out in the appended claims.

Referring nowto the drawings a combination wall shower and shampoo spray device generally indicated as I 10 is shown to be composed of a base 11 mounted on a wall12 and havinga body member 13 to which a water conduit 14 isattached to receive water which passes through the body portion. and is ejected through the sprayer 15. I

As shown imFigJl the base. 11 consists of a suction cup 16 which 'isdetachably mounted on the wall 12 and pressed there against to create a vacuum type attachment to the wall. In the embodiment shown the base is formed from'a resilient material such as soft rubber,

however, the base can be of anydesired. material andcan beattached to the wall in any desirable means and still be within the purview of this invention.

The base also includes a socket portion 17 shown in section in Fig. 3 to have a spherical interior 18. The opening 19 in the socket is of a smaller diameter than the maximum diameter of 'theinterior 18 and is surrounded by a thin layer 20 of pliable rubber.

The body member 13 of the device 10 includes a spherical shaped socket insert or knob 21 which is of a size permitting insertion into the socket portion 17 by distorting the layer 20 surrounding opening 19. The

diameter of the knob'21 is substantially identical to the diameter of the interior 18 of the socket so that the socket will hold the body member 13 in any desirable position which is adjustable by rotation of the knob within the socket.

The body member extends away from the socket and has an L-shaped passageway 22 extending from a conduit engaging lug 23 through the body member to a sprayer engaging lug 24. The conduit 14 surrounds the lug 23 and is frictionally secured thereon by the resiliency of' engagement of the body engaging portion 26' with the sprayer engaging lug 24. The lug has a ilange 27 at its outer end which engages an annular slot 28 in the body engaging portion 26 so that when the sprayer is forced on the outlet the flange will engage the slot securing the sprayer to the body member. The sprayer is preferably formed of resilient material and the inner diameter of the body engaging portion is slightly less than the outer diameter of the lug so as to form a seal when mounted thereon to prevent leakage of water therebetween.

The sprayer has a hollow interior 29 provided with radial ribs 30 which add strength to the sprayer and direct the path of water flow. A discharge opening 31 is positioned opposite the body engaging portion 26 and is covered by a perforated metal disk 32 to form a discharge face through which Water flows in the form of a spray. This disk 32 is mounted across the opening 31 by engage- Patented July 7, 1959:

meat of a peripherahfiange 33 in an annular groove 34 in the. peripheryof thedischargeopening,

For use as a shampoo spray the sprayer may be provided with a plurality of nipples 35 positioned adjacent dischargeropening; 31 and, extending-perpendicularly;

to the disk 32.

Inioperation theshower and'spray device-l0. is secured to a wall by seating the,suction cup; thereon;; In this:

position the device can be used as an. adjustable wall shower, the direction of flow oftheshowerbeing:adjustableby movement of the'knobl Zlwith respect tothe socket portion 17 oi the base;

When it? is desired Ito-use the. deviceas 9: portable shampoo spray the body. member, 1 3isdisengaged; from,

the-socket portion 17. As ,shoyvnin Fig. 4-thezknob 21-;

is grasped between two,fingers and-preventsslipping oithe device inthe hand'wheneither-orboth arewet on When it is desired to replace the sprayer ;on-the wall the socket insert 21 is-simply forced into; the socket:

portionof the base, distorting the :layer 20,. and thedevi'ce isonce againin position for usezadjustable walll.


The, present device is obviously susceptible for useas. asharnpoo spray only without'beingutilized as agw-all' shower, such as. in. barber shops and beauty parlors. In;

such case the suction cup base forms a convenient means;

forstoring the'shampoo spray when not inrusen Therefore it is apparent that 'thisainvention. provides a combination adjustablewa-ll showerand'rportable: sham: po'o spray which requires nomore structureor complicatedfparts than the normal showenspray, which retains.

the adjustability of a wall shower, whichncan besimply,

detached-tor use-as, ashampoo spray with a-convenientlyr located handle, and= -which has the: water;conduit ,extendi:


I claim as my invention: s

1; Spraying, apparatus'having, ,incombination, a base" adapted to be mounted on a wall; and having an. outwardly opening, socket defined by resilient material, a, hollow bodyhavinga ball'projectingfrom' one. side and fitting tightly in'saidsocket to support saidwbody. indifferent.

positions-of adjustment relativet to said base whileipena m-ittin-g. detachment of the: bodyfronr the. base, a sprayer? projecting rigidlyfrom the side of-said body-opposite said one side for movement Withthe body relative, to said base and communicating with the interior oil {the bodyafion:

the discharge of liquid therefrom, and a conduit seemed to saidbody intermediate saidball-and. said: sprayenfor movement with the body relative: to said base, said tCODJ-s duit communicatingwith the interiorzof. said bodyto: trocluce liquid under pressure; for discharge through. said.


2. Spraying apparatus having,-. in. combination, aibase adapted for attachment qto a; wall; aphOllQWF body, a ball and socket joint suppontingz. said body. on said base: for

movement to different positionsofi;adjustmentrelative ton.

the, base, said joint rhavingone with: said :base

and; another interfittingpartprojecting trombone: side 012 ing from the side thereof 'togreatly facilitate manipulasaid body, a sprayer projecting rigidly from the side of said bodyopposite. to. saidone. side for movementuwithi the body relative to said base and communicating with the interior of the body for the discharge of liquid therefrom, and a conduit secured to said body intermediate said other joint part and said sprayer for movement with the body relative to said base, saidv conduit communicating with the interior of said body to introduceliquid under pressure for discharge through. said sprayer.

3. Spraying apparatus having, in combination, a base adapted tov be mounted on a wall and. having an outwards 1y opening socket defined by resilientm-aterialg. ahollow body having a ball projecting therefromand' fittingtightly in said socket to support the. body in difierent positions of adjustment relative to said base While permitting detachment of the body-from the base, a. sprayer rigid with said body for movement therewith relative to said base and communicating with the interior of the body for the dischargezofi liquidutheretrom, and a conduit :securedto' said body formovementwith the-bodyqrelative torthepbase: anducommunicating with theinterior. oli thebodysfon introducing liquid to be discharged through saidsprayer, -4; Spraying apparatus having, in combination azbase adapted for. attachment to a wall, a. hollowbody, a. b3111 and;v socket joint supporting said body on .said ibaserfonmovement .to: different positions of adjustment relative; to 1 the base while permitting detachment.oigtherbodyiromi the bases ,said' joint having. one part. rigid ;wit-h said base and, anotherinterfitting part-on said-:body, a. sprayer rigid ywithsaidbody tor movement thenewithrrelative-to said;base-=andcommunicating withthe interior oft-then body for the discharge of liquid therefrom, and a conduit; secured to said body for movement With\ the body, relativerto said base: and communicating. with interior-10f; the body to introduce; liquid under pressureior dischargethrough said :sprayen.

5;, Spraying. apparatus having; in: combination, .atlzzasenadaptednfor attachment'to a. wall, ahollowbodye detach ablysupported-on; said .base for movement tonditterent positions :ofl adjustment; relative to the base, a sprayer rigidliy mounted-om said body fon-movementtherewith.

to said :ditferentpositions and communicating withwthe;v interior-xofi thebody for the dischargeof liquid from the body, and anconduitsecuredto. said :bodyfor movement. thenewith melative. toy and away from.,s-aid base: .andcom:

municatingvwit-h the interior of the body: to introduce.

liquid. under pressure. for discharge. through: .said. sprayer:

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