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Publication numberUS2893710 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 7, 1959
Filing dateNov 6, 1957
Priority dateNov 6, 1957
Publication numberUS 2893710 A, US 2893710A, US-A-2893710, US2893710 A, US2893710A
InventorsHenry Goodman
Original AssigneeHenry Goodman
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Tube container for paint
US 2893710 A
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July 7, 1959 H. GOODMAN TUBE CONTAINER FOR PAINT Filed Nov. 6, 1957 HENRY Inventor GOODMAN United tatcs Patent TUBE CONTAINER FOR PAINT Henry Goodman, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Application November 6, 1957, Serial No. 694,768

3 Claims. (Cl. 259-72) This invention relates to the packaging of ready mixed paints and enamels of the type comprising a pigment and a vehicle.

To date, to my knowledge, no one has successfully packaged a pigment vehicle type of paint or enamel in a collapsible tube because these paints and enamels are not permanently homogenous. The pigment always tends to settle from the vehicle and agitation for the purpose of remixing is necessary before the paint or enamel can be used. Agitation is very difiicult to carry out if the product is packaged in a collapsible tube.

I have devised an agitator especially adapted for use in combination with a collapsible tube that will satisfactorily agitate and mix the paint contents of a collapsible tube.

In the past internal agitators in the form of balls or the like having spherical surfaces have been employed for paints and the like packaged in cans. However, with a tube an agitator having a spherical surface will not work satisfactorily and to my knowledge no one has yet provided a satisfactory agitator for use in combination with a collapsible tube.

I have found that a flat slug formed in a triangular, rectangular or even round shape that does not have a spherical surface capable of continuous contact with the neck opening of the tube will satisfactorily mix the contents of a tube without interfering with the egress of paint from the neck opening of the tube after mixing.

In the single figure of the drawing I illustrate a collapsible tube customarily made from lead foil having an agitator according to the invention.

In the drawing the numeral indicates a collapsible tube of lead aluminum or the like that has a round neck 12 at one end through which the contents can be removed and which has a screw cap for closing the opening. Tubes of this fashion are normally filled from the bottom prior to being sealed therealong as indicated at 16.

According to the invention I provide in combination 2,893,710 Patented July 7, 1959 with such a tube a flat slug 18 of a dense material such as lead that is capable of agitating paint contained in the tube as the tube is shaken longitudinally of itself. The slug is, as indicated, substantially flat with rounded edges 20 but is devoid of any spherical surface that is capable of making a continuous contact with the neck 12 of the tube whereby to prevent the contents from being removed from the tube.

The slug has a diamond shape and is larger than the neck opening 12 so that it does not fall out when the contents are spilled.

In use, paint can be packed in the tube and stored. As indicated above, the pigment normally settles out from the vehicle and must be re-mixed before use. To do this a user merely takes the tube and briskly agitates it causing the slug to move longitudinally of the inside of the tube whereby it will, due to its contact with the paint, thoroughly mix it. When the paint is mixed the user removes the cap and pours the paint from the tube onto a surface to be painted or onto a brush. As indicated in the drawing the slug 18 is adapted to not block the opening 12 as the tube is tipped.

Embodiments of my invention other than the one disclosed will be apparent to those skilled in the art and it is not my intention that my invention be limited to the embodiment illustrated; for example, one may use two or even more slugs in the place of the single slug described.

I claim:

1. In combination a collapsible tube for packaging ready mixed paints and enamels of the type comprising a pigment and a vehicle for said pigment, said tube being permanently sealed at one end and having a neck formed with an opening at its other end, a removable cap for closing the opening in said neck, an agitating slug within said tube, said slug being larger than said opening, said slug being devoid of a spherical surface capable of substantial continuous co-operation with the edge of the opening formed in said neck whereby the practical fiow of a liquid from said tube through said opening is not stopped by said slug resting over said opening.

2. A combination as claimed in claim 1 in which said slug is diamond shaped and has rounded edges.

3. A combination as claimed in claim 1 in which said slug is substantially flat.

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U.S. Classification222/459, 206/1.9, 222/190, 222/92
International ClassificationB65D35/00, B65D35/24, B65D35/14
Cooperative ClassificationB65D35/14, B65D35/24
European ClassificationB65D35/14, B65D35/24