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Publication numberUS2893749 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 7, 1959
Filing dateOct 25, 1956
Priority dateOct 25, 1956
Publication numberUS 2893749 A, US 2893749A, US-A-2893749, US2893749 A, US2893749A
InventorsSimonsen Edward H
Original AssigneeSimonsen Metal Products Compan
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Tool cabinet
US 2893749 A
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July 7, 1959 E. H. SIMONSEN TOOL "CABINET Filed Oct, 25, 1956 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 July 7, 1959 H. SIMONSEN' TOOL CABINET 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 BY Ma /MM WW Filed Oct. 25, 1956 Figure 6 is a cross section taken on the line 6-6 of Figure 4 to an enlarged scale;

United States Patent ice 2'893749 Patented July 7, 1959 Figure 7 is a perspective view of the wheel assembly; and 2893 749 Figure 8 is a perspective view of the unitary wheel assembly illustrating the manner of assembling the wheel TOOL CABINET with the supporting bracket. 10 f Referring first to Figures 1 to 3, the cabinet is gf g' gz g gfiz gg gsgg g g preferably formed from sheet metal with a top ilnefmber corporation of Illinois .11, a bottom member 12, and a body or side wa l orrnmg member 13. The top forrmng member 11 is drawn Application October 25, 1956, Serial 613,232 10 or stamped from a single sheet of metal plate material and provided with a depending peripheral flange 14 and 3 Chums (CL 280-4119) a recessed central portion 15 which acts as a tray-like container for receiving tools or other articles loosely therein. The bottom forming member 12 is likewise This invention relates to cabinet structures and is 15 drawn or stamped from a single sheet of metal plate and more particularly concerned with improvements in a provided with an upstanding peripheral flange 16. The cabinet of the portable type which is adapted to house a body forming member 13 is shaped to provide a back plurality of mechanics tools or other similar objects. wall 17, oppositely disposed side walls 18 and 19, and It is a general object of the invention to provide a flange-like front edge portions 20 and 21 which define portable tool cabinet which is particularly designed for 20 the side edges of the open front 22 of the cabinet. The use by aviation and automobile mechanics and others generally U-shaped body member 13 is secured between who have need for a substantial number of tools, spare the top and bottom members 11 and 12 by welding or parts, etc. While engaged in repair operations, or the otherwise fastening the edges thereof to the flanges 14 like, and who desire to be able to readily move such and 16 of the top and bottom members 11 and 12, equipment from one job location to another and to keep respectively. The front opening 22 of the cabinet is closed it assembled and ready for use so that it is not necessary by a pair of cooperating door forming members 23 and for the user to search for a required tool or part at a 24 which are hinged at 25 and 26, respectively, to the bench or cabinet remote from the job. body forming edge portions 20 and 21. A suitable latch It is a more specific object of the invention to provide and handle 27 with a locking arrangement is provided to a portable cabinet of substantial size which is capable of retain the doors 23 and 24 in closed position when housing a substantial number of tools or similar objects desired. One of the door members 23 is preferably proin a readily accessible manner, which has a top arranged vided on its inner surface with a removable frame to provide work space thereon, and which may be readily arrangement 28 which provides a series of shelves 29 moved from place to place. for receiving small tools. The other door member 24 It is another object of the invention to provide a work is preferably lined with a peg board for receiving hangers cabinet of the type described in which the top and bottom for small tools, etc. The cabinet 10 is provided with one members are each formed from one piece of cast or or more shelves. For the purpose of illustration, it is drawn sheet metal and in which the body is formed from shown as having pairs of vertically spaced horizontally a single sheet of metal plate bent to provide a back and disposed shelf forming members 30, 31, and 32, 33. side walls, With the latter being connected at the top and The two shelves of each pair are spaced relative to each bottom edges to integral flanges on the top and bottom other so as to provide for receiving therebetween a pluralmembers, and having a pair of door members arranged ity of drawer members 34 which may be of varying width in the open face thereof. and which are provided on their front faces. with drawer It is another object of the invention to provide a pulls 35. The shelf members 30, 31 and 32, 33 are cabinet structure of the type described in which the top located and supported on the side walls 18 and 19 by of the cabinet is recessed to provide for the retention indented wall portions or punched tongue members 36 thereon of a substantial number of tools or parts when which are arranged in the side and back walls to properly the cabinet is tilted in moving the same from place to space the shelves 30, 31 and 32, 33 so that they are level place. when the cabinet is in the upright horizontal position. It is a further object of the invention to provide in a Each of the shelves 30, 31 and 32, 33 is provided with portable tool cabinet of the type described a unitary, depending flange sections 37 at the end edges and along wheel assembly which comprises a one piece metal the rear edge thereof which are received in the openings bracket and a pair of wheels having supporting shafts 38 formed by punching the tongues 36 in the walls, as which are journaled in the ends of the bracket, with the shown in Figure 6. Each uppermost shelf is also proassemb'led unit being adapted to be secured by suitable vided with an upstanding flange 39 along the front edge fastening members in the bottom rear portion of the which serves to retain the tools or other articles on the cabinet. shelves and normally prevents the same from falling out These and other objects and advantages of the invenof the cabinet. The openings 38 formed by punching the tion will be apparent from a consideration of the tool tongues 36 in the side walls 18 and 19 and back wall 17 cabinet which is shown by way of illustration in the provide ventilation for the cabinet and permit circulaaccompanying drawings wherein: tion of air throughout the interior thereof.

Figure l is a perspective view of a portable tool cabinet The cabinet is normally held in upright position by four embodying the principal features of the invention; supporting feet or leg members 41 which are arranged Figure 2 is a front perspective view of the cabinet two at the front corners and two at the rear of the bottom with the doors in the open position; member 12. The feet 41 are provided with flange por- Figure 3 is a rear elevation of the cabinet; tions 42 for attaching the same by welding to the bottom Figure 4 is a vertical cross section taken on the line surface of the bottom member 12. 44 of Figure 3; To enable the cabinet 10 to be readily moved from Figure 5 is a horizontal cross section taken on the place to place, a wheel assembly 43 (Figures 3, 4, 5, 7 line 55 of Figure 4; and 8) is provided which comprises an assembly bracket 44 and a pair of wheels 45, the latter being of conventional rubber tired construction. The wheel assembly or slotted at 57 toaccommodate the wheels 45'. pair of slots' 56,57 is, of course, aligned and the wheel "assembly '43 is inserted from the outside of the back 'wall' 17 and'bolte'd' into position by the bolts 58 which extend through the bolt holes 53 'in the flanges 51 and 52 of each h'ousi'ng47. The bottomedge of the back bracket 44ispreferablyfabricated from a strip of metal plate" which" is'benrto-form' a generally U-shaperl mem i'ngholes 53 andeach' of these'wall members has a'bear- Ting" 54 with the two'bea'ringsbeing: aligned whenthe wall members 481116 49" are in: parallel relation to' receive Ts'embling the wheel 45'with the brackethousing' 47, the

outside wall member 49 is bent outwardly (Figure 8') stifiiciently to" permit insertion of the ends of the wheel 'sh'aftS'S in the bearing n1embers"5'4 after whichthe outfside wall member 49" is'bent' or sprung back into parallel relation with theinsidewallmember 48 and the assembly 'is'in'stalled as a unit'in the cabinet structure.

The center section 46 of the bracket 44 is provided on its lower edge with a flange 46'.

Theb'ack' wal1117 of the cabinet is slotted at 56 adjacent the bottom corners to receive the wheel housings 47' and'the'bottom wall= 12 of the cabinet is cut away Each wall 17 rests on the flange46' and the assembly 44 is located so that the wheels'45 are'free of the supporting surface when the cabinet is in upright position and resting on the feet 41.

A handle in the form of an inverted U-shaped bar or pipe'member 60 is attached to the back wall 17 of the cabinet 10 with the 'bight portion 61 forming an upstanding 'rearwardly curved hand gripping portion and the legs 62 depending along the back wall and secured thereto by brackets 63 which are welded or otherwise secured to the outside surface of the back wall member -17. The legs 62 of the handle members 60 are preferably provided with a-series of axially spaced holes and adjustably secured to the brackets 63 by bolts64 extendfing through'the holes when the handle is at the desired height. The handle "member 60, of course, pennits the user to manually tilt the cabinet 10 in a rearward direction sufliciently to shift the support thereof to the wheels 45 so that it may be readily wheeled about.

An additional tool guard 65, of generally U-shaped configuration, may be provided which is attached by bolts, screws 66 or otherwise, to the flanged margins of the top forming member 11 or to the upper portions of the side or back walls to confine any tools or other items which are placed thereon to the table forming surface provided by the top member 11.

The cabinet 10 is particularly adapted to house tools and small parts which are generally used by repair mechanics and other similar workmen. The recess in the top member 11 provides a convenient work surface which the user may have available close to the job on which he is working. His tools and equipment for use on the job are assembled by means of the cabinet in a convenient location and may be readily moved to any desired place as the user moves about. The cabinet 10 may, of course, be used for other purposes such as the display of merchandise or the like.

While specific materials and: particular details of con- "struction havebeen referred to in describing the illustrated form ofthe device,- it will be understood-that other materials and other details of construction'may be resorted to within the spirit of the invention,

a 4 i l I claim:

1. In-an'upright-cabinet structure formedfrom' metal plate members which are bent and connected together to provide a top, a bottom, a back wall and adjoining side walls, a wheel assembly for said cabinet comprising a one piece bracket forming member of generally U-shape which is bent to provide a-pair of oppositely disposed wheel housings and a connecting web member, a pair of wheels supported on" axles which are journaled in said housingsi in aligned relation, said cabinet bottom and back wall having aligned apertures at their adjoining edges which are spaced inwardly of the side walls and said wheel assembly being secured on said cabinet with the wheelhous'ings' extending through the apertures-in said cabinet bottom and back wall and enclosed within the cabinet.

2. A sheet metal tool cabinet comprising top and bottom members, an upright back and side wall forming body member, said top and bottom members being connected to =the-corresponding edges of said upright body member alongthe'back and the two adjoining sideedg'es, saidfibot'tom' member-and the back of saidwall forming member having 'aligned'apertures at the bottom back corners of the cabinet whichextend a predetermined distance into-the b'ack and bottom walls adjacent the inner faces of theside walls, and a" unitary wheel assembly secured along the bottom back edge of the cabinet, said wheel assembly comprising a one piece sheet metal frame bent to forrnspaced rearwar'clly opening U-shaped sections'comieeted by aback wall forming web and a pair of wheels arranged on'axi'ally aligned wheel supporting shafts mounted said- U-shaped sections, said U-shaped sect-ions" being seated in said apertures so that the wheels project fromthe'rear- -andbottom-walls of'the cabinet.

"3. In an upright cabinet structure formed from metal platem'embers which are connected together to provide atop, a bottonna'back wall and adjoining side walls, said bottom and back walls having transversely aligned openings in the bottom and back corners of the cabinet adjacent the interfaces of the side walls, and a unitary wheel assembly secured'along the bottom back edge of the cabinet, said wheel assembly comprising a sheet metal frame'which has its end portion shaped to provide a pair of wheel housings and a connecting web member, said wheel housings comprising spaced rearwardly and'downwardly opening U-shaped sections with the inner edges connected to opposite ends of said web member and forming rectangular wheel enclosures with adjacent bottom and rear'faces open and unobstructed, said U-shaped sections having aligned bearing formations for receiving wheel supporting shafts, wheels carried on said shafts of a size to project through the open bottom and rear faces between the corresponding edges of the U shaped sections and said U-shapecl sections being seated in said wall openings sothat the wheels project from the bottom and back walls of the cabinet.

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U.S. Classification312/249.11, 312/263, 280/79.2
International ClassificationB25H3/02, A47B81/00, B25H3/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47B81/00, B25H3/02
European ClassificationA47B81/00, B25H3/02