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Publication numberUS2894710 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 14, 1959
Filing dateMay 31, 1957
Priority dateMay 31, 1957
Publication numberUS 2894710 A, US 2894710A, US-A-2894710, US2894710 A, US2894710A
InventorsEdward Shields George
Original AssigneeEdward Shields George
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Adjustable drapery support
US 2894710 A
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July 14, 1959 e. E. SHIELDS 2,394,710


' GEORGE I. 6/064 as.

United dtates Patent 2,894,710 ADJUSTABLE DRAPERY SUPPORT George Edward Shields, Martinsville, Ind. Application May 31, 1957, Serial No. 662,841 1 Claim. (Cl. 248-265) This invention relates generally to drapery hanging fixtures and more particularly it relates to a fixture adapted adjustably to support drapery hanging rods.

Custom-made draperies are tailored to fit individual windows of a residence, business oflice, or the like. It is required that the lower ends of the draperies extend a given distance below the level of the window sill or within a given distance of the the floor level. It is conventional to hang such drapries on non-adjustable fixtures in such a manner that the upper ends of the draperies are properly positioned with respect to the upper ends of the windows and with the lower ends properly positioned with respect to the window sill or the floor level. Draperies hung in this manner present the desired appearance unless they are made of material which will stretch of its own weight. In such cases it is only a relatively short time before the lower ends of the draperies are not at a satisfactory height with respect to the window sill or the floor level. Also cleaning of drapery materials usually causes them to shrink and when the draperies are re-hung they are no longer satisfactory because the lower ends are usually higher than is desired.

Accordingly the principal object of this invention is to provide a drapery hanging fixture which may be adjusted at any time to position the lower ends of draperies at any desired level with respect to a window sill or fioor level.

Another object of this invention is to provide a drapery hanging fixture which is adjustable to space a drapery at different horizontal distances relative to a Window frame or wall structure.

In accordance with this invention there is provided a drapery hanging fixture comprising a bracket member adapted to be attached to a wall or window frame, a horizontally disposed plate adjustably supported on said bracket, and a screw threaded adjustable rod-supporting shaft threaded into said plate vertically thereof.

The full nature of the invention will be understood from the accompanying drawings and the following description and claims:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view illustrating the drapery hanging device as provided in accordance with this invention, and

Fig. 2 illustrates a modified drapery rod-receiving fixture adapted to cooperate with the device illustrated in Fig. 1.

This invention comprises a bracket having a base member for attachment to a wall or window frame structure by means of suitable screws (not shown) passing through holes 11. A horizontal support member 12 having a stiffening member 14 may be welded or otherwise fastened to plate 10, as shown in Fig. 1. An adjustable plate 15 may be slidably mounted on the plate 12 and adjustably fastened thereto by means of a bolt member 16 fixed to plate 12 and extending through a slot 17 in plate 15 for receiving a thumb-nut 18.

For adjustably supporting drapery rod 19, there is provided a screw threaded shaft 20 mounted in a threaded boss 21 attached beneath plate 15 at its outer end. The lower end of shaft 20 is provided with a handle member 22 and the upper end is reduced as at 23 to receive a block 24 to which may be attached a rod hanger 25 by means of a screw 26. The block 24 is freely rotatable with respect to the reduced end 23 so that shaft 20 may be retated without rotating the hanger 25.


The hanger 25 includes a downwardly extending hook portion 25a adapted to support the rod 19 but this may be modified as shown in Fig. 2. The rod receiving mem ber 27 of Fig. 2 may be U-shaped to include the upwardly extending ears 28 and 29, the car 28 having an extension 30 which embraces the end of rod 19. In the modification shown in Fig. 2, the block 24 is attached to the bottom of member 27.

In operation the drapery may be attached to rod 19 and in turn the rod 19 may be attached to the hanger 25. It will be understood that a device such as that shown in Fig. 1 will be attached to the wall or window frame at each side of the window thereby to support both ends of rod 19. After the drapery is hung by placing rod 19 in the hangers 25 the shaft 20 may be rotated to adjust the spacing of the lower end of the drapery with respect to the floor or with respect to the window sill, and the plate 15 may be moved inwardly or outwardly in a horizontal plane and secured in the desired position by means of thumbnut 18.

At any time after the draperies are initially hung, their height may be adjusted so that even though the draperies stretch or shrink their lower ends may be spaced at the desired distance relative to the floor level or the window sill. The adjustable drapery supporting device as provided in accordance with this invention is also universally adaptable to draperies which have either relatively shallow folds or relatively deep folds because plate 15 provide horizontal adjustment for spacing the draperies outwardly of the window frame or wall structure at any desired distance.

While the invention has been disclosed and described in some detail in the drawings and foregoing description, they are to be considered as illustrative and not restrictive in character, as other modifications may readily suggest themselves to persons skilled in this art and within the broad scope of the invention, reference being had to the appended claim.

The invention claimed is:

A drapery hanging fixture for supporting a drapery for adjustment vertically and horizontally continuously between relatively widely spaced limits comprising a wall bracket having an elongated vertical base member for attachment to a Wall structure and a horizontal plate member formed integrally with said base member approximately midway between the ends thereof, a screw fixed adjacent the outer end of said plate member and extending upwardly thereof, an adjustable plate disposed on said horizontal plate member and forming an extension of said horizontal plate member, said extension plate having an elongated longitudinal slot for receiving said screw, a nut threaded on said screw in clamping relation to said extension plate, said extension plate being rotatable with respect to said screw and movable longitudinally of said horizontal plate member to provide adjustment transversely of said horizontal plate member and longitudinally thereof, a screw threaded shaft threaded to the outer end of said extension plate vertically thereof for adjustment in a vertical plane, said shaft including a smooth, cylindrical upper end portion, and a rod receiving hanger having a block depending therefrom, said block having a bore for rotatably receiving the said upper end portion of said shaft whereby said shaft may be rotated within said extension plate and within said block for adjusting said hanger upwardly or downwardly relative to said extension plate.

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U.S. Classification248/265
International ClassificationA47H1/124, A47H1/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47H1/124
European ClassificationA47H1/124