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Publication numberUS289528 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 4, 1883
Filing dateJun 7, 1882
Publication numberUS 289528 A, US 289528A, US-A-289528, US289528 A, US289528A
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US 289528 A
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I (Model.)


'SYRINGIL Patented De. 4,1883.

N. PETERS Pham-Lilmgnphsr. wnhingwq. Dy C.

Ninco Srn'rns ATnNr muon.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 289,528, dated December 4, 1883.

Application filed June 7, 1882. (Model.) t

,To a/ZZ whom it may concern:

Be itknown that I, Gnonen WASHINGTON Goonivnn, a citizen of the United States, re

syringe which neednot be removed from the urethra during the processof injection; sec# ond, to combine a syringe .provided with a bulb or bulbs and valves with a bottle or reservoir which incloses it and containsthe fluid to be used; third, to combine with a syringe a sack or bottle, so that the liquid, as it passes out of theurethra or vagina, will return again to the bottle for use;lfourth, to provide a .syringe so constructed that a continuous flow of' fluid can bc maintained through the parts treated, the irritation caused by the friction of numerous insertions being thereby avoided. I attain these objects by the mechanism hereinafter described, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which-4 Figure l is a perspective view of the device when closed. Fig. 2 isa vertical section taken through the center of the syringe,show` ing all the parts in operation. Fig. 3 is a broken perspective view of the neck of the bottle. bottle, taken through the liney y in Fig. 3.

Similarletters refer to similar parts throughont the several views.

A is a iiuid bottle or reservoir, inside of which is placed the syringe bulb and valves.

In B, C, and D are check-valves placed in the ends of the bulb and opening in the same direction.

E is a neck, whichis secured in the top of the reservoir. l j d Ilis a rib extending across and within the saine.

F is a tubular projection attached to the rib, andsecured to the bulb by the band M.

H is a tube having the perforations x x x,

Fig. 4 is a section of the neck of the and attached by the telescopic coupling G to a tubular opening, Z, in the'rib I. The openings X X X may be of any size, shape, or num ber, `and placed as desired. l IIhe connectiona between the bulb and tube H may be made The stopper L having been removed, the i fluid is poured into the reservoir through the openings in the neck-piece E. The tube His then coupled to the bulb B, as shown in Fig.

2, and insertedin the part to be treated. The

Vreservoir and bulb are then compressed to form a vacuum in the latter, whereby the iiuid is drawnv from the reservoir through the valve D into the bulb. A second compression repeats this action and forces the fluid in the bulb through the valve C, tubular pro; jection F,"rib I, coupling G, and tube H into the parts to be treated. The fluid, after bathing the parts, is returned 4intonthe neck E, and thence through the openings into the bottle A. Y y t i When the device is used to treat the urethra or other parts, the tube H is of such a length as to vbring the lower end of the urethra or vagina into the upper end of the neck E, the person retaining its natural position while treating the same, thereby rendering the a'ction of the device the more certain and perfeet.`

I do notv confine myself to the precise form of device above described, and shown in `the drawings, as numerous modifications thereof can be easily devised; but

What I do claim, and desire to. secure by Letters Patent, is

l. The combination of a syringe provided with suitable valves in the bulb, one of' which communicates with an vinclosing huid-reservoir about said bulb.

2. The combination of a syringe provided 4. In @vaginal or urethral syringe, the com- With suitable valves in the bulb, an inelosing bination of the bulb B, having the Valves C 1o Huid-reservoir about the bulb, and a suitable and D, with the reservoir A, having the neckeonneeting-piece, I, in the end of the uidpiece E and the tube H connected thereto.


3. In a syringe-reservoir, the combination Witnesses: of a sack, A, neck E, rib I, having the per- SIDNEY THOMAS,

foration Z, and the tubular proj eetion F. HARRISON D. PAUL.

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Cooperative ClassificationA61M3/0262