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Publication numberUS2897526 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 4, 1959
Filing dateSep 30, 1955
Priority dateSep 30, 1955
Publication numberUS 2897526 A, US 2897526A, US-A-2897526, US2897526 A, US2897526A
InventorsLeslie Dootson Norman
Original AssigneeWinifred M Colombo
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Nozzle-applicator for shaving lather
US 2897526 A
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1959 N. L. DOOTSON 2,897,526


W In

United States Patent NOZZLE-APPLICATOR FOR SHAVlNG LATHER Norman Leslie Dootson, San Francisco, Calif., assignor of one-third to Winifred M. Colombo, San Francisco, Calif Application September 30, 1955, Serial No. 537,829

1 Claim. (Cl. 15-139) The invention relates to shaving lather applicators for pressurized aerosol shaving lather, which is marketed under such names as Rapid Shave, Push-Button Shave, Aero Shave, Instant Barber Shave, etc.

The instructions on the containers of these aerosol shaving lathers advise to shake well and flex the spout or press the button to release the lather onto the hand, and then the lather should be applied to the face by hand, after which the unused lather has to be rinsed oil? of the hand before picking up the razor to shave. This is somewhat messy and also wasteful.

The primary object of this invention is to provide an efiicient nozzle-applicator which can easily be inserted or fastened onto the outlet tube or spout of the pressurized lather container so as to make it possible to use the container as a handle for the applicator in applying the lather to the face, thus avoiding the necessity of squirting the lather onto the hand and transferring the lather from hand to face and then rinsing oil the excess lather from the hand before shaving. Another object is to provide a means of applying this instant lather which is quicker, smoother, and less wasteful.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent from the following description in connection with the accompanying drawing, in Which Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the upper portion of one type of pressurized lather dispenser showing the improved applicator attached to the outlet spout and with part of the applicator cut away to reveal its inner construction.

Fig. 2 is a plan view of the applicator pad showing a modification with many smaller vents. In this modifification the pad retains the oozing lather well, even when the can is tipped downward to discharge the lather.

Referring to the drawing in detail numeral 1 indicates the head of the applicator, which is preferably made of a fine foam rubber, or soft rubber, or similar material about A, A, or inch thick. Head 1 has a vent 2 or series of vents 2. extending therethrough from top to bottom. Backing disc 3 covers the bottom of head 1,

the bottom of head 1 and the top of disc 3 being sub stantially flush with each other. Disc 3 has a port 4, or series of ports 4 which are located so as to be completely ofi-set with respect to the vents 2 of the head 1. Backing disc 3 has a hollow neck 5 which connects ports 4 with the outlet tube of container 6. The combination of three factors-namely, the fact that the top of disc 3 and the bottom of head 1 are substantially flush with each other, and that the vents 2 of head 1 and the ports 4 of disc 3 are off-set from each other, and the resilience of head 1, combine to form a means of slowing down or regulating the pressure of the lather so that the applicator will function properly. If there were open spaces between the bottom of head 1 and disc 3 or if the vents 2 and the ports 4 were not ofl-set from each other, the lather would spurt out, thus over-shoot the head 1 instead of adhering to it.

Referring to Figure 1, head 1 has a cluster of vents 2 extending therethrough from top to bottom substantially at its center, and disc 3 has a series of circlewise extending ports 4 which contact the blank under wall of head 1, ofl-set and surrounding the center cluster of vents 2. It is obvious that instead of a series of ports 4, a single relatively small port may be used, if it is desired to slow down the lather flow. Disc 3 and the bottom of head 1 are cemented together around their outer areas, as at 7. The uncemented inner area is indicated at 8. Hollow neck 5 widens out at its upper mouth to extend beyond ports 4 and has a depressed section 12 which channels the lather to ports 4. Neck 5 is cemented or fused around its upper margin to the bottom of disc 3. Neck 5 can be made of tough rubber or suitable plastic and is adapted to fit onto the spout 10 of can 6. Head 1 has a cap 11 which is optional. Disc 3 has an optional flange 9 around its edge.

Having thus described my invention what I claim is:

An applicator for pressurized shaving lather or the like comprising a flexible soft compact resilient substantially flat pad adapted for spreading the lather and provided with vent means extending through from top to bottom of the pad, a backing plate substantially coextensive with and normally in contact with the bottom of said pad and to which plate said pad is secured and sealed around its margins, port means extending through said backing plate in offset relation to said vent means, an unsealed area providing lateral passage for the lather between said vent and port means, and a second plate spaced rearward of said backing plate marginally secured and sealed thereto to form a chamber therebetween, a hollow neck extension projecting rearwardly from said chamber and providing a communication to the outlet of a container.

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International ClassificationA45D27/10, B65D83/14, A45D27/00
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European ClassificationB65D83/28B, A45D27/10