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Publication numberUS289879 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 11, 1883
Filing dateJun 8, 1883
Publication numberUS 289879 A, US 289879A, US-A-289879, US289879 A, US289879A
InventorsThomas E. Almond
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Thomas e
US 289879 A
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(No Model.)


r PoLIsHING TooL. Y No. 289.879. Patented Deo.'111888.

n PUERS. Pmwmnugnpm. wnhmgmn. n.6.-

3o to surfaces to which it is adapted ,NTE 'STATES THOnAs n. ALMOND, or BROOKLYN, NEW YORK.


SPECIFICATION forming part of LettersPatent No. 289,879, dated December 11, 1883.

Application ledJune 8,1883. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern: y

Be it known that I, 'liioMAsY B. ALMOND,

of Brooklyn, in the county of Kings and State of New York, have invented a new and Improved Polishing-Tool, of which the following is a specication.

Figure 1 is a side view of my improved polishing-tool, and Fig. 2 an end view of the same. Figs. 3, 4, and 5 are sideviews'of modiro iied forms of my improved polishing-tool, and

section of the same.

The object of this invention is to produce for metal-workers, manufacturing jewelers, &c., a convenient tool, which may be used for polishing, and for all such purposes to which 2o sandpaper is usually applied.

In the manufacture of many metallic and other articles, it is frequently desirable to use sandpaper in places where it cannot conveniently be operated without first being mounted upon a core or stick 5 and to this. end it has been customary to glue or fasten sand-paper to sticks of wood or the like, the sticks having such proper form as will enable the sandpaper to be brought into grooves. or applied l lby the form of the stick. After the stick having this sandpaper had been used for a certain time, the sand-paper was of course worn, and had to be taken off and replaced by other sand-paper,-

3 5 85o., the labor connected with the putting on and taking off of such sand-paper being quite considerable. Moreover, especially when the stick was used at its edge-that is to say, where the sand-paper was brought into a fine 4o crease, or caused to act where bent around the edge of the stick-it was the more rapidly eX- hausted, and had to be the more frequently restored. To take the place of such a stick having the sand-paper fastened on it, is the object of my invention.

The invention consists in the production of a continuous woven tube, which is covered with emery or other gritty substance on the outer side, and which can be slipped over a ystick of suitable form and used in the same manner asl the sand-paper would be usedwhen glued to the stick; but my tube need not be glued to the stick, nor fastened thereto, otherwise than to be slipped over it, provided a good t is obtained, and then, when the face has been worn, the tube can be turned on the stick to bring a new portion into position for use; or, if the same tube is then to be used on -another stick, it can be slipped off the rst in which the threads of the fabric run in the" directionvof the length of the tube, and at right angles therewith, respectively, because, when the threads are in. that direction, the tube will best retain its form while in use; yet my invention could also be used on ordinary wick-like tubing, in which the threads run diagonally. The tube B is slipped upon the stick or rigid core A, so as to tightly embrace it, and'then the said core or stick, which is provided with a suitable handle, as shown, can be used as a polishing-tool, or for such other purpose to which emery-covered cloth or paper is usually applied. rlhe stick may be of cylindrical form, as in Fig. 1, or of angular form, as in Figs. 6 and 7, or of oval form, as in Fig. 8, or of such other form as may best adapt it to the uses to which it is to be put, and the area of the cros`s-section of the several sticks being alike the same tube B can be used on either,and'when no longer required on one can be slipped over the other, and so on. ,The tube B, beingloose, can vbe turned on the stick, so as (for instance, in the form shown in Figs.` 6' and 7) to present new .sur faces at the angles or faces when those first presented have been worn. The tube, being seamless, can be usedthroughout its extent until entirely worn, and its introduction in the manner shown-that is, as a detachable The continuous seamless Woven or knit tube covering on the core-Will, I believe, avoid B, covered throughout with emery or gritty much Waste in the use of such substances as substance, for combination With a detachable emery-covered fabric or paper. rigid core, A, that gives it form, all arranged 15 5 I donot claim wrapping emery-covered to produceahand polishing-tool,substantially cloth or paper around a stick, so as to have as specified. the edges of the fabric overlap or not meet at v r the joint. Nor do claim forming such tubes FHOS R' ALMOND' with seams, or by lapping the edges of at Wtnesses: Io Strips.



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