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Publication numberUS2899046 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 11, 1959
Filing dateNov 5, 1957
Publication numberUS 2899046 A, US 2899046A, US-A-2899046, US2899046 A, US2899046A
InventorsFrank G. Cox
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Spiral one-at-a-time dispenser
US 2899046 A
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Aus. 11, 1959 Filed NQV- 5, 1957 F. G. cox, JR 2,899,046


76 INV ENTOR ATTORNEYS Aug.' 11, 1959 F. G. cox, `-1R SPIRAL oNE-AT-A-TIME DISPENSER 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Nov. 5, 1957 ATTORNEYS gag. 6.

SPIRAL ONE-AT-A-'IIME DISPENSER Frank G. Cox,, Philadelphia, Pa. Application November 5, 1957, Serial No. 694,573

7 Claims. (Cl.l 20G-42) l Thisv invention relates to dispensers andi more particularly to spiral one-at-a-time dispensers in which the objects to be dispensedare arranged in spiral magazine lying in a plane and provided with a dispensingopening adjacent an end of the spiral.

Heretofore various typesof dispensers have been provided for dispensing pellets such as medicinal tablets suitable for carrying in the pocket of the ruser. Such a dispenser if it is to be either purchased separately by the user or provided with the tablets or medicinal pellets to be dispensed must be of relatively cheap construction and at the same time of dirt tight construction so that the contents will not be contaminated in the pocket of the user. Such a dispenser should have a positively actuated dispensing assistant to assure the movementofa tablet or pellet to the dispensing opening when a pellet or tablet is desired and the contents of the magazine should be clearly visible so that the number of tablets or pellets remaining can be easily ascertained; Ifthe dispenser is to be given to the user withy the tablets or pellets sold therein then the dispenser should be so constructed that suitable advertising or instructional-matter maybe easily printed and clearlydisplayed'thereon.-

With these several objects in view the novel spiral oneat-a-time dispenser of the present invention includes a spiral magazine formed of suit-able transparent material such as a plastic with the turns thereof lying flat in a single plane.7 This magazine is mounted in or on a casing made of suitable material such as heavy paper, cardboard or plastic. A circular dispensing assistant or disc provided with pockets arranged in a circle about its periphery forms the bottom of the magazine and is mounted on a pivot for manual rotation to b-ring each tablet in succession upon rotation of the disc to a dispensing opening formed in the casing. This dispensing opening may be provided with a tab-type closure. The casing may be provided with a ilap which normally overlies the tab-type closure of the dispensing opening to keep the tab in closed position before the dispenser is sold to the user and this ilap may be scored for ready removal by the ruser of the dispenser.

A spiral one-atatime dispenser of the type generallyl discussed above is capable of various mechanical embodiments within the scope of the present concept and two such embodiments are shown in the accompanying drawings to illustrate the invention. 'Ihese illustrative embodiments of the present invention should in no Way be construed as defining or limiting the same and reference should be had to the appended claims to determine the scope of the present inventive concept.

In the accompanying drawings, in which like reference characters indicate like parts, Fig. 1 is a view from above of a preferred embodiment of the one-at-a-time spiral dispenser of the present invention showing the spiral magazine provided with a toe which mounts in a corresponding opening in the casing to assist in securing the magazine in the casing;

nited States Patent ICC Fig, 2is a-tview from beneath of the embodiment of Fig.l 1; Y

Fig. 3 is a cross sectional view on the line 3-3`of Fig. 1;

Fig. 4 is a view of the embodiment of Fig. 1 showing theback ilapV raised and the tab of the dispensing opening raised to permitrdispensing of a pellet or tablet;

Fig. 5 is an enlargedcross sectional view on the line 5 5. ofy Fig. l; v

Fig. 6 is a view from above of another embodiment of the dispenser of the present invention in which the spiral magazine is suitably adhered to a base;

Fig. 7 is a cross sectionalview of the embodiment of Fig. 6` on the line 7 7 thereof; and

Fig. 8 is aview from beneath ofthe embodiment'of Fig. 6.

Referring now to the embodiment of Figs. l-5, a spiral'magazine 10`is suitably formed'from transparent or clear plastic material such as cellulose acetate or the like with the at spiral tur-ns 12 thereof starting at a central point 11 and turning about'themselves outwardly to a toe-shaped end 13andhaving aV projection 32 ad# jacent thereto. The outer periphery of magazine 10 is provided with a circular llange 14. It is to be understood that turns 12 forming the spiral magazine are spaced suficiently to` accommodate theV desired pellet or tablet 15 to be'dispensed.

A manually actuated-circular dispensing assistant or disc. 16 closes the bottom-of magazine 10 and is provided with aplurality ofr holes 17 arranged in a circle coinciding with curvature of the portion of magazine 10 ad-. jacent toe 13. A housing 18 is providediwhich issuitably cut away at 19 to surround the upstanding portion of magazine ltl'andjopening 19 is providedwith a suitabletcut aWayportion'20to engage toe 13and prevent clockwise rotation of spiralmagazine 10 Within`opening 19, and isiprovidedwithracut away portion 33to-engage projection 32 and prevent counterclockwise rotation of magazine 10 within opening 19. Housing 18 is folded along line 19 and folds back upon itself and is cut away at 20 to provide an opening for manual engagement of dispensing assistant 16. Member 18 is also folded back upon itself along the line 21 to provide a llap 22 which extends to fold 19. The portion of member 18 which is folded back upon itself at 19' forms a Hap 23 which is scored at line 24 to provide a removable flap 25 which extends to fold line 21. Flap 23` may be suitably secured to ap 22 as lby gluing or riveting and is provided with cut away portion 26 corresponding to cut away portion 20'.

A rivet 27 is mounted centr-ally of ilap 22 and passes through the center of dispensing assistant 16 to provide a rotary axis therefor. Flap 22 is cut away at 28 adjacent to toe 13 to provide a dispensing opening and this opening is closed by a tab 29 which may lbe moved in and out of opening 28 by the user. Housing 18 may be cutaway at 30 and ap 22 may be cut away at 31 to provide an opening for ready manual access to dispensing assistant 16.

It is obvious that flap 25 may be used to support the dispenser in an upright position for display purposes; that it need not be removed by the user but can be left in position to hold tab 29 in opening 28 when the dispenser is not in use; and that tab 25 is .a suitable location for the printing of advertising media, instructions for :use of the medicinal tablet or pellet, and the like.

In the embodiment of Figs. 6-8 the spiral transparent magazine 10 is again provided with an outstanding an-ge 14 which has a downwardly extending annular extension 32 and an annular flange 33` extending therefrom parallel to flange 14 to provide a housing Within which the discharge -assistant 16 rotates, Flange 33 is suitably secured to base 34 as by riveting, gluing, or, when appropriate, by heat and pressure. Discharge assistant 16 rotates upon rivet 27 which passes centrally through base 34 but may rotate freely within the space created by annular extension 32 Without requiring rivet 27. Base 34 is provided with a dispensing opening 28, which is closed by a tab 29 which is rotatable about a score line 29'.

In the embodiments of Figs. 6-8 base 34 is cut away at 35 to provide access to the discharge assistant 16 for rotation of the same to bring one of the openings 17 therein carrying a tablet or pellet to position over discharge opening 28.

The use of the spiral one-at-a-time dispenser of the present invention should be apparent from the description of the illustrative embodiments above. It is clear that the user of the dispenser when desiring a tablet or pellet first lifts tab 29 to clear opening 2S and then manually rotates discharge assistant 16 to bring an opening 17 bearing a tablet or pellet'to position where the tablet or pellet will drop through opening 28. As the tablets or pellets are used a slight movement of the dispenser Iby the user will move the tablets or pellets in the spiral magazine `defined by turns 12 to the outer periphery thereof where the tablets or pellets will drop into the openings 17 of discharge assistant 16.

It should be now apparent that the present invention in every way satises the several objectives discussed above.

Changes in or modifications to the above described illustrative embodiments of this invention may now be suggested to those skilled in the art without departing from the present inventive concept. Reference should therefore )be had to the appended claims to determine the scope of this invention.

What is claimed is:

1. In a dispenser, a transparent magazine, a spiral passage in said magazine containing the objects to be dispensed the turns of which lie in a single plane, a manually rotatable discharge assistant closing the bottom of said spiral passage and thinner than the thickness of the objects, pockets in said discharge assistant arranged in a circle corresponding to the curvature of a part of said spiral passage, a Ibase beneath said discharge assistant and a dispensing aperture in said base cooperating with one position of said pockets.

2. A dispenser as described in claim 1 in which said spiral passage terminates adjacent said dispensing aperture.

3. A dispenser as described in claim 1 in which said magazine is secured to said base, said discharge assistant is rotatably mounted on said base.

4. A dispenser as described in claim 1 in which said base includes a flap folded over said magazine and said flap is cut away to permit said magazine to extend therethrough.

5. A dispenser as described in claim 4 in which said spiral passage terminates at its outer end in a toe and said magazine has an outwardly extending projection and said first ap surrounds and engages said magazine, said toe and said projection whereby rotation of said magazine with respect to said iirst flap is prevented.

6. In a dispenser, a unitary at spiral open-'bottomed magazine terminating in a toe on its outer periphery, a base secured beneath said magazine, a circular rotatable discharge assistant pivoted on said base and closing the bottom of said spiral, a plurality of openings arranged in a circle in said discharge assistant corresponding to the curvature of the outer end portion of said spiral magazine, and a dispensing aperture in said base adjacent said toe.

7. A dispenser as described in claim 6 in which said base includes a ap folded over and apertured to receive said magazine.

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