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Publication numberUS2901836 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 1, 1959
Filing dateJun 10, 1957
Priority dateJun 10, 1957
Publication numberUS 2901836 A, US 2901836A, US-A-2901836, US2901836 A, US2901836A
InventorsEarl D Hall
Original AssigneeEarl D Hall
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Multipurpose mason's level
US 2901836 A
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Sept. 1, 1959 E. D. HALL MULTIPURPOSE MASON'S LEVEL Filed June 10, 1957 Fig.

0 H 0 w E INVENTOR, BY Zv z Patented Sept. 1, 1959 United States Patent Ofilice MULTIPURPOSE MASONS LEVEL I Earl D. Hall, Billings, Mont. Application June 10, 1957, Serial N0. 664,647 3 Claims. (11. 33-207 This invention relates to certain new and useful improvements in a level and has to do with a masons level which is believed to be an innovation in the art of levels in that it is expressly designed and constructed to more satisfactorily serve the every day needs of masons, bricklayers, tile layers, and others whose work requirements call for the use of levels.

An object of the invention is to provide a simple, practical and economical special purpose level which is such in design and construction that it functions to satisfactorily accomplish the purposes for which its use best serves.

With a view toward carrying out the principal objectives, a level is provided which is aptly and reliably useful on corner leads, columns, porch rails, steps and portions of fireplace constructions where, as is well known, two-way levelling and plumbing is an almost continuous procedure.

Briefly, the invention in the preferred embodiment thereof is characterized by a light weight relatively small stock having individual spirit levels arranged thereon adjacent one end in accessible and reviewable positions. Means is mounted atop a median portion of the stock so that the latter may be comfortably held and balanced with requisite nicety in the users hand. The means employed is such that it leaves the fingers and thumb of the users hand free to handle and position a brick or the like while holding the level atop the brick and .catching hold of the brick at the same time and Without having to remove the level from the hand in motion.

Then, too, novelty is predicated on the attaching and retaining means for the level, which means is preferably characterized by hand-embracing straps. At least one of the straps is adjustable to effectually cope with varying hand size needs. Both straps are preferably overlapped and pivoted together at a convenient point, making it possible to arrange the straps for use on either right handed or left handed users.

Other objects, features and advantages will become more readily apparent from the following description and the accompanying drawing.

In the drawing, wherein like numerals are employed to designate like parts throughout the views:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view showing the multipurpose level constructed in accordance with the principles of the invention and illustrating how it is attached to the hand and preferably used atop a brick.

Fig. 2 is a central longitudinal sectional view taken on the plane of the line 22 of Fig. 1 looking in the direction of the arrows.

Fig. 3 is a cross section on the vertical line 3-3 of Fig. 2.

With reference to Fig. 1, it will be seen that the stock, as an entity, is denoted by the numeral 4, is cruciform in plan, and is small and light in weight, being made from aluminum or suitable plastic materials. The long leg is denoted by the numeral 6 and is preferably rectangular in cross-section. At the left-hand end thereof in the drawings, the leg is formed with an upstanding projection or extension 8 of lug-like form. This is at approximate right angles to the lengthwise axis of the leg 6. It is provided in its distal vertical surface 10 with a pocket or recess 12 containing a suitablymounted spirit level 14 which is vertically disposed. Just to the right of the extension, the top of the leg is provided with a further horizontally disposed recess or pocket 16 containing a second spirit level 18. The remaining spirit level 20 is mounted in azpocket or recess 22 which is located at the juncture of the long arm 6 and the shorter cross-arm or leg 24. The legs are, of course, flat on their bottom sides. 'In actual practice, the over-all length of the level will be some ten inches more or less. By grouping the spirit levels 14, 18 and 20 at one end of the stock, they are in a practical easy-to-see position for two-way levelling and plumbing.

The attaching and retaining means for this novel stock may be of some other form, but is preferably such that the stock may be readily attached either to ones right hand or left hand and nicely balanced. In the model contemplated, two straps have been used and one strap is denoted by the numeral 26 and has a flattened portion 28 placed atop the median portion of the leg 6 and riveted or otherwise fastened thereto as at 30. This strap is preferably adjustable and therefore equipped with a suitable buckle 32. The other strap 34 may be elastic and endless or equipped with a buckle if desired (not shown). A portion 36 of this strap overlaps an inner peripheral portion 38 of the first strap 26, and the two straps are pivotally connected by a rivet or the like 40. This permits the straps to be arranged in desired angular relationship and shifted in relative positions for left handed and right handed use.

The straps cooperate in embracing the hand so that the fingers and thumb of the hand are free to simultaneously grip the stock and also the brick or other work piece 42 as is brought out in Fig. l.

The foregoing is considered as illustrative only of the principles of the invention. Further, since numerous modifications and changes will readily occur to those skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention to the exact construction and operation shown and described, and accordingly all suitable modifications and equivalents may be resorted to, falling within the scope of the invention as claimed.

What is claimed as new is as follows:

1. A multipurpose level for one-handed use by masons, bricklayers and others comprising a relatively small light weight stock having individual spirit levels in easily accessible and viewable positions, said stock being cruciform in plan, there being three spirit levels mounted thereon and grouped together at one end portion of the stock, and means carried atop said stock for comfortably attaching the latter to the users 'hand, leaving the fingers and thumb free to handle and lay a brick or the like Without having to remove said stock from the hand.

2. A multipurpose level for one-handed use by masons, bricklayers, and the like comprising a relatively small light weight stock substantially cruciform in plan and including a long leg and a short leg, the short leg being adjacent to one end of the long leg and at right angles thereto, the adjacent end of the long leg terminating in an upstanding projection of lug-like form, said extension having a pocket in its distal vertical side provided with a spirit level, additional spirit levels mounted in the top side of the long leg and at the juncture of the long and short legs in the top sides thereof, an adjustable strap fastened atop the long leg at the approximate median portion of the over-all stock, and a second strap pivotally connected thereto.

3. A multipurpose level for one-handed use by masons,

flie -like Without having to remove said stock or said means from the hand, said"means being characterized by'a pair of cooperating hand embracing straps, at'lea's'tone, of which is adjustable to effectually cope with varying hand-size needs, said adjustable strap bein; fixe d in" a centralized stock balancing and hanand wholly out of the wayof said spirit levels, co-

operating limited portions of said straps being overlappedand pivoted together so that the straps may be readily arranged and positioned for practical use on ones left hand or right hand in keeping with expected needs 5 of users.

References Cited in the file of this patent UNITED STATES'PATENTS 967,258 "Stamm 'Aug. 16, 1910 1,210,339 Maddox 'Dec. 26, 1916 2,816,368 Salopek Dec. 17, 1957 OTHER REFERENCES filing position atop a medianportion of said stock 15 Popular Mechanics Magazine, December 1953 issue, page 202. (Copy in 33-207.)

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