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Publication numberUS2903227 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 8, 1959
Filing dateMar 2, 1955
Priority dateMar 2, 1955
Publication numberUS 2903227 A, US 2903227A, US-A-2903227, US2903227 A, US2903227A
InventorsKalb Key Theophilus De
Original AssigneeKalb Key Theophilus De
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Display supporting fixture
US 2903227 A
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Sept. 8, 1959 DE KALB KEY 2,903,227

DISPLAY SUPPORTING FIXTURE Filed March 2', 1955 IN VEN TOR. Meow/10.5 05/0115 /fr United States Patent 2,903,227' DISPLAY SUPPORTING FIXTURE Theophilus de Kalb Key, Oakland, Calif.

Application March 2, 1955, Serial No. 491,647

2 Claims. 01. 248-356) The invention relates to a fixture in the general form of a pole or rod which is adapted to be supported between spaced surfaces to provide a means of supporting articles for display 'or storage in such space.

An object of the invention is to provide a fixture of the character described, which may be quickly and easily placed in operative position, will support extremely heavy loads, adapts itself to a wide variety of display schemes, will not mar the surfaces against which it is supported, and may be readily released from operative engagement with said surfaces when required.

Another object of the invention is to provide a display pole of the character described which can be posi tioned in almost any angular relation to the supporting surfaces therefor.

A further object of the invention is to provide a display pole which can be adjusted to provide any length within the capacity of the pole, and also adjusted to provide for substantially any degree of security desired for any adjusted length of the pole.

The invention possesses other objects and features of advantage, some of which, with the foregoing, will be set forth in the following description of the preferred form of the invention which is illustrated in the drawing accompanying and forming part of the specification. It is to be understood, however, that variations in the showing made by the said drawing and description may be adopted within the scope of the invention as set forth in the claims.

Referring to said drawings:

Figure 1 is a side elevation of a pole constructed in accordance with my invention, and showing it mounted in operative position and with display accessories carried thereon.

Figures 2 and 3 are side elevations of the upper and lower portions respectively, of the pole, drawn on a larger scale than in Figure 1 and with parts broken away and shown in section.

Figure 4 is a fragmentary sectional view, still further enlarged, of part of the pole.

Figure 5 is a cross-sectional view of the pole taken on the line 55 of Figure 2.

Figure 6 is an enlarged fragmental sectional view showing a terminal part of the pole in a difierent position.

As will be clear from Figure l, the pole of my invention is designed to be supported between spaced surfaces 6 and 7, with the opposing ends of the pole in abutting relation with such surfaces. Frequently, the surfaces 6 and 7 are those of a ceiling and floor of a room or display space, and in such case, the pole is generally disposed in an upright positionvertical or tilted. On the other hand it is not uncommon to have the pole supported between two upright surfaces such as the side walls in a room or display space, and in such instance the pole will be disposed in a horizontal or inclined position. Furthermore with the pole of my invention, it is possible to support the pole with one end engaging a vertical surface while the other end is engaged with a horizontal surface.

In the present embodiment, the pole as illustrated comprises a pair of sections 8 and 9 which for convenience in reference to the drawing may be termed the upper and lower sections respectively. Each section in the main is of tubular form, the upper section 8 including a tubular member 12 while section 9 includes a tubular member 13 telescopically mounted within member 12. Members 12 and 13 are preferably made of nearly equal length, and member 13 may practically completely telescope within member 12 so that the sections may be extended or contracted to provide for maximum variation in the length of the pole.

The members 12 and 13 are each formed with a series of pairs of holes 14 and 15 respectively, each pair being made up of diametrically aligned holes in opposite wall portions of the individual members. The spacing of the pairs of holes longitudinally of the members is the same in each member, and preferably the axes of the alternate pairs in each member are right angles so while the longitudinal spacing of the pairs of holes is relatively close, but due to the staggered relation in the positioning thereof, the strength of the members is not impaired. The holes 14 and 15 are primarily adapted for receiving rods, bolts, pegs, etc. by means of which display accessories or articles may be secured to or supported upon the pole. Also as will be evident, since the rods or bolts, as the case may be, will engage the holes in both members, they may serve to lock the members in the desired relation to provide the required length of the pole.

At the outer end of each section, that is the end which is to engage the one or other of the surfaces 6 and 7, there is provided a gripping device 16, which is arranged for adjustable connection with the associated tube member. The device 16 is designed to provide not only for the firm gripping of the aforesaid surfaces, but to afford the substantial equivalent of a swivel or universal connection between the tube member and such surface. This is important since it permits attaching the section to the surface with the longitudinal axis of the member in practically any angular relation to such surface. As here shown, each gripping device 16 includes a relatively thin- Walled rubber suction cup 17 having the open or concave side 18 thereof positioned outwardly of the device so that it may engage the supporting surface. Extending from a neck 19 at the opposite side of the cup and attached thereto, is a screw 21 which threadedly engages in a cross-piece 22 fixed in the tube member. It will be noted that the walls of the cup including the neck 19 are arranged to be free from engagement with the adjacent portion of the tube member so that the flexibility of the cup walls and neck will, as shown in Figure 6, permit inclining the tube out of normal angularity with respect to the plane of the open face of the cup.

Means are incorporated in the pole to urge the sections into extended relation so that when the pole is positioned with its opposite ends engaged with opposing supporting surfaces, the pole will be finnly held in place independent of, or at least supplemental to, the gripping action eifected through means of the suction cups 17. As will be clear from Figure 2, there is inserted Within tube member 12 of section 8, a coil spring 23 one end 24 of which rests against a cap 26 afiixed to the inner end of the spring and seating upon the inner end of tube member 13 of section 9. The other end of spring 23 is adapted to engage a pin or bolt 27 inserted in one of the pairs of holes 14 in tube member 12. It will be understood that in inserting the pole between the opposing surfaces against which the ends of the pole are to engage, the sections'will first be drawn together to contract the sprin and then allowed to expand under the influence of the spring so as to enable and cause both cups to grip the surfaces. It will also be evident the same spring action will be available for practically any selected length of the pole, since the pin 27 may be inserted in any one of the pairs of holes in member 12. Furthermore, for a given length of the pole, by placing the pin in a pair of holes closer or farther from the spring, the force with which the cups will press against the supporting surfaces, will vary greatly. In this manner for any length of the pole, the resistance of the pole to accidental displacement when in supported position, may be adjusted as desired. On the other hand, when desired, release of the pole from supported position may be comparatively easily effected by moving one section inwardly with respect to the other. Preferably, the inner end of tube member 12 of section 8 is constricted in order to prevent the spring 23 from dropping outof member 12, and also to provide a firmer engagement between the two sections.

As will be understood, when the pole is mounted and held in position, the articles or merchandise to be displayed or supported by means thereof, are usually arranged on suitable accessories or fixtures 31 designed to be attached to or supported on the pole. Generally such accessories or fixtures are provided or formed with a pin or bolt portion, as previously referred to, suitable for insertion and removable engagement in a set of aligned pairs of the holes 14 and 15 in the members 12 and 13. An important feature of my invention is the provision for effecting adjustment of the members longitudinally one with respect to the other, even when the pole is-operatively held in position against the opposed supporting surfaces 6 and 7, so that said pairs of holes may be placed in registration. As previously explained the terminal cups 17 are provided with threaded stems 21 which engage in fixed cross-pieces 22 in the members 12 and 13. By reason of this construction, by rotating tube members, the longitudinal position of members with respect to each other may be varied while the cups will be kept in engagement with the supporting surfaces under the influence of spring 23. In this manner by rotating the members to the required amount, the holes of the different members may be brought into proper alignment for the reception of the pin portions of the fixtures.

What I claim is:

1. In a supporting or display fixture adapted for positioning between and in engagement with substantially topposed surfaces, .a pair of telescopically interengaged tubular members having a series of uniformly spaced transverse apertures along substantially the full length thereof, means at the outer end of the members for gripping said surfaces, a stop selectively positioned in one of the openings in one of said members, a spring extending longitudinally in said last named member and interposed between said stop and the inner end of the other member While permitting relative rotation between said members when said fixture is in operative engagement with said opposed surfaces, and means adjustably connecting one of said surface gripping means with the associated tube member to vary the relationship of said gripping means longitudinally with respect to the member and the longitudinal and rotational position of the members.

2. In a supporting or display fixture adapted for positioning between and in engagement with substantially opposed surfaces, a pair of telescopically interengaged tubular members, means at the outer ends of said members to grip said surfaces, each of said members having a series of longitudinally spaced transverse openings in the side thereof along substantially the full length thereof, a stop selectively positioned in one of said openings of one of said members and extending transversely through such member, a spring extending longitudinally in said last named member and interposed between and freely engaging said stop and the inner end of the other member, and means threadedly connecting one of said gripping means with the associated member to vary the longitudinal position of the member relative to said means and the other member whereby openings in the respective members may be placed in alignment after the fixture is in place.

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U.S. Classification248/200.1, 211/86.1
International ClassificationA47F5/04, A47F5/06
Cooperative ClassificationA47F5/06, A47B96/1425
European ClassificationA47F5/06, A47B96/14D