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Publication numberUS2904047 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 15, 1959
Filing dateAug 18, 1958
Priority dateAug 18, 1958
Publication numberUS 2904047 A, US 2904047A, US-A-2904047, US2904047 A, US2904047A
InventorsHamilton Jennie L
Original AssigneeHamilton Jennie L
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Urinals for infants
US 2904047 A
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p 15, 1959 I V J. L. HAMILTON 2,904,047



United States Patent Oflice 2,904,047. Patented Sept. 15, 1959 URINALS FOR INFANTS Jennie L. Hamilton, Davenport, Iowa Application August 18, 1958, Serial No. 755,748

2 Claims. (Cl. 128295) My invention relates to improvements in urinals for use with female babies under one year of age.

The objects of my invention are to provide a simple, flexible appliance that can be readily applied and secured to such an infant which will afford means for catching urine evacuations and preventing contact thereof with the legs or body of the infant or with the clothing or bedding;

To reduce the number of diapers required for the care of an infant and the attention and work of a mother or nurse for the care of such a child;

To promote rest and sleep without disturbance by the calls of nature;

To prevent irritation, chafing or rash on the surface of legs and body of such an infant which may arise from contact with urine, and to reduce or prevent unpleasant odors which might otherwise arise.

I accomplish these object by the means shown in the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 shows a top or plan view of a waterproof cup of flexible material;

Figure 2 shows a sectional wiew of my appliance on the line 2-4. of Figure 1, applied to the body 9 and legs 9' of an infant.

My urinal includes a conical cuplike part 1 which is preferably formed of flexible transparent plastic or similar material or may be formed of rubber or other thin flexible waterproof fabric.

At the top of the cup a reinforcing band 2 of adhesive tape or other suitable fabric is folded over and extends around the upper edge of the cup as shown in Figure 2. Reinforcing strips 7 which may be of waterproof adhesive tape or any similar fabric, are attached to the inner surface of the cup at opposite sides thereof and a reenforcing strip 3 of similar fabric is secured at the bottom of the cup.

A bore 4 is formed which extends downwardly through the strip 3 and the bottom of the cup 1 and has mounted therein a short transparent tube 5 which may be of glass, plastic or other suitable material and the lower end of which is inserted in and attached to a tube 7 which may be of either rubber or plastic and extends with its lower end projecting into the top of a bottle or receptacle 8 which may be seated upon the floor adjacent the bed or chair of the infant.

The upper edges of the cup 1 may be attached to the body 9 (shown in broken lines in Figure 2) by adhesive strips 10 which may be of Scotch cellophane tape or any other suitable form of adhesive tape, with the upper edge of the cup surrounding the vulva and urinal outlet of the baby and removably attached to the body or legs of the child.

Various modifications may be made in material, size and shape of the parts of the appliance without departing from the spirit of my invention as expressed in the claims and I do not limit my claims to the precise forms shown in the drawings.

I claim:

1. A urinal having a semi-conical cuplike container of semi-transparent flexible fabric adapted for attachment to the body of a female infant around the vulva, a small opening in the bottom thereof with a flexible drainage tube with one end extending into said opening and its opposite end projecting into a vessel to which urine may be carried by the tube, with a reinforcing strip of adhesive tape folded over the open end of the container to reinforce it.

2. A urinal as described in claim 1, and adhesive means at the outer edge of the container for attaching it to the body or legs of an infant.

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