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Publication numberUS2907055 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 6, 1959
Filing dateFeb 13, 1957
Priority dateFeb 13, 1957
Publication numberUS 2907055 A, US 2907055A, US-A-2907055, US2907055 A, US2907055A
InventorsBertha Berman
Original AssigneeBertha Berman
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Fitted bed sheet construction
US 2907055 A
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Oct. 6, 1959 B. BERMAN FITTED BED SHEET CONSTRUCTION Filed Feb. 13, 1957 0 0 0 0 w w wu u 000000000 0 INVENTOR BERTHA BERMAN ATTORNEYS.

United States Patent FITTED BED SHEET CONSTRUCTION Bertha Berman, Forest Hills, N.Y.

Application February'lfi, 1957, Serial No. 639,878

4 Claims. (Cl. 5-334) This invention relates to removable covers for mattresses, cushions and the like, and more particularly is directed to an improved fitted bed sheet construction.

Among the objects of the invention is to provide an improved cover of the character described which shall be simple in construction, inexpensive to manufacture yet durable, which shall be easy and convenient to use in making a bed, which shall function as a fitted bed sheet yet require considerably less material than regular flat tuck-under sheets or fitted sheets of the contour type, which shall comprise a top cover section for smoothly overlying the top surface of the mattress detachable from a fitted band for extending about the vertical four sides of the mattress, which top cover section is readily detachable, from the band without lifting the mattress for removal therefrom for laundering independently of the band which may remain mounted in position on the mattress, which top cover section may be furnished in multiple, each in a different color or pattern for selective use with the band and to provide a clean top cover while a soiled one is being laundered, which top cover section and band in separated condition shall lend themselves to required frequent laundering, which top cover section when removed separately for laundering shall be approximately one-half the size, bulk and weight of the contour sheets now in use resulting in substantial savings in laundering costs and which shall be efiicient and practical to a high degree in use. 7 r

' Other objects of the invention'will in part be obvious and in part hereinafter pointed out.

The invention accordingly consists of features of construction, combination of elements and arrangement of parts which will be exemplified in the construction here inafter disclosed, the scope of the application of which will be indicated in the claims following.

In the accompanying drawing in which an illustrative embodiment of the invention is shown:

Fig. 1 is a fragmentary perspective view of a mattress on which is mounted the improved bed sheet construction embodying the invention, the slide fastener being shown with the slide positioned a short distance from the fully closed position, portions of the sheet being cut away to show underlying portions of the mattress, and

Fig. 2 shows the improved bed sheet of Fig. 1 removed from the mattress and separated into its two component parts plus an extra or spare cover section made of a fabric of a different color or design, the three pieces forming a set, the cover sections being shown turned upside down in a plan view with the peripheral edges upstanding and the band being shown in perspective.

Referring in detail to the drawing, 10 denotes a separable two-piece bed sheet construction embodying the invention which is adapted to snugly fit over the horizontal top, vertical sides and ends of a mattress M of any well understood manufacture.

Bed sheet 10 may be made of cotton, linen or other suitable sheeting material that is limp and comprises a substantially rectangular mattress top surface cover section 11 connected to mattress sidewall encircling band 12 by separable slide fastener 13.

Bed sheet 10 is proportioned to snugly fit mattress M and, as shown in Fig. 1, band 12 hugs the vertical mattress sidewalls, top surface cover section 11 being formed with a shaped or turned down border 11a extending over the piping P of the mattress top edge and down a short distance along the mattress vertical sidewalls to position slide fastener 13 below said piping P and provide a smooth sleeping surface free of folds, seams or other irregularities. Thus, as seen in the drawings, top surface cover section 11 takes the form of a dish-shaped structure having rounded corners to fit the contour of the mattress M.

Slide fastener 13 may be of any well known separable type fastener construction and when sheet 10 is properly positioned on mattress M, fastener 13 extends completely around the four vertical sidewalls thereof. The top end 13a of slide fastener 13 terminates adjacent the bottom end thereof which is provided with a detachable end connector 13b. Said slide fastener ends, as shown in Fig. 1, are preferably positioned to meet on one of the mattress end walls at a point in alignment with the center line XX thereof. The tape or stringer 130 which is provided at the bottom end thereof with coupling bar or pin' member 13 of detachable end connector 13b is secured to the edge of shaped border 11a of sheet section 11 by stitched seam 11b. The other tape or stringer 13d of slide fastener 13 terminates in the.socket member 131: of detachable end connector 1311 and also carries slider 13g permanently secured thereon for sliding movement between said socket member 13e and top stop 13h. Stringer 13d is attached to extend along the topedge of band 12 by means of stitched seam 12b.

Band 12 may be made of an elongated strip of material sewn together at the ends thereof by transverse seams 12a which, as is clear from Fig. 1, may be positioned in alignment with said mattress center line XX and said meeting point of the ends of slide fastener 13. Band 12 may be made of a width suflicient to cover the remaining area of the vertical sidewalls of mattress M beyond the turned down border 11a of cover section 11 and may have a finished bottom edge formed as a selvage, as shown, or with a sewn or heatsealed hem of any well known construction.

After constructing bed sheet 10 as described above to the dimensions of mattress M, the practical utility of the invention will be apparent.

In the first instance, sheet cover section 11 and band 12 may be secured together by interconnecting slide fastener 13 to form assembled sheet 10. The latter is then mounted on mattress M in the well understood manner, for example, by fitting two of the sheet corners to the mattress corners at one end thereof and then pulling the longitudinal sides of band 12 taut so that the two opposite corners can be fitted to the other end of the mattress and band 12 pulled down to cover all four mattress sidewalls. In so mounting bed sheet 10, it has been found advisable to position the ends of slide fastener 13 at the foot of the bed. The bed is then made with top sheet, blankets and bedspread in the usual way. Bed sheet 10, being fitted to mattress M and held in place by band 12, will not become dislodged by a nights use and will not require removal or readjustment with each making of the bed.

In utilizing the novel sheet construction embodying the invention, a second sheet section 21 is provided as part of the set shown in Fig. 2 for the purpose hereinafter described. Sheet section 21 except for fabric color or design is identical to section 11 in being formed with a shaped border 11a around which is sewn slide fastener stringer having a coupling bar 13 to engage socket members 13a of stringer 13d.

When sheet cover section 11 becomes soiled, it may readily be removed from mattress M by separation from band 12 for independent laundering. This is accomplished by seizing pull member 13 which is accessible at the foot of the bed and moving slider 13g about the entire periphery of mattress M to the bottom end of slide fastener 13 and against socket member 13c. Coupling bar 13 is then readily disengaged from socket member 1312 thereby completely separating section 11 from hand 12. A clean sheet section 21 is then attached to band 12 without removing the latter from the mattress by inserting coupling bar 13 through slider 13g into seated position in socket member Be and then moving slider 13g around mattress M back to the closed position in the well understood manner. The changing of sheet section 11 is readily accomplished without lifting or shifting mattress M.

It will now be seen that sheet section 11, being only slightly larger in area than the top surface of a mattress, is much smaller in size, bulk and weight than the full regular tuck-under type or the so-called contour type sheets and, therefore, is laundered at about a 50% savings in either cost when done by commercial launderies or in wash load weight and bulk when done in the home laundry.

It is thus seen that there is provided a fitted bed sheet construction of the character described in which the several objects of this invention are achieved and which are well adapted to meet the conditions of practical use.

As various possible embodiments might be made of the above invention and as various changes might be made in the embodiments above set forth, it is to be understood that all matters herein set forth or shown in the accompanying drawing are to be interpreted as illustrative and not in a limiting sense.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent:

1. A fitted bed sheet construction of the character described comprising a dish-shaped cover section sized to fit a mattress top side and having a border for extending down each of the mattress four vertical sidewalls a short distance below the top edge piping of the mattress, an endless band sized to snugly encircle said mattress vertical sidewalls below said cover section, and a separable slide fastener detachably connecting the cover section border to the top edge of the band along the entire periphery thereof.

2. The fitted bed sheet construction defined in claim 1 in which said separable slide fastener has top and bottom ends thereof positioned to meet on one of the ends of the sheet substantially in alignment with the mattress center line.

3. A fitted bed sheet construction of the character described comprising a dish-shaped cover section sized to fit a mattress top side and having a border for extending down each of the mattress four vertical sidewalls, a coupling bar carrying stringer of a separable slide fastener sewn to substantially encircle the periphery of said border, an endless band sized to encircle and hug said mattress vertical sidewalls, said band having a finished bottom edge and a mating socket member and slider carrying stringer of said separable slide fastener sewn along the top edge thereof, said cover section, stringers and band being so constructed and arranged to permit complete separation and removal of the cover section from the band and replacement thereof while the band remains mounted in position on the mattress.

4. A fitted mattress cover set comprising an endless band sized to snugly encircle the four vertical sidewalls of a mattress, said band being formed with a bottom finished edge and having a stringer of a separable slide fastener sewn along the top edge thereof, a plurality of dish-shaped cover sections each sized to fit the mattress top side and having a border for extending down each of the mattress four vertical side walls a short distance below the top edge piping of the mattress, said cover section borders each having sewn along the periphery thereof a mating slide fastener stringer for selectively interconnecting one of said cover sections with said band while the latter remains mounted on the mattress, said band when attached to one of said cover sections forming a fitted bed sheet adapted to completely cover the mattress top and the four vertical side walls.

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