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Publication numberUS2907364 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 6, 1959
Filing dateMay 23, 1958
Priority dateMay 23, 1958
Publication numberUS 2907364 A, US 2907364A, US-A-2907364, US2907364 A, US2907364A
InventorsTrenery Frank Nelson
Original AssigneeTrenery Frank Nelson
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Waterproof coat for golf bags
US 2907364 A
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Oct. 6, 1959 F. N. TREN ERY WATERPROOF COAT FOR GOLF BAGS Filed May 23, 1958 2 Sheets-Sheet 1;

H t INVEAIITORQ BY-M M1 v Oct. 6, 1959 F. N. TRENERY WATERPROOF COAT FOR GOLF BAGS 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 l l l fil l h Filed May 25, 1958 fillll m T m m United States Patent,

2,907,364 WATERPROOF coAT FOR GOLFBAGS Frank Nelson-Trenery, Davenport, Iowa Application May 23, 1958, Serial No. 737,290

6 Claims. Cl. 150-52 My invention is for a waterproof cover or overcoat for golf bags which will protect such bags and the golf clubs and other contents thereof from being wetted by rain, snow or other means.

The objects of my invention are to provide a simple, strong, lightweight, transparent coat or cover for golf bags and their contents which can be readily applied or taken oif golf bags either when transported on a golf cart or carried by hand; to provide a hood or cover which will deflect rain when closed, and can be easily opened and held in either open or closed position as desired; to provide such a coat and hood which can be easily opened for the removal of a club or other contents and allow a club to be removed therefrom without the other clubs being rained on and which can remain in open position when desired; to provide convenient pockets for balls and a convenient pocket for a score card or record upon which a record can be readily kept during the progress of a game.

My invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure l is a front elevation with the hood or top cover closed and showing a golf cart in dotted lines upon which a golf bag shown in dotted lines, is carried;

Figure 2 shows a front elevation with the top cover or hood open and raised up and showing the club heads in dotted lines, but omitting the cart;

Figure 3 is a rear elevation;

Figure 4 is a side elevation with top cover or hood closed, and showing a wheel and handle folded up in dotted lines;

Figure 5 shows details of one of the ball-snap fasteners;

Figure 5A shows a sectional elevation of the ball-clip fastenings 14-14 for either of the bands shown in Figure 2.

Figure 6 is an enlarged section of one of the clamping rods and a portion of the top cover or hood with one. form of attachment therefor;

Figure 7 shows details of an alternate form of clamp for use with smaller golf bags;

Figure 7A is a front elevation of the alternate form of clamp shown in Figure 7.

Similar numerals refer to similar parts throughout the several views.

In Figure 1 a golfbag 4, which may be of leather, canvas, or other suitable material in common use, is shown in dotted lines with a transparent coat 1 of sufficient girth to contain a golf bag with a full set of clubs therein. The heads of the clubs are shown in dotted lines in Figure 2, with the Wood clubs being covered with a fiber jacket such as some professionals use to keep the club heads clean.

The overcoat or main cover 1 is made of a thin, strong waterproof transparent plastic, preferably of vinyl glass of about 16 gauge and of sufficient strength to be durable and flexible enough to be readily applied to or removed from a golf bag of any of the usual forms.

The middle portion of the coat 1 is cylindrical and surrounds the golf bag; The upper end of the overcoat is open at the front as shown in Figure 2 and the rear portion thereof extends upwardly and is secured by screws- 24 to'the upper end of clamps 55 with the upper edges of the sides of the coat extending diagonally upward from the front edgeof the golf bag to the top of the clamps 5. In Figure 1 the numeral 2 indicates in dotted= lines part of the top of the bag 4.

The top cover or hood 13 has its rear end united to the clamps 5 5 at the rear of the coat by screws 12--12'. and steel washer 12A and rubber washers 12B and ex-'- tends upwardly over the top of the rear side of the coat; and the clamps 55 and then diagonally downward and forwardly over the top front edge of the golf bag with an extension 25 which may reach the handle of the cart. as shown in Figure 4. This top cover 13 has side flaps which extend downwardly on both sides below the upper: angling edges at the top of the coat 1.

The lower end of the extension 25 has a central opening. 11A therein for the cart handle with a reenforcing fabric: fiap 11 closing the upperpart of the opening and resting: upon the handle of the cart when in open position but: covering a part of the handle when it is lowered as in; Figure 1.

The coat 1 itself has a longitudinal opening 9 formed. in the front side thereof through which the pivoted handle 3A may extend and move vertically. The lower end of. the front of the coat has a central slit dividing it into two parts as shown in Figure 2 which may overlap as there; shown to exclude rain, and these two parts when over-- lapped may be held in place by fabric strips 10 the edges of which are secured by ball-clips 14 or other suitable means.

A small pocket 8 may be mounted upon the rear inside of the coat near the top thereof in which a score card. may be carried upon which the score can be conveniently marked as each link of the golf course is passed.

Additional pocket 7 may be mounted upon one side of the coat of convenient size to hold golf balls or other desired articles, with a cover 7A to close the pocket T and keep out rain.

The clamp bars 5 are preferably made of strips of aluminum bent as shown in Figure 6 and are adapted to= clip on the rear edge of the golf bag as shown in Figure 4.:

In Figure 7 I have shown an alternate form of clamps: having a single central upright with a crossbar 15 at the top thereof to support the top of the coat and over which the top cover 13 may extend and be secured, andl with a lower crossbar 15A to which the lower end of the top cover may be secured. Openings 6 and 6A may be formed in the sides of the cover 13 to give access to thepocket 8..

In the claims, for convenience I use the term overcoat, or simply coat, to refer to the entire plastic covering which envelops the golf bag.

Various modifications may be made in the size, shape and material of the various parts without departing from the spirit of my invention as shown in the claims and I do not limit my claims to the precise forms shown in the drawings.

I claim:

1. In a waterproof rain overcoat for golf bags, the combination with aluminum strips with their lower ends forming clamps securing them upon the upper edge of a golf bag and extending upwardly above the bag, of a covering overcoat of strong, thin, transparent plastic surrounding the golf bag with the rear upper part thereof secured upon said strips at their upper ends, an intermediate part of said overcoat surrounding the golf bag and the lower front part of the overcoat having a slit formed therein to facilitate placing the overcoat upon the golf bag and to accommodate the handle of a golf cart on which the bag may be carried. 1

2. A Waterproof rain overcoat as described in claim 1, and means to secure the adjoining edges of said slitted portion in overlapping position.

. 3. A waterproof covering overcoat for golf bags C01 prising a rain overcoat of vinylglass of about 16 gauge, in combination with aluminum strips with their lower ends forming clamps securing them upon the upper edge of the golf bag and extending upwardly above the bag, said covering overcoat having the rear upper part thereof secured upon said strips at their upper ends, with the side edges sloping downwardly to the top edge of the golf bag, an intermediate part of said rain overcoat surrounding the golf bag and the lower front part of the rain overcoat having an opening formed therein to facilitate placing the rain overcoat upon the golf bag and to accommodate the handle of a golf cart on which the bag may be carried, and means to secure the adjoining edges of said opening in overlapping position.

'4. A combination for waterproof cover for golf bags as described in claim 3, and a waterproof top cover or hood of similar plastic extending over the top of the rain overcoat and golf bag With its lower rear portion secured to the clamp strips and its lower front portion extending downwardly with an opening therein to accommodate the handle of a golf cart upon which said golf bag may be carried.

5. A golf bag cover as described in claim 4, and a segment of waterproof fabric secured over the upper part of said opening to deflect Water therefrom.

6. In a waterproof overcoat for golf bags, the combination with an aluminum strip with two forked lower ends forming a clamp to secure it upon the upper edge of a golf bag and having a crossbar at the top of said strip, of an overcoat of strong, thin, transparent plastic surrounding the golf bag with the rear upper part thereof secured at the top of said crossbar, the front part of said overcoat being formed in separate overlapping sections to facilitate placing it upon a golf bag, with means to secure the adjoining edges of said sections in'overlapping position and openings in the front sections of the body and cover to permit the tongue of a golf cart to pass through them.

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Cooperative ClassificationA63B55/005, Y10S280/06
European ClassificationA63B55/00B2