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Publication numberUS29083 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 10, 1860
Publication numberUS 29083 A, US 29083A, US-A-29083, US29083 A, US29083A
InventorsBenjamin Irving
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Benjamin irving
US 29083 A
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Specication of Letters Patent No. 29,083, dated July 10, 1860.

To all lwhom it may concern:

Be it known that I, BENJAMIN IRvrNG, of New York city, in the county and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Syringe for the Cure of Internal Hemori rhoids; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, in which Figure l, represents an external view of the syringe. Fig. 2, shows the same when filled, and Fig. 3 is a diametrical section of Figs. l and 2 showing the screw plunger and the syringe containing an ointment of an suitable ingredients.

imilar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in all the figures.

To enable those skilled in the art to fully understand my invention, I will proceed to describe its construction and operation.

In the drawings A, represents a tube closed at one end, and perforated as represented in the drawings. This tube is very much like the ordinary syringe tube excepting that instead of one orifice in its end, several orifices are made laterally through it. This tube terminates in a circular enlargement B, with a female screw thread cut on its inner surface, and into this enlarged portion is screwed a plug or plunger C, that has a flange b, with its edge milled for facility of turning the plunger and screwing it up into the enlargement. A wire pin D projects out from the enlarged end of the tube or hollow portion which is held between the fingers of the left hand, when the tube is introduced up the rectum, while the screw plunger C, is turned with the fingers of the right hand. Previous to using this instrument, the salve or ointment is pressed into the tube until the enlargement is filled, the plunger is then introduced into the tube, and the tube as far into the rectum as the disease is seated, then by gently turning the screw the ointment is forcibly pressed out through the perforations, and thus applied to the irritated parts, without injury, or increasing the irritation.

The importantadvantage gained from this little device is the power obtained from the use of the screw, which acts upon the solid mass contained in the syringe, with a force sufiicient to inject the mass from the tube, without moving the tube so as to create friction, and consequently irritation of the parts.

The instrument may be made of metal, bone, glass, ivory, or of gutta-percha, the latter being, however, preferable. The threads of the screw should be made quite close together and the parts should be made to fit snugly so as to prevent the ointment from oozing out from the rear end of the tube.

Having thus described my invention I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent as an improved article of manufacture- A syringe, for the cure of internal hemorrhoids, that is provided with an enlargement B, for the reception of the ointment, a screw plunger C, to fit said enlargement, a holding wire D, and discharge tube A, the whole constructed as herein shown and described.




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Cooperative ClassificationA61M5/31586