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Publication numberUS2910985 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 3, 1959
Filing dateMar 12, 1957
Priority dateMar 12, 1957
Publication numberUS 2910985 A, US 2910985A, US-A-2910985, US2910985 A, US2910985A
InventorsGladys K Epstein, Max I Epstein
Original AssigneeGladys K Epstein, Max I Epstein
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Index tab
US 2910985 A
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Nov.- 3, 1959 G. K. EPSTEIN ETAI- INDEX .TAB

Filed March 12, 1957 lll United States Patent vO '2,910,985 NDEX TAB e Gladys-x. Epstein ma Mex I. Epstein, chicago, 111. 4Applienion Mm-eh 12,'19s 7,s1eria1 Ne. 645,542 A1 claim. (cl. 12x-'16s) The present has'among its objects the production of a novelindex tab structure and cooperable file folder reinforcement, which will provide a very elcient connection betweenthe tab and folder structures, and which is exceedingly simple in construction, vwhile' enabling easy detachment from the folder when desired, and which may yachieve also a lateral lock in action.

Another object of the invention islthe production of .line 4 to provide'a folder structure. Extending along l jeach-'of the transverse edges 5 and 6 of the folder are reinforcing strips 7 and 8 respectively, which normally are similarly constructed; those in the present instance being formed from suitable metal stock folded along an intermediate line to form opposit'ely disposed substanf tially parallel side portions 11 and 12 which are formed to closely engage the edge portionof the folder. Asv

clearly illustrated in Figs; l and `2, the respective portions 11 and 12 may be provided with similarly arranged depressions to form a longitudinally extending depression 13 in the wall 11 and asimilar depression in the wall 12 to form an external rib 14.Y It will be appreciated, from a reference to Fig. 2, that the recesses 13 and `14 cooperate to form olfsets in the associated edge portion of the folder to provide a very eiective interlock between strip 7 or 8 and the associated folder edge whereby the reinforcement will be effectively retained on the folder.

As illustrated in Fig. 1 the strips 7 and 8 may be of a length greater than thecorresponding dimension of the folder to provide outwardly extending portions 15,

` each of which is provided with a notch 16 in its lower edge for engagement with a longitudinally extending rod or similar portion of a ling drawer or other container for folders such as'that illustrated, the notches 16 functioning to prevent undersized disengagement of the strips 7 and8 from the longitudinal members of the ling cabinet. v i

Asillustrated in Figs. Zand 3, the tab holder indicated generally by the numeral 21, in `the embodiment of thei invention illustrated, comprises a'tab receiving suchlan' 'index tab' having the above advantages, which is so designed that it may be readily fabricated by `simple extrusion processes andthe vtab s'tock subsequently cut to a desired length. v

A further object o f the invention is.' the production of such an index tabwhichdoes not'require any punching or severing of the materialforming the ,le folder, and which at the same timek provides an extremely rigid structure.

A further object: of the invention is the production of such an index tab which is so designedthat maximum legibility of material supported ,by the tab is achieved.

Many other objects 'and advantages 'of the construction herein shown rand described will be obvious to those skilled in the atfrom the disclosure herein given.

In the drawings, wherein like reference characters indicatelikeorcorresponding parts: g

Fig. 1 A` is 'a vfront elevational view ofI a portion of an index ffolderillust'rating an index tab, constructedin accordance with 'tlie present'invention, mounted thereon;

Fig. 2 is a sectional view taken approximately on the line2-2ofFig. l;

Fig. 3 is a Vperspective view olfasection of tab stock constructed accordance with 'the present invention;

Fig.V 411s' sectional view, similar to Fig. 2, ff a tab holder havinghetab receivin'g'p'ortion set at an' angle.

The present invention is particularly adapted for use bison le folders wherein the upper edge portions of each folder are reinforced by a metal strip or the like, folded into a U-shaped in cross section and crimped on the free edges of the folder.v The tab may also be provided with portions which are engageable with cooperable portions on the reinforcing strip to normally restrain lateral movement of the tab relative to the yfolder and by means of which the tabs may be readily staggered on a series of folders.

Referring to the drawings, the reference numeral 1 indicates generally a file folder of the hanging type having a front half 2 and a rear half 3 joined at a fold portion, indicated generally by the numeral 22, and a mounting portion, indicated generally by the numeral 23, with the portions 22 and 23 being joined as an integral unit adjacent their lower and upper edges respectively, as indicated at 24 in Figs. Zand 3. In the particular embodiment of the invention illustrated, the tab receiving portion 22, as viewed in Figs. 2 and 3, is generally of reversed C-shape in cross section having a transparent face'- portion 25 and longitudinally extending reversely directed portions 26 and 27 which are adapted to receive the edge portions of a tab T. As illustrated in Fig. 2,V

at least one of the portions 26 and 27 preferably is formed with its free edges closer to the inner surface of the portion 2S than their ,extreme edge portions adjacentl `theirvconnection Y. so lthat the portions mustV be sprung slightly during thefinsertion of the tab T to frictionally retain the vtab therein.

The mounting portion 23 of the holder is generally of I invertedk U-shape in cross sectionhaving depending portions-,28 and29, the leg 28 ,having va groove or recess 31 inthe external facethereof, forming a bead 32 along'.

the inner face of the leg 28, and in like manner the leg 29 may be provided with a recess 33'in the inner face thereofin opposedrelation with respect to the bead or l rib 32.A 'The holder is adaptedto ,be sprung on onevof thereinforcingstrips 7l or 8, -the holder-.being illustrated noted'that Vthe mounting portion 23 is`of a4 si'ze 'to receive the strip between the depending-legs 28 'and 29. As will be apparent from a reference to Fig. 2, the rib or projection 32 on the leg 28 of the holder is so positioned with respect to the recess 13 in the portion 11 of the strip 7 that the projection 32 will snugly seat in the recess, the adjacent surfaces being substantially complemental to one another, and in like manner the groove or recess 33 in the leg 29 is so positioned and shaped that it will snugly receive the rib or projection 14 on the portion 12 of the strip 7, with the inner face of the recess 33 Yand outer surface of the rib 14 being substantially complemental. VThe inner dimensions of the mounting portion 23 are such as to enable proper engage- Fatented Nov. 3, 1959 least one of the leg portions 28 or. 29, 28 in the embodiment illustrated is a' transversely' or inwardly ilangeie,

which is approximatelyV of a length equal t'o the. thick.; ness of the metal or: material. utilized in the' reinforcingV strip 7, with the location of the flange 34 being such' that itwill just engageV theV lower red'geportion'of the' portion 11' of the strip 7`,.as` illustrated in Fig. 2.

The mounting portion 23 is soV constructed during manufacture that theV leg' portions 28. and 29 tend to converge slightly in their normal state as illustrated in Fig. 3, so that they must be sprung apart to permit engagementwith the strip 7',y and providing a resilientor spring action, will tend to frictionally maintain the holder on the strip. However, it will. be appreciated that the engagementV of the. rib 32 with the recess 13, and the rib 114` withV the recess 33, willtend to resist detaching movements between the holder and the strip; It'will also be noted, referring to Fig. l, that the recesses 13 and also the projections 14V on the strips 7 and S may be comparatively short inA length, approximately equal to or slightly greater than the length of the holder 21', with a plurality of such recesses being arranged on the strip 7, four being illustratedin the drawing, so that the holder will'normally tend to resist longitudinal movement along' the strip 7, other'than within the limits of each recess 13`and rib 14.

The flange 34 provides a very positive interlock between the strip l7 andthe holder, such interlock being so effective that disengagement of the holder from the strip normally can be effected only by relative sliding movement between the holder and stripto withdraw the strip longitudinally from the mounting portion 23, the legs ZS'and 29 being spread asthe rib 32'passes beyond the limits of' the recess 13 inzwhich it is normally posi.-


The recesses 13 preferably may be so arranged along the strip 7 'that each. recess indicates the proper position for a tab holder when the latterare to Vbe successively positioned'in a staggered arrangement.

The construction illustratedin Fig. 4 is generally similar to that previously described, the holder 2l having corresponding tab receivingand mounting portions 22 and 23, which are illustrated as having leg portions and other elements similar to that described. However, in this construction, the tab receiving portion 22 is positioned at an angle to the mounting portion 23 so that the, former is inclined whenV in use, the operation of the mounting portion and remainder of the Vstructure otherwise being the same.

While we have illustrated the tab holding portion 22 as being generally C-shaped, obviously the present invention is not limited to the particular shape of the holder illustrated, but may be employedwith other types, as for example, a completely tubular arrangement. Similarly, the very efficient locking action of the flanges 34 could be utilized without a lateral stop arrangement such as the'rib'32 and the recesses 13.'

It" will' be. noted from the above description, that we have *providedV a very Ve'cienttab holder for use o'nfhanging le folders and the like, in which the holder may be readily mounted on the' folder on' any desired point along the folder edge, the holder being very rigidly mounted thereon so that it is detachable only under conditions which 'would not normally be encountered in use. It will also be noted that these results are achieved without cutting or punching theA folder structure, thereby weakening it, as is done in other structures, but that the full strength of all the elements ofthe folder are retained. Likewise, the present invention provides a tab holder which may be readily and inexpensivelymanufacturedas a plastic extrusion or` the like, andwhich may :b e, subsequently cut into any desired lengths.

Having thus described' my invention; .itlwill be apparent to those skilled in the art from the disclosure herein given, that various immaterial modifications may be made in the same without departing from the spirit of our invention, hence we do not wish to be understood as limite ing'ourselves totlre exact form, construction,` or1 arrangement of parts" herein shown or described, or. usesv men'.-


What I claim as new' and' desire to. secure 'by'Letters Patent is:

An index strip holderfor attaching to anddetaching fronra hanging le holder includinga reinforced'edge to which'the index strip holder is adapted'to be'appliedsaid reinforced edge including an elongated, inverted LJ-shapedv reinforcing strip providing depending legs, atleast one dependingleg ofY which is formed of a singlethickn'ess of material closely overlyinggand conforming to the adjacent`folder face, said depending legs ofthe elongatecl're` inforcingvstrip similarly formed with longitudinally extending depressions providing a longitudinally extending rib and recess along the folder edge, said index stripholdf` er. comprising integrally connected mountingl and strip supporting portions, said strip supporting portion comprising. an invertedA C-shaped means for operatively retainin-gan index strip thereon, said mounting portion having a pair of spaceddepending legs, formed to provide complernental and longitudinal extending rib and recess along the holder and adaptedtobe sprungover and firmly, engage the outer surfaces and longitudinally extendingb and, recess of a reinforcing strip, the lower edge of one` of said depending legs of said mounting portion including an integrally connected ange thereon extending inwardly at substantially right angles thereto, saidiiangev adaptedto underlie and firmly engage the adjacent edge of a Ireinforcing strip. t0 interlock the index strip holder thereto.

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