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Publication numberUS291107 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 1, 1884
Filing dateFeb 16, 1883
Publication numberUS 291107 A, US 291107A, US-A-291107, US291107 A, US291107A
InventorsBichabd F. Token
Original AssigneeCaleb C
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Hose-nozzle attachment
US 291107 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

(N0 Model.)

v R. P. TOBIN.


Noi 291,107; Patented Jan. 1,1884.





SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No.291,107, dated January 1, 1884.

Application filed February 16, 1883. (No model.)

To wZZ whom it may concern Be it known that I, RICHARD F. ToBIN, of South Boston, county of Suffolk, Stat-e of Massachusetts, have invented an Improvement in Hose-Nozzle Attachments, of which the following description, in connection with the accompanying drawings, is a specification, like letters on the drawings representing like parts.

My invention consists in the improved deflecting-plate hereinafter more particularly set forth and claimed.

In the drawings referred to, Figure 1 is a longitudinal section of a portion of a hosenozzle and attachment embodying this invention, and Fig. 2 a plan View of the face of the distributing-disk, its supportingarms being shown in section.

The hose-nozzle, a, of any usual construction, is shown as threaded around its orifice to receive the threaded collar 1), to which are attached the supportingarms c of the deflecting plate or disk (1, which is thus held in the path of the stream of water issuing from the nozzle, at a short distance in front of the orifice of the said nozzle. The said deflecting-plate d is provided with a number of holes, 9, through which a'portion of the stream that issues from the nozzle passes forward, as shown by the dotted lines 2, Fig. 1. The plate d has near its periphery water-guiding faces h i is, curved at different angles relative to the aXis of the stream issuing from the nozzle, the'portions it being continuations of the curvature of the main surface of the plate. The water striking on the surface of the said plate passes off tangentially from the different guiding-surfaces h i k at different angles, as indicated by the dotted lines 3, Fig. 1, a portion coming back toward the hosenozzle, and a portion passing off at about right angles thereto,so that the water is spread over a large area, thereby wettin g the under side of the roof or floor adjacent to the point where the hose-nozzle is inserted, and thus extinguishing the tire and rendering it safe for the firemen to enter the building. The face of the plate 01 is also provided with deflecting projections m, by which a small portion of the water is thrown back, as shown by the dotted lines 4, Fig. 1, directly toward the nozzle and hose, thus keeping its outer surface wet and cool and preventing it from being burned.

It will be seen that by raising or lowering the nozzle through the opening the water issuing from the different surfaces 72, t, and It will strike the surface of the roof or floor at different distances from the orifice of the hose, so that the said surfaces will be thoroughly wet near to and at a considerable distance from the hose. The water issuing from the surfaces It strikes the roof comparatively near the point where the hose is inserted, while that issuing from the surfaces It will pass nearly parallel with the wall to as great a dis tance as the velocity of the water will carry it, and that issuing from the surface 1 strikes at intermediate points.

I claim 1. The waterdeflecting plate having cut therein on its under side the guiding-grooves h z k, of different depths and curvatures, eX- tending to the periphery of the said plate, combined with the arm a, to support the said plate across the path of the stream issuing froma hose or pipe, whereby the said stream is thrown at different angles with relation to the direction of the issuance of the stream, as set forth.

2. A Water deflect-ing plate having out therein the grooves h z k, of different depths and curvatures, combined with the projections in and arms 0, to support the said deflectingplate across the path of a stream from a hose or. pipe, substantially as shown, and for the purpose described.

8. A water deflecting plate having cut therein the grooves h ilk, of different depths and curvatures, and the holes e, combined with the projection in and arms 0, to support the said deflecting-plate across the path of the stream issuing from the hose or pipe, substantially as and for the purpose described.

In testimony whereof Ihave signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.

RICHARD F. TOBIN. Witnesses:

J 0s. 1?. LIVERMORE, W. H. SrGsToN.

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Cooperative ClassificationB05B1/265