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Publication numberUS2912114 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 10, 1959
Filing dateMay 22, 1956
Priority dateMay 22, 1956
Publication numberUS 2912114 A, US 2912114A, US-A-2912114, US2912114 A, US2912114A
InventorsArnold Levitt
Original AssigneeArnold Levitt
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Auxiliary tray fixture
US 2912114 A
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Nov. 10, 1959 LEvn-T 2,912,114


/ D 43 ARNOLD LEV/Tr BY '7;/ 4151 1 z ammj v United States Patent The present invention-relates to a tray adapt'edto be secured to a drinking glass and tooth-brush holding permanent-wall fixture of the'type usually found in a bathroom.

' ,The present invention also relatesqto a combinaion of the tray and permanent fixture. l

Theconventional glass supporting wall fixture usually foundin a bathroom is fonned oftcerarnic materialwith one. section shaped as a Wall tile and a second section normal to the first adapted to relcei-vea singlet cupand perhaps afhalf dozen'toothbrushes. I'I'he fixture is permanently fixed to the wall and forms-a portion of the tile wall design.

The limitation, as to the number of cups which. such a. fixture is capable of receiving, often results in arr-indiscriminate placing of additional glasses. or CUPS'iflrVflllOHS positions in the bathroom where theytrnay, in many cases, be easily broken. To reduce these hazards created by the lack of facilities designed to receive glasses in a t om, t p esent inventionprovides a tray adapted to be secured to the existing permanent fixture which is capable of receiving a single drinking glass. This tray has provisions not only for a plurality of glasses but also it has provisions to receive a plurality of toothbrushes.

The tray of the present invention may be secured firmly to the permanent bathroom fixture described without the likelihood that this auxiliary tray will be dislodged or tipped, with means included in the structure to secure the tray to various types of fixtures.

In the tray of the present invention there is also provided glass receiving openings which pass entirely through the tray so as to insure that glasses placed within these receiving openings will be more firmly and securely held in position.

In the present invention there is provided a portion of the tray with surfaces complementary to the usual type of bathroom fixture so that the tray may be rigidly secured in position and held in this position by a locking arrangement between the two complementary surfaces of the tray and fixture.

It is also the intention of the present invention to provide a structure of the attractive appearance and of inexpensive design together with means for readily adapting and securing the unit to a permanent bathroom fixture.

These and other objects of the present invention will be more clearly understood when considered in connection with the accompanying drawings in which:

Figure 1 is a top plan view of the invention in combination with a permanent bathroom fixture,

Figure 2 is a cross-sectional view taken substantially along the line 22 of Figure 1,

Figure 3 is a cross-sectional view of the invention taken substantially along the line 3--3 of Figure 1, and

Figure 4 is a cross-sectional view of a modification taken substantially along the line 3-3 of Figure 1.

Referring to the drawings, there is illustrated a conven- 2,912,114 Nov. 19,1959

ti'onal' permanent robn r'wall fixturel. These fixtures are substantially all of a uniform size and'type and ordi narily include a ceramic wall tile section 2 adapted to be cemented by suitable means onto the wall as a part of the ceramic wall design of the room. Projecting normally from this section 1 is a cup-holding section "3. This cup-holding section '3 has a central recess 4 and a peripheral wall 5. The peripheral wall 5 usually is providedwith an upper projecting ridge 6 which extends about the wall- 5 Usually there is provided a plurality of holesextending vertically through the wall Sto receive toothbrushes. These holes are shownin dotted outline at 7. Over this fixture 1 there is positioned a tray generallydesi gnated'8. This tray-8 is preferably 'formed of an attractive metal material, such as, stainless steel.

This-tray 8 is formed with depending peripheral edges 9 extending substantially all about the peripheral edges of the tray which, as illustrated, has preferably a geometric shape., These peripheral edges or walls 9 terminate short ofthe point-at which the fixture 1 supports I the tray 8 in the region of the section 2:

' A plurality of openings, preferably'four in number, are each formed in the surface of -thc tray These openings *10, 1 1, 12 andI-3 are each-sized to receive a conventional cup or glass and preferably to receive a plastic glass. Openings 10, 1 1 and 12 each have secured to it an aunt!- l'ar depending flange forming aperipheral side wall. These side walls 14 may be secured to the edge of their respective openings by suitable means, such as, as illustrated, by peening the upper edgel'S of the side walls 14 over the surface ofthe tray. If desired, these side walls 14 may beformedintegrally with the tray surface '16 and theperipheral wall '9 by conventional drawing processes. The" opening I3 is positioned to align with the recess 4 in the fixture 1 and is further providedwith a receptacle member 17 having a diameter adapted to conform with the diameter of the recess 4. This receptacle 17 may be formed by a conventional drawing process and comprises a bottom 18 having side walls 19. The upper edges of the side walls 19 are peened over the surface 16 of the tray in a manner similar to the upper edges of the flanges or side wall 14. A pair of rectangular I openings 19a and 19b are provided in the tray surface 16 with these openings each aligned with a hole 7 in the fixture 1. There are also formed in the surface 16 a pair of impressions or channels 20 and 21 with these impressions or channels 20 and 21 extending inwardly from the edge 22 of the tray 8. These channels 20 and 21 are adapted to fit over the ridge 6 at the portion of the ridge adjacent to the wall section 2. The tray 8 is thus adapted to be secured to the fixture 1 with the receptacle 17 complementary with the recess 4, the channels 20 and 21 complementary with the ridge 6 adjacent the tile section 2 and the holes 19a and 19b aligned with holes 7. The fixture and tray are secured together 'by bolts 24 which pass through the openings 19a and 19b and which are secured in position by wing nuts 25 threaded onto the bolt from the lower side of the fixture 1.

There are also provided in the tray surface a plurality of slot openings 26, each adapted to receive and support a toothbrush of conventional design.

As there are some slight distinctions between the conventional ceramic fixture elements of the type described, an additional opening 28 is provided in the bottom 18 of the receptacle 17. This recess is provided for securing the unit to a fixture in which no side openings or holes 7 are provided to align with the openings 19a and 1%. In the modified fixture which may occasionally be found on the market, the base of the tile fixture is provided with an opening centrally located in the cup-holding section; thus, when the unit is used with this type of fixture, a.

single bolt extendingthrough the opening 28 will sufiice I,

to hold the fixture and tray together.

A modification of the invention is illustrated in Figure which the tray-8' is formed -in'.a manneras pre vionsly described. In this modification, however, the tray is secured to the permanent wall-fixture 1, by means of a pair of opposing spring-clip members 40 and 41. These spring clip members are each welded or-otherwise suitably secured to the lower portion of the tray at;42. Each clip has a. downwardly-extending section 43 :extending from the portion 42 and terminating in an inwardly-extending bight section 45 in the clip 40, and 46 in the clip 41. At theinner free end of each ofthese clips there is a reverse stem 48.,which is adapted to engage the opening 7 in the wall fixture. For this purpose the clips 40 and 41 should be narrow in width and should have sufiicient springtension in the ,bight sections 45 and 46 to provide a proper and secure engagement. This spring tension should be sufficient so as to engage wall fixtureshaving slightly different styles or designs. In this modification, therefore, a tray is provided which dispenses with the requirements of normally visible bolts,

What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States is: p

1. In combination with a permanent-wall fixture having a cup and brush receiving openings, a tray secured over said fixture comprising a fiat tray surface with depending peripheral edges extending below the upper surface of said fixture and symmetrically outwardly spaced therefrom, means forming symmetrically arranged cup receiving recesses andrbr ush receiving recesses in said surface in the portion between said peripheral and upper surfaces, means forming a cup receiving recess in said surface complementary with said cup receivingopening thereby providing said tray and fixture with surfaces at least partially complementary, and bolt means adapted to project through said fixture and tray for holding said tray and fixture together.

- l 5,912,114 .nf

2. In combination, a tray and a cup andbrushholding fixture comprising a flat tray surface extending beyond the edges of said fixture and terminating in depending peripheral edges extending downwardly below the upper surface of said fixture, means forming a plurality of cup receiving openings in said surface between said edges and the edges of said upper surface of said fixture, a portion of said tray having asurface complementary with a portion of said fixture, and means formed in part in said tray for's'ecu'ring said tray and fixture together with said portionsaligned comprising means forming an opening in said tray and a bolt member extending through said last mentioned means and secured at its lower end to said fixture.

3. In combination as set forth in claim 2, wherein said portions of said tray and said portion of said fixture includes each cup receiving recesses, a pair of parallel channels in said tray and complementary shoulder members in said'fixture adapted to engage said channels.

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