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Publication numberUS2913206 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 17, 1959
Filing dateJul 3, 1956
Priority dateJul 3, 1956
Publication numberUS 2913206 A, US 2913206A, US-A-2913206, US2913206 A, US2913206A
InventorsParis Charles E
Original AssigneeMead Board Sales Inc
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Lifting skid pallet
US 2913206 A
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Nov. 17, 1959 c. E. PARIS LIFTING sxm PALLET 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed July 3, 1956 Em & m nflw T400 M MD R V N o N.0 T 1 s T Ew A H M C Nov. 17, 1959 C. E. PARIS I 2,913,206

LIFTING SKID PALLET 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed July 3, 1956 INVENTOR.

0 u Po 8 m E? S m ABM @w M HIS ATTOENEYQ.

United States Patent 2,913,206 LIFTING SKID PALLET This invention relates to a lifting skid pallet for handling goods stacked on the pallets, such as bags, cartons and the like, and, more particularly to one fabricated from paper-board having a reinforced end for being gripped by the lift formed from a lapped portion which has an intermediate portion adapted to abut against the side of the stack and a free terminal end portion adapted to be inserted between the layers of the stack and held in place.

Lifting skid pallets heretofore made have either not been provided with a reinforced grip edge, or, if so, the reinforcement has been of complicated and involved construction and not easily and economically fabricated.

Accordingly, one of the main objects of this invention is a paper-board lifting skid pallet with a reinforced gripping edge which is simple in construction and efficient in operation.

Another object of the invention is a paper-board lifting skid pallet which has a reinforced gripping edge formed from and as a composite part of the paper-board from which the pallet is fabricated.

Another object of the invention is a paper-board lifting skid pallet which can also be provided with a side, or sides, adapted to abut against a side or sides of a stack.

Another object of the invention is a paper-board lifting skid pallet which can also be provided with a top free end portion, or portions, adapted to be inserted between the layers of the stack and be readily detachably held by the stack assembly.

Still another object of the invention is a paper-board lifting skid pallet having the reinforced grip edge, the stack abutting side, and the top free end for attachment to the stack formed from the same paper card-board from which the pallet is fabricated, and all formed by merely bending back one end of said pallet to be lapped and secured.

Still another object of the invention is a paper-board lifting skid pallet which may be provided with or without other side and top securing portions.

Further objects, and objects relating to details of construction and economies of operation, will readily appear from the detailed description to follow. In one instance, the objects of the invention have been accomplished by the device and means set forth in the following specification. The invention is clearly defined and pointed out in the appended claims. Structures constituting preferred embodiments of the invention are illustrated in the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a paper-board lifting skid pallet, embodying the invention, and a stack of filled bags thereon.

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal cross section of the gripping end.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the lifting skid pallet alone.

Fig. 4 is a detailed view of the gripping end portion of "ice the pallet in association with a portion of a conventional lift truck.

.Figs. 5, 6 and 7 areperspective views of other embodiments of the lifting skid pallet.

Referring specifically to the drawings in which like numerals designate like parts, numeral 2 is a lifting skid pallet of laminated construction made from a layer of wood chip fiberboard 3 (Fig. 1) lined on its bottom surface side with a relatively thin finish paper liner 4,

such as kraft. The fiber board layer 3 is much thicker and is less pliable and tough than is the kraft paper ,liner 4:. Accordingly, the liner reinforces the fiber board layer and, more particularly, along the lines where the composite sheet is to be bent as hereinafter described. However, the invention is not limited to any particular fibrous sheet material, or one which is laminated, but it should be substantially rigid and stiff to be self-sustaining although flexible enough to be bent for the purpose hereinafter described. The chip board layer typifies one which is relatively stiff and rigid, and it is preferably lined on one side with a thinner and more pliable sheet to permit bending without breaking along the bent lines.

One end of the laminated blank from which the lifting skid pallet is fabricated is folded back upon itself at 5 to form a reinforced marginal grip end. 6, and the folded back end is fastened by any suitable fastening means, such as staples 7. The folded back end portion is of substantially greater length than required for merely providing the reinforced gripping edge, but is of a length to form a side 8, vertically disposed, for abutting against the end of the stack S of bagged material, and also to form a top side terminal end 9 adapted to be inserted between layers of the stack S. To facilitate bending the vertical side 8, the blank is scored, or otherwise weakened, transversely along line 5', and also along line 9, to facilitate the bending of the marginal top terminal end 9.

The pallet may be also provided on its opposite end (Fig. 5) with a vertical side end 10, corresponding with the opposite side 8, adjacent the reinforced grip edge 6, and with a top marginal insert end 11 opposite to and corresponding with the top marginal end 9. The blank is scored along line 12 to facilitate bending vertical side 10 and also scored along line 13 to facilitate bending the marginal top insert end 11.

In the modification of Fig. 6, each opposite side is provided with a vertically deposed portion 15 and a top stack insert terminal end 16. The blank is scored along the lines 17 and 18 to facilitate these parts 15 and 16 being bent.

In the modification of Fig. 7, the end, opposite the end provided with the grip edge, is left free of the vertical side and top insert end, its opposite gripping end and the two adjacent sides being as shown and described in reference to Fig. 6.

This pallet is especially adapted for use with a lifting truck (Fig. 4) which is provided with a vertically movable gate 20, within a guide frame 21, having a bar 22 that abuts against the top side of the gripping end 6 seating on top of the lift support 23 to be slid in and out from under the loaded pallet. The bottom of the frame adjacent the vertically movable bar is inclined or canted to seat the gripping end of the pallet in an inclined position. While the pallet is, of course, adapted for use with any type lifting truck, it is especially adapted for one of the general construction shown in Fig. 4.

I am aware that there may be various changes in details of construction without departing from the spirit of the invention, and, therefore, I claim my invention broadly as indicated by the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and useful and desire to secure by United States Letters Patent is: 7 1. A paper board lifting skid pallet for handling stacked products comprising a flat main bodyportion having one end retroverted to provide an intermediate lapped portion which 'is' fastened to said main body for forming a reenforced marginal grip end adapted to be gripped by a gripping means carried by a lifting truck, and a vertically disposed side extending from the retroverted end adapted to abut the stack.

2. The lifting skid pallet of claim 1 in which the vertical side is interposed between the folded gripping edge and a free terminal marginal end adapted to be interposed between the stack layers.

3. The lifting skid pallet of claim 2 in which the free terminal marginal end and the vertical side are set off by score lines.

4. The lifting skid pallet of claim 2 in which the lapped gripped edge is stapled.

5. The lifting skid pallet of claim 2 having one of the other sides provided with a vertical side and a free terminal marginal end.

6. The lifting skid' pallet of claim 2 having the end opposite the lapped gripping edge provided with a vertical side and a free terminal marginal end.

7. The lifting skid pallet of claim 2 having each of the opposite sides, adjacent the lapped gripping edge, provided with a vertical side and a free marginal end,

8. The lifting skid pallet of claim 2 having the end opposite the lapped gripping edge and each of the opposite sides, adjacent the lapped gripping edge, provided with a vertical side and a free marginal end.

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U.S. Classification206/386, 108/51.3
International ClassificationB65D19/36, B65D19/00
Cooperative ClassificationB65D19/36
European ClassificationB65D19/36