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Publication numberUS2919621 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 5, 1960
Filing dateJan 9, 1957
Priority dateJan 9, 1957
Publication numberUS 2919621 A, US 2919621A, US-A-2919621, US2919621 A, US2919621A
InventorsJesse D Langdon
Original AssigneeJesse D Langdon
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Nail-staple combination
US 2919621 A
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Jan. 5, 1960 J. D. LANGDON 2,919,621

' NAIL-STAPLE COMBINATION Filed Jan. 9, 1957 k V 6-8 I A I INVENTOR United States Patent NAIL-STAPLE COMBINATION Jesse D. Langdon, Long Beach, Calif.

Application January 9, 1957, Serial No. 633,373

1 Claim. (CI. 85-29) This invention pertains to fasteners, the chief object in view being to hold a staple in driving position and guide said staple while being driven, for the purpose of holding two separate objects together.

Other and further objects and purposes 'will appear during the progress of the following; illustrated by the drawing which shows only one form of reduction to practice which may be changed within the scope of the claims.

Of the drawings:

Fig. l is an elevation of the assembled combination.

Fig. 2 shows in section sheet material 8 first in position to be and second secured to studs S by the nail-staple combination, the nail being started thru the sheet material.

Fig. 3 is an exploded elevation of the nail-staple combination.

The nail-staple combination comprises a nail 1 having stem 2 provided with a head 3 surmounting a staple 4 provided with a perforated staple washer 5 having prongs 6 with internally beveled terminal ends 6-B normally flaring away from the stem 2 of said nail 1 same extended beyond the terminii 6B6-B of said prongs 66, said stem of said nail being inserted thru the perforation 7 of the staple washer 5, whereby when said nail 1 is started into any material 8%, said staple 4 is held in driving position the nail being further driven against said staple washer 5, causing said prongs to enter and curve outwardly in the material into which said prongs 6--6 are driven guided by said nail 1.

It is self evident the nail may have a blunt or sharp pointed terminal end 6-B.

The staple washer 5 may be provided with any number of prongs of variable or dilferent length extended from the same or superimposed washers 5 without departing from the spirit of the invention.

Having described the invention and basic functions thereof the following is claimed:

The combination of a plaster-board nail having a stem and a relatively large head the underside of which is flat; and a thin, sheet-metal staple structure assembled to said nail and comprising a relatively large, flat, disc-like readily bendable body portion having a size of the same order of magnitude as the said nail head, said body portion having a central aperture through which the stem of the nail extends with the underside of the nail head in engagement with said body portion, said staple structure having a plurality of prongs integral with and extending axially from the periphery of the body portion and in the same direction as said stem, said prongs being readily bendable yet strong enough to be driven into plaster board and the terminal portions of said prongs being outturned to cause the prongs to bend and spread when the assemblage of nail and staple structure is driven into a plaster board.

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International ClassificationE04F13/08, F16B15/00
Cooperative ClassificationF16B15/00, E04F13/0837, E04B1/40
European ClassificationE04F13/08B3A2B, E04B1/40, F16B15/00