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Publication numberUS2919703 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 5, 1960
Filing dateJan 3, 1958
Priority dateJan 3, 1958
Publication numberUS 2919703 A, US 2919703A, US-A-2919703, US2919703 A, US2919703A
InventorsPinteau Marcel E
Original AssigneeCoty Inc
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Dispensing containers
US 2919703 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Jan. 5, 1960 M. E. PINTEAU DISPENSING CONTAINERS Filed Jan. 5, 1958 NTOR ,ad

ATTORNEY Q25 YMA@ United States Patent O DISPENSING CONTAINERS Marcel E. Pinteau, Paris, France, assignor to Coty, Inc., New York, N.Y., a corporation of Delaware Application January 3, 1958, Serial No. 706,970

5 Claims. (Cl. 132-83) This invention relates to dispensing cosmetic containers and more particularly to a container for cosmetic material which is arranged to dispense controlled amounts of material at will. The invention is illustrated in connection with both a powder compact and a powder box of larger volume. The invention further includes a specially formed cartridge which is used as a refill unit for such containers.

As far as I am aware, it hasbeen known to dispense cosmetic products such as face powder through a perforated disk so as to somewhat control or measure the amount to be dispensed. However, previous attempts, to my knowledge, have been unsuccessful because of inefficiency, clogging, or undue complexity.y With the foregoing in mind, I have devised such an article which is of extreme simplicity and which is substantially foolproof in dispensing controlled or measured amounts of face powder or the like. The dispensed material may be picked up by a puff and then put to use. An important factor in this invention is the provision of a cartridge which performs the above mentioned controlled dispensing action and which can be readily and simply installed or removed from the compact as required.

In connection with this invention, I also employ special forms of puffs which also serve as plugs so as to maintain the compact leakproof.

The invention will be further understood from the following description and drawings in which:

Figure l1 is a top plan view of a compact produced Iaccording to the instant invention, various parts bein broken away to illustrate construction;

Figure 2 is a bottom plan view;


to permit installation or removal of the cartridge. It

will be understood that the cartridge may simply be dropped into the body 10 while the discontinuity 21 and boss 1'7 are vertically coincident. Thereafter, the cartridge will be rotated slightly so as to lock it in position in body 10. Preferably, another and diametrically opposite discontinuity 21 will be provided as illustrated in Figure l, and will be engaged by a second boss 17 so that the cartridge is securely held at opposite sides thereof.

As will be observed in Figure 3, the cartridge body 18 comprises a rigid frame and is substantially open throughout its entire bottom save only for the bottom annular flat ring or bezel 22. Its upper face likewise comprises only the annular flat ring or bezel 23. The cartridge body 18 itself includes a dispensing unit 24 which contains a supply of powder 25.

Dispensing powder unit 24 is collapsible or distortable, being formed with a normally cup-shaped body 26 which may be of a formed semi-stift" fabric such as a tightly woven crinoline or thin, resilient plastic material.

The top wall 27 of unit 24 serves as a sifter and is either perforated or formed of a mesh fabric through` which the powder material can readily pass. When the body of unit 24 is formed of fabric, it may be additionally provided with a bottom layer 28 of rubber or the like which is adhered to the bottom wall of unit 24 so that said bottom wall and bottom layer 28 will be jointly movable axially. Bottom layer ,28 may be adhesively secured to the inside flat surface of ring or bezel 22 if desired. This, of course, Will improve the tightness of the assembly so as to prevent the leakage of powder.

Secured to the outside of bottom layer 28 is a rigid plastic, concave, annular, actuating finger piece or button Figure 3 is an'enlarged cross-sectional view as taken along the line 3-3 of Figure 1;

Figure 4 is a fragmentary, cross-sectional view as taken along the line 4 4 of Figure l;

Figure 5 is a partly sectional, exploded view of the parts of the compact;

Figure 6 is a bottom plan view of the puff used in connection with the illustrated compact; and

Figure 7 is a cross-sectional view illustrating a modification wherein the invention is applied topa powder box, largely of conventional form (shown in reversed position), andl o'f a greater volume o'r l capacity thanv the compact illustrated' above. f y

Referring first to Figures l to 6, the outer c ase comprises a body 10 and a cover 11 hinged thereto. The floor 12 of the body 10 isformed with a central opening 13 to provide operating access to the dispensing unit as will bewhereinafter described. The inside of cover 11 may be provided, -as usual, with a mirror 14v retained in place by a ring or bezel 15. The usual latch 16rmay n' 29 which extends as a boss through opening 13 of the compact body 10 as illustrated in Figure 3. If, however, -the body of unit 24 is formed of a thin resilient plastic such as polyethylene, the floor layer 28 will be unnecessary and the actuating finger piece or button 29 may be formed integral with unit 24. In either case, the top wall of the unit 24 will comprise a connected sifter wall 27 either of mesh fabric as above described,

or it may be of perforated metal, such sifter being suitably secured to the top edges of unit 24 so as to form the top wall thereof.4 When the unit. 24 is formed of fabric and resilient rubber aslabove described, it may be installed in cartridge body 18 by simply being flexed and dropped therein and without necessarily being secured to ring 22 since its pre-shaping will tend to maintain for it a normal cup-shape. When unit 24 is formed partly of metal or rigid plastic or the like, it will be installed prior to the installation of upper annular bezel 23- of the cartridge body 18 against the lower surface of which lit will rest when the assembly is completed.

`. After thecartridge 1S including unit 24is installed ,into .the .compact body`10, the operating button 29 will be manually accessible through, opening 13.4 Sifter wall 27 will be exposed at the top (it being assumed that the cover 11 is open). Itis highly desirableto provide a plug or leakproof cover for the sifter wall 27 as other'- wise the loose powder 25 may escape when the cover 11 is closed. Accordingly, I provide a puff 30 which is of the usual fleecypmaterial but which, in this L:'instarice, is pressed into a specific shape. Thus, it will be observed that puff 30 is formed with a relativelyr flattened outer annular lip portion 31 and a central boss 32 which fits into the opening defined by annular ring or bezel 23 and thereby plugs up such opening. This is effected, of course, when the cover 11 is closed whereupon the central boss 32 presses against the sifter wall 27 wliile even more pressure is exerted against the puff edge portion 31 by the opposing bezels 15 and 23 so as to provide a leakproof closure when the compact is closed. ,Y I

A29 in the axial direction indicated by arrow 35.

The above powder compact is used as follows:

The user will open the compact and generally remove the puff 3i). She will then depress the operating button This Willexzthe rubber bottom layer 28 if provided and in .any event will flex the bottom wall of the dispensing powder unit 24 in an upward direction so as to force the Vpowder contents thereof through the sifter wall 27. The powder thus accumulated on the top surface of sifter wall 27 may be gathered up by the puff and applied to the users face. The same operation may take place with the puff being in place.

It can be seen therefore that the dispensing of the powder can be controlled by the simple expedient of applying pressure to the distortable powder unit 24.

The particular formation of the pui 30 is of course useful in providing a leakproof structure notwithstanding the fact that no additional closure means for the sifter wall 27 is provided. Pui 36, .as shown in Figure 6, may further be formed with parallel cuts 36 providing recesses which will be more eective in gathering up the powder.

These cuts 36 may extend up to the usual backing of the puff.

In Figure 7, I disclose a somewhat similar system as .applied to a larger capacity powder box. The powder box 40 may appear to be of conventional form apart from the provision of the exteriorly located puff 41. Thus, box 49 includes a base 42 (the box being shown reversed in the drawings herein), and a slidable cover 43 which telescopes the annular side wall 44 of the base 42. Bottom wall 45 of base 42 is provided with a central opening 46 which receives and is plugged by the central boss 47 of puff 41 as will hereinafter be described.

Nested within base 42 is a liner 48 which also has a bottom central opening which coincides with the central opening 46.

The dispensing powder unit 49 is essentially of fabric, generally of a tight weave so as to be leakproof. However, it may also be of a resilient rubber or plastic material. Its base 50 is preferably rigid, such as of metal or plastic, and is provided with a sifter portion 51 defined by an integral ring or boss 52. Base 50 is cupshaped in .that it is formed with an annular wall 53 which may be adhesively secured to the side walls of dispensing unit 49 so as to form a leakproof connection therewith.

The powder dispensing unit 49 contains a coiled spring 55 which may abut against the lip Of annular wall 53, thus serving to maintain the flexible unit 49 in a normally extended or outward position.

Powder box 4@ is employed by either squeezing the cover 43 and base 42 together or exerting pressure upon the base 42 while the article is resting on a solid surface, the base being uppermost. Generally the puff 41 will be fixed in position, i.e., plugging up the opening 45, during this operation. As the unit 49 contracts or compresses axially, the powder will be forced out of the sifter portion 51 and onto the boss or plug 47 of the puff 41.

The puff 41 being exteriorly located, the entire device may be initially enclosed in a cellophane lm or by any other protective wrapper or over-all cover. Unit 49 may serve as a replaceable cartridge since it may simply be installed within the liner 48 or removed therefrom.

There has been shown what are now considered preferred embodiments of the invention but it is obvious thatchanges and omissions may be made without departing from its spirit.

What is claimed is:

1. A powder container comprising a body and a cover therefor, a floor on said body having a central opening providing access to the body interior, a removable cartridge in said body, said cartridge comprising an annular frame member, a cup-shaped exible body lled with loosepowder disposed within said cartridge, an axially movable bottom layeron said cup-shaped body, and a sifter Wall at the top end of said cup-shaped body whereby pressure on said movable bottom layer actuates said loose powder toward and through said sifter wall, said cartridge comprising opposed, annular bezels at the top and bottom ends thereof, said sifter wall abutting against the underside of the top-bezel and the bottom layer of said cup-shaped body abutting against the bottom bezel, and a powder puff having a central boss normally disposed within the opening formed by said top bezel, said powder puff having a protruding central portion and a relatively flattened rim, and said cover serving, in the closed position of the container, to press said flattened rim against the upper side of said top bezel for securely sealing said cup-shaped body against accidental displacement of loose powder.

2. A powder container comprising a body and a cover therefor, a oor on said body having a central opening providing access to the body interior, a removable cartridge in said body, said cartridge comprising an annular frame member, a cup-shaped exible body lled .with loose powder -disposed within said cartridge, an axially movable bottom layer on said cup-shaped body, and a sifter wall at the top end of said cup-shaped body whereby pressure on said movable bottom layer actuates said loose powder toward and through said sifter wall, said powder puit" being formed with longitudinal cuts in the body thereof so as to effectively pick up powder forced through said sifter wall.

3. A powder container according to claim 2 and including a resilient rubber wall secured to the underside of said bottom layer of saidcup-shaped body, said rubber wall being secured to the inside, upper face of said bottom bezel, and a rigid bottom member secured centrally of said rubber wall and extending into said body oor central opening so as to be accessible therefrom.

4. A powder container comprising a body, a supply of comminuted powder contained therein, a sifter element at one end of said body for dispensing said powder therethrough, a movable wall at the other end of said body, said wall being movable from a normally outward position to an inward position where it presses against said powder supply and forces powder through said sifter element, said one end of said body being formed with an opening, and removable means for plugging said opening, said removable means comprising a powder puff, said puit having a flattened lip rim defining a central boss, said boss being operative to plug said opening.

5. A powder container comprising a body, a oor on said body having a central opening providing access to the body interior, a removable cartridge in said body having a supply of loose powder therein, a sifter wall at the top end of said cartridge, an axially movable wall at the bottom end of said cartridge for forcing powder through said sifter wall, said movable wall being accessible for actuation through said floor central opening, said cartridge being formed with a top bezel against whichsaid sifter wall rests, said top bezel defining a top opening of said cartridge, `a removable puff havinga central boss fitting into and plugging up said topopening, said puff comprising a attened annular rim, and means for pressing said flattened rim against said top bezel for securely sealing said top opening by said pui during a closed position of said powder container.

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