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Publication numberUS2922178 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 26, 1960
Filing dateOct 25, 1956
Priority dateOct 25, 1956
Publication numberUS 2922178 A, US 2922178A, US-A-2922178, US2922178 A, US2922178A
InventorsKelly Earle G
Original AssigneeKelly Earle G
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Fountain-type brush
US 2922178 A
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1960 E. G. KELLY 2,922,178

' FOUNTAIN-TYPE BRUSH Filed 001:. 25, 1956 Fig.3

Ear/e 6. Kelly INVENTdR.

United States Patent O I f FOUNTAIN-TYPE BRUSH Earle G. Kelly, Timmins, Ontario, Canada Application October 25, 1956, Serial No. 618,289

2 Claims. (Cl. 15-135) The present invention relates to manually held and manipulatable cleaning, brushing and polishing implemerits, generally speaking, and has reference, more 'in particular, to a so-called fountain-type brush characterized by a novel handle and head construction. More specifically, the invention pertains to a bristleequipped brushrhead which is constructed with a backing which facilitatesseparable connection of a specially constructed neck ,on a handle,,said neck having terminal nozzle means which promotes satisfactory delivery of paste to the bristles, while allowing the bristles to flex and spread and to do so without undue interference from the nozzle means.

In carrying out a preferred embodiment of the invention, the above stated nozzle means is constructed to embody a flexibly resilient nozzle tip. The latter is preferably in the form of a tapered self-closing nipple, that is, a nipple whose discharge mouth embodies normally contracted closing lips and wherein said lips are responsive to the pressure of a paste which is expressed from a collapsible tube into the nipple.

Further novelty is predicated on the specific construction of a handle which embodies a grip portion which is semicylindrical and, therefore, channel-shaped in cross sectional form, and in the channel of which a collapsible tube of cleaning and polishing wax or the like is contained and from which it is ejected by wrapping the hand around the hand gripping portion and tube and squeezing the latter.

Other objects, features, and advantages will become more readily apparent from the following description and the accompanying sheet of drawings.

In the drawing:

Fig. l is a perspective view of a fountain-type brush constructed in accordance with the principles of the present invention;

Fig. 2 is an enlarged view of the same, with portions appearing in section and elevation, and illustrating the details of construction;

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the brush head; and

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the nozzle tip or nipple.

Referring now to Fig. 3, the brush head is denoted by the numeral 6 and comprises a circular or an equivalent backing member 8 provided on its fiat discoidal side with flexible bristles 10 of any appropriate construction and suitably arranged. The central portion of the backing member has a passage therethrough which opens through the top and bottom surfaces of the member and the lower end portion of which is reduced to provide a shoulder, as at 12. The upper enlarged end portion of the passage is screw threaded, as at 14. The passage itself is conveniently denoted by the numeral 16, and it will be seen in Fig. 3 that the upper central portion of the backing member surrounding the passage is flattened to provide an annular ledge 18.

The handle is separate from the head and is denoted as an entity by the numeral 20. It may be constructed of 2,922,178 Patented Jan. 26, 1960 suitable plastics or any appropriate material. The major portion constitutes a hand grip 22 and it will be seen that this is substantially semicircular in cross section and provides not only a hand grip, but also a receiving and an accommodation channel 24 for the insertable and removable collapsible tube 26. The tube contains the material which is to be ejected and dispensed for use. This may be assumed to be a tube of cleaning and polishing wax, and the same has the customary screw-threaded discharge neck 28. This is screwed into a screw-threaded socket 30 which is appropriately formed in the elbow-like bend 32 providedon the handle. This bend is provided with an axial passage 34 which communicates with and leads from the socket 30. The stated bend 32 is provided with a reduced screw-threaded neck 36 defining a shoulder 38 which rests on the ledge or complemental shoulder 18. The neck is further reduced to provide a rigid axial paste dispensing nozzle 40. The nozzle, in conjunction with the neck proper, defines .an additional shoulder, and, therefore, this shouldered nozzle is not only for dispensing the wax, but also provides a satisfactory mounting for the extension nozzle. Actually, the extension nozzle is a flexibly resilient rubber or equivalent nipple 42 which is fitted frictionally and removably over the nozzle and which has an outstanding flange 44 which abuts the shoulder on the neck 36 and also rests against the'shoulder 12. In fact, the neck 36 is screw threaded, and when it is screwed and clamped in place, the flange 44 is squeezed and held between the respective shoulders. The nipple projects well beyond the rigid nozzle and it is tapered and forms a selfclosing discharge mouth, as at 46. In other words, the yeilding or elastic lips are closed together and the discharge end of the nipple is normally closed. When, however, paste or cleansing cream under pressure is squeezed andforced through the passage and into the nozzle and nozzle extension, the latter is filled until the pressure forces the lips apart and the mouth opens to dispense the wax into the bristled head in an obvious manner.

It will be evident from the description and drawing that the construction evolved and produced constitutes that which not only fulfills the manufacturing requirements and economies of manufacturers and needs of users, but serves its intended purposes aptly and satisfactorily.

The foregoingis considered as illustrative only of the principles of the invention. Further, since numerous modifications and changes will readily occur to those skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention to the exact construction and operation shown and described, and accordingly all suitable modifications and equivalents may be resorted to, falling within the scope of the invention as claimed.

What is claimed as new is as follows:

1. A fountain-type brush comprising a head embodying a backing member provided on one side thereof with bristles and further provided at its axial central portion with a passage opening through top and bottom sides of the backing member, one end of said passage .being reduced in size and tapered to accommodate nozzle means, the other end of the passage being enlarged and internally screw-threaded and providing a socket and a stop shoulder constituting the bottom of the socket, a handle which is readily attachable to said head, said handle having a lateral bend at one end of the handle, said bend being bored and providing an open-ended passage, said bend terminating in a reduced end portion defining a stop shoulder and a neck depending below said stop shoulder, said neck being screw-threaded and screwed into said socket and having one end thereof engaging said first named stop shoulder, said second named stop shoulder being forcibly clamped against said backing member and covering and cooperating with said socket, that portion of the bend beyond the second named stop shoulder being further reduced, of truncated conical form and constituting a rigid nozzle extending through and beyond the cooperating reduced end of the first named passage and associated and cooperating with the bristles, the passage in said bend being provided at its intake end with a screw-threaded socket, that portion of the handle beyond said bend being channel-shaped in cross-section and providing a receiving channel which is adapted to accommodatingly receive and hold an insertable and removable collapsible tube containing a cleaning and waxing polish or the like, and an extension nozzle in the form of a separate nipple having one end removably and snugly enclosing and mounted on the rigid nozzle and having a normally closed discharge mouth disposed beyond said rigid nozzle, said nipple being flexibly resilient and bendable in conjunction with the bristles when the latter are spread and bent or otherwise deformed when pressed against a workpiece.

2. For use in conjunction with a bristle-equipped brushing and cleaning head, a handle provided at one end with a hand-grip channel-shaped in cross-section and providing a receiver and holder for a collapsible tube, said handle being provided at one end of the channel with a laterally directed bend, said bend having a passage opening therethrough, one end of said passage being screw-threaded to accommodate a screw-threaded neck on a collapsible tube of polishing wax or the like, said bend terminating in a reduced portion defining a stop shoulder and a neck extending beyond the stop shoulder, said neck being screwthreaded and adapted to screw into an attaching socket provided therefor, that portion of the bend beyond the shoulder being further reduced and tapered in crosssection and providing a rigid nozzle and a second stop shoulder, and a complemental readily applicable and removable extension nozzle separate from the first-named nozzle and embodying a nipple having one end portion snugly and removably mounted on said nozzle and having a normally closed discharged mouth disposed beyond the rigid nipple, said nipple being flexibly resilient and having a flange at one end engaging said second stop shoulder.

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