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Publication numberUS2924219 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 9, 1960
Filing dateMar 7, 1958
Priority dateMar 7, 1958
Publication numberUS 2924219 A, US 2924219A, US-A-2924219, US2924219 A, US2924219A
InventorsWershaw Irving B
Original AssigneeDome Chemicals Inc
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Medicament container having scaleremoving abrasive
US 2924219 A
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Feb. 9, 1960 B. wERsHAw 2,924,219

MEDICAMENT CONTAINER HAVING SCALE-REMOVING ABRASIVE Filed March 7. 1958 vvvvv vvvvvvvvvvvmvvvv INVENTOR [RV/NGE VVERSHA W 5 y; ATTO N EY ,United States Patent MEDICAMENT CONTAINER HAVING SCALE- i REMOVING ABRASIVE Application March 7, 1958, Serial No. 719,864

1 Claim. (Cl. 12S-.260)

This invention relates to containers `for medicaments employed in the treatment of psoriasisv and other. scale forming skin diseases, which containers are constructed and designed to enable them to be used to eifect removal or aid in the removal of scales on the skin before the medication is applied.

It is among the objects of the present invention to provide a container for medicament, which container is shaped to permit holding thereof in the hand of the user, having at one end a dispensing opening for the medication and at the other end an abrasive member which can be used to elfect removal or aid in eiecting the removal of scales.

It is another object of this invention to provide such container carrying a scale-removing abrasive member, which container and member cooperate to permit their conjoint use for effecting removal of skin scales and moving the medicament contents within the container so that such contents are disposed relative to the dispensing opening to be in position for application to the infected skin from which the scales have been removed by the abrasive scale-removing member.

For a fuller understanding of the nature and objects of the invention, reference should be had to the following detailed description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure l is an exploded perspective view showing the component parts of the medicament container having a scale-removing member embodying the present invention, in which figure the housing of the container and a portion of the medicament holder are broken away to show their interior structure;

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the medicament container having thereon the scale-removing member embodying the present invention; this ligure shows the container open, i.e., without the closure cap;

Figure 3 is a vertical section through an embodiment of the present invention; and

Figure 4 is a horizontal section taken in a plane indicated by the line 4 4 on Figure 3.

In the drawing, 10 indicates a housing of the container, which housing inthe embodiment of the invention shown consists of a cylindrical outer wall having on its interior spaced re-enforcing flat ribs 11. These ribs )11 extend substantially the full length of the cylindrical wall of housing or casing 10. Housing 10 is of a length such that it can be conveniently and firmly held in thepalm of the hand of the user. End 12 of this housing desirably is provided with a circular rib or projection 13 over which a cap -14 of polyethylene or other suitable exible material may be snapped to provide a closure for the dispensing end 12 of the container. The other end 15 of the housing is provided with a closure wall 16 having a central opening 17.

Secured to wall 16 is a bearing 18 in which is mounted for rotation a threaded member 19. Member 19 is rmly held by the groove 21 therein cooperating with the projection 22 on the bearing member 18 so that it is rice free to turn but not to move in a'long'itudinal direction. Member 19 is threaded for substantially its full length and extends from a point 23 exteriorally of the closure wall 16 to near the top of the dispensing end 12 of the housing 10. Desirably, the exterior end of the threaded member 19 has formed integrally therewith or fastened thereto a knurled member 24- to which is secured an abrasive disc 25. Abrasive disc 25 may be of soapstone, carborundum, lava stone'or other suitable abrasive material effective to remove scale from skin. Preferably, disc 25 is of frusto-conical shape having the side walls 26 slightly inclined from the end 27 of maximum diameter towards the opposite end 28, which is fastened, as by a suitable adhesive or cement, to the knurled member 24. i

Mounted for up and down movement on the threaded member 19 is the medicament holder 28, desirably in the form of a metal, preferably aluminum or steel, shell, having struck from the side walls fingers 29 which enter the body of medicament and firmly anchor it to the holder 28. The base 31 of the medicament holder 28 is provided with a threaded boss 32, which is arranged to threadedly engage the threads on the periphery of member 19. Thus, when member 19 is rotated by turning either the knurled member 24 or the abrasive disc 25 the medicament holder 28 moves up or down within housing 10, depending upon the direction of rotation. The side Walls of the medicament holder 28 are attened at spaced points to register with the ribs 11, thus maintaining the medicament holder 28 in housing 10 at all times so that it is free to move up and down but not to rotate.

In use of the medicament container the housing 10 is rmly grasped in the hand of the user, with the abrasive disc 25 exposed. The user can rub the side walls 26 of the abrasive disc or the top end 27 thereof against the scales on the skin, to aid in the removal or effect the removal of such scales. In the case of scales exceptionally tenacious, the sharp edge provided at the circular periphery where the top end 27 intersects the side walls 26 can be employed.

It will be noted that in using the abrasive member 25 to elect removal or aid in the removal of scales, it is rotated due to friction between the scale or skin and this abrasive member, causing rotation of member 19 to move the medicament holder 28, thus forcing the medicament contents 33 against the cap 14 so that the contents 33 are in dispensing position as soon as the cap is removed. After the scale has been removed, the medicament can be applied to the exposed skin. If necessary, either the knurled member 24 or the abrasive member 27 can be further rotated to feed the medicament through the dispensing opening onto the skin.

Housing 10 and knurled member 24 may be of plastic, metal or other suitable material of construction. It may be of any desired relatively elongated shape including circular, rectangular or other `polygonal shape in cross section.

It will be noted that the present invention provides a container for medicaments shaped to permit holding thereof in the hand of the user, having at one end a dispensing opening, and at the opposite end an abrasive member which can be used to elfectively remove or aid in effecting the removal of skin scale. In use, this abrasive 4member cooperates with the medicament holder to posi- What is claimed is:f

A container for. rnedlcament for the. psoriasis and other scale-forming skin diseases, consisting of a substantially cylindrical container longitudinally elongated and,` of=n aillengthtI such thats-itrveanvhe grasped in, the nalmvothefhand of: thetuser andadapted to-contain ai medicamenn said cylindrical-containerhave 4 ing a` plurality oft longitudinal spaced; ribs.. onthe. inner walls thereofgwhieh ribs have substantially at` serias-fes; and `having a dispensing, opening, at` oneL end-anda; closure wallatthel otherfendprovided with;Y a centraly opening, a bearinghaying a. central opening mounted in the interorof saidcontainer on said elosure wallfwith the opening therein smaller than, and aligned with; the opening" in said `closure Wall,` a medicament holder. within said, comtairiery havingtthe@ side walls thereof` flattened to register -withtlie flat surfacesY on said ribs, and having at least oneinger struclrfrornfsaid side walls adapted to treatment of.

I "threaded -`substantially the full lengththereof extending enter the body of medicamentand rmly anchor it` to said` holder, a thieaded member havingv its; periphery fromQthe.. exteriory of said closures wallA to` near the opposite end of Said container, said member being grooved to t within the central opening in said bearing to permit rotary but not longitudinal motion thereof, said medicament holder being in threaded engagement with said threaded member, and an. abrasive disc secured `to the end, of said threaded 11.11eirfrtber.` to. effect rotation, y thereof, said disc extending exteriorly `of` said closure wall.

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