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Publication numberUS2924833 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 16, 1960
Filing dateMay 2, 1957
Priority dateMay 2, 1957
Publication numberUS 2924833 A, US 2924833A, US-A-2924833, US2924833 A, US2924833A
InventorsMartha I Klogether
Original AssigneeMartha I Klogether
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Draw sheet and mattress protector
US 2924833 A
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Feb. 16, 1960 M. l. KLOGETHER 2,924,833

DRAW-SHEET AND MATTRESS PROTECTOR Filed May 2, 1957 7 ii 5:: 1a


, -alaz' r 2,924,833 DRAW SHEET AND MATTRESS rnorn cron Martha 1. Klogether, San Gabriel, Calif.

Application May 2, 1957, Serial No. 656,680

Claims. (Cl. 5-335) This invention relates, to a bed accessory for use on the beds of infants, children, aged persons, or others who are bedridde One of the objects of the invention is to provide means operating as a protection to the under sheet and the mattress from becoming soiled.

Another object of the invention is to produce a device for this purpose which is capable of being quickly applied around the mattress and held in place thereon, and including a waterproof portion adapted to cover a substantial area where soiling of the under sheet could occur. This portion of the, accessory preferably includes the waterproof element, which of course, is located above 4 the mattress and between it and the body of the occupant in the following specification, while the broad scope of the invention is pointed out in the appended claims.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a perspective of a mattress accessory embodying this invention, and showing the cover of sheet material disengaged atits edge and swung over into a positionalongside the sleeve that forms the body of .the' accessory, and exposing to view the waterproof sheet referred to above.

Figure 2 is another perspective view of this accessory showing a side portion of the cover partially detached and held up as though to show the stitched connection between the waterproof element and the side and end portions of the sleeve that are stitched to the waterproof element.

Figure 3 is also a perspective showing the accessory applied to a mattress, or rather being applied to a mattress by slipping it over one end of the same from the right, portions of the mattress and under sheet being indicated as broken away.

Figure 4 is a vertical section on a greatly enlarged scale of the mattress and the adjacent portions of the accessory, and showing the means for effecting a detach-v able connection between the free edges of the cover sheet of the accessory and the double ply longitudinal flap that extends along the sides of the mattress and on the outer sides of the fabric side walls of the accessory.

Figure 5 is a vertical section in the plane of the line 5-5 of Figure 1, illustrating the arrangement of the bias strips that are attached to the transverse edges of the waterproof element.

In practicing this invention I form a sleeve 1 of suitable fabric. For this purpose I may use percale or any other material such as is employed in making usual bed sheetings.

d States 2,924,833 ,Patented Feb. 16, 1960 2 While this sleeve 1 maybe formed by wrapping the material composing it around a mattress, I prefer to produce it as a closed sleeve body that is applied by slipping it over the foot end of the mattress, and capable of 5 fitting closely to the dimensions of the mattress with which it is to be used.

So, a piece of sheeting stock of a width equal to the length desired for the sleeve is selected. This piece should be long enough to provide material for a bottom portion 2 for the sleeve to lie against the under side of the mattress.

Near the lateral edge portions of this piece of material the material should be folded into several plies 3 that are to' extend along the sides of the mattress near its,

under face 4 (see Figures 1 and 4).

- The plies 3 are then united by lines of stitches, for

- ling 10 (as shown in Figures 1 and 4) to the waterproof panel 8, thereby giving a sleeve form to the accessory.

At the ends of the sleeve 1 transverse end strips 11 of bias fold percale or muslin are secured to the waterproof panel 8 by stitching 12. The bias material in the end i strips 11 is preferably folded so as to permit them to yield diagonally and give so as to conform to the condition of the waterproof panel 8 and sleeve 1 when the same is in place on the mattress, permitting the accessory to conform to and encircle the mattress, and

- also prevent the possibility of tearing the accessory at the edges.

It is preferable to provide a cover 13 also composed of a fabric material, serving as what is usually referred to as a draw sheet.

The free edge portions 15 of the cover 13, and the outer sides of the folded plies or flaps 3 and 3a at the sides of the sleeve, are provided with means for fastening them together- Any type-of fastener means may be employed for this purpose. In the present instance the fastener includes a plurality of independent spaced-apart fasteners, preferably books 16 on the inner side of the side portions of the cover. At this point the material is doubled back upon itself and hemmed and the two plies so formed are connected by two lines of stitches 17. The eyes are attached preferably on the outer sides of the flaps, in which case the hooks to cooperate with the eyes would be on the inside of the longitudinal hems of the side edges of the draw sheet, so that the bight of each hook can resist an upward pull on the side portion of the cover.

This construction is preferably used for both sides. The books 16 are received in eyes 18 attached to the outer side of the flaps 3 and 3a when they are folded back against the side portions 6 of the sleeve 1. These hooks and eyes are duplicated for the same purpose on the opposite or right side of the construction, the left side of which is shown in Figure 4.

In passing, regarding Figure 4, it should be said that the end portion 15 of the cover is drawn in a somewhat conventional position for the sake of clearness in reading this view. In practice, the cover 13 should be in slight tension after the hooks have been applied in the eyes.

Although it is not essential it is advantageous to have the waterproofing element of slightly resilient material so that it is in slight tension after the sleeve 1 has been telescoped over the endofthemattress19'and slid into place as indicated by the arrow inFigure-B.

The slight tension referred to facilitates the washing of the waterproof sheet while in place on the mattress.

The presence of the' sleeve' -laround the mattress does not interfere with the drawing on or removal ofthe regular or; conventional bed sheet-20 through the sleevewhenthe bedis being made up with-cleansheets.

The factthat the waterproof 'panel s as'well asithe 1 cover 13 are in slight tension prevents anypossibility of wrinkling, causing discomfort to the b'eds occupant.

Many other embodiments of this invention maybe resorted to without departing from-thespiritoftheinvention.

I claim as my invention and desire to secureby'Lette'rs Patent:

1'. In a mattress accessory of the kind described; a sleeve-composed of fabric, encircling the-'-midcll*portion=- of the mattress; and having-a body witha hottom'exten sion passing transversely under the --mattress,-with* side projecting upward and inwardly to overlie the side edges of the mattress, a waterproof sheet overlying'the'mattress,

attached to said side extensions andlying-on'the upper' face of themattress, a cover of fabric, and a plurality of spaced-apart independent means for attaching the fabriccover to said flaps, and overlying-said waterproof sheet. 2. In a mattress accessory for protecting a mattress and e the regular under sheet of bed clothes from becoming soiled, comprising a fabric sleeve encircling the mattress and the undersheet of the bedding, said sleeve having a bottom surface portion extending-under the mattress, with side extensions respectivelyat each side of" the mattress,

,said side extensions having flaps-disposed in adjacent plies with means for connecting said pliesto each other, said sleeve and including side extensions lying against theside of the mattress and extending up at each side thereof, anda waterproof sheet, with means connecting it to the upper end portions of said side extensions, and lying across the upper face of the mattress;.and a cover of fabric con+ nected to said flaps at its ends and extendinggacross the" upper face of the waterproof sheet.

3. A mattress accessory forprotecting ian undersheet lying over a mattress, comprising a sleeve for encircling,

side extensions constituting flaps attached to the lower part-of the side portions of the-sleeve, and lying at the sides of the mattress, said sleeve including a waterproof panel extending across the mattress above the same; and fabric means for covering the waterproof panel extending down at the side edges of the waterproof panel and including detachable fasteners for securing the last named means to the sides of the sleeve;

4. In a mattress protector accessory of the kind described, the combination ofa closed sleeve encircling the mattress, saidsleeve composed of fabriematerial and having a width enabling the same to envelop a portion only oflimited area-over-themattiess 'confined'to the middle portion thereof; said-sleeve .having a body with a bottom surface portion passing ti'ansversely under the mattress with outer side extensions extending up from the side edges of the bottom surface portion of the sleeve, and having inner extensions extending upwardly and lying against th'e side walls of the mattress," saidbute'r sideextensions havi'ng longitudinally extending portions consti tuting flaps connected to the lower portions of the'inner side extensions, and composed ofseveral p'lies of fabric material operating-to reinforce and-strengthen said' flaps, a waterproof sheet with means connecting the same to the upper ends ofsaid innerside extensions and lying on the upper face of the mattress; and a cover of fabricma terial overlying the waterproof sheetjand -detach'able fastening-meansfor connecting the same to -said reinforced-flaps;

5.- A-matt-ress accessory according toclaim-4', including cross strips-of considerable width-composed of bias mate'rialattached to the transverse =edges of the waterproof sheet, and disposed in two plies between which thetransverse-edge'sof the waterproof sheet are 'secured, said bias the mattress adjacent itsmiddle portion, and havin ggouterg' material bein'g so attached that the thre'ads of the' weave of the bias material extend diagonallvwithwespect to the line: of attachment to v the waterproofsheet; thereby permitting' the waterproofsheet to' fit' snugly-ito the surface of themattress;

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