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Publication numberUS2925278 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 16, 1960
Filing dateMay 14, 1958
Priority dateMay 14, 1958
Publication numberUS 2925278 A, US 2925278A, US-A-2925278, US2925278 A, US2925278A
InventorsSweetland William E
Original AssigneeSweetland William E
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Arrow point adapters
US 2925278 A
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W. E. SWEETLAND ARROW POINT ADAPTERS Feb. 16, 1960 Filed May 14, 1958 INVENTOR. I4 WILLIAM E. SWEETLAND AT ToRNEYs 2,925,275 Y ARROW PoiNr ADAPTERS William Sweetland, Eugene, Oreg. c Application May 14, 1.958, Serial No. 735,336 s claims. (cl. 27s-106.5)

The present invention` relates toY adapters for arrowA points and particularlyY for adapters for mounting stand# y United `States111321lien,It l

ard points to arrow shafts that are slightly smaller in n diameter than standard.

Most arrow points are designed to fit standard arrow shafts, usually made up from natural wood, but shafts that are made from compresed wood, such as cedar, or from glass or yaluminum are of a smaller diameterthan are the natural wood shafts.. Y l

Due to the fact that expensive dies are lrequired fo v the making of arrow heads, ythe arrow head manufacturers f to i provide an.

' thereof.

Referring now to therdrawings in detail wherein like" reference numerals indicate like parts throughoutftheY several figures, the reference characterPindicates gen- `erally a conventional -hunting arrowpoint. The point P includes a cone-shaped hollow body member 10'provided with two or more lins or blades 11 forming part The cone-shaped body 10 providesa'coneshaped socket 12 for receiving a cone-shaped end 13 of an'arr'ow shaft 14.

Arrow shaft`14 made from a compressed Wood, such as "cedar, from glass -or aluminum, has a diameter l smaller than standardand an adapter bushing 15 is dis- Y posed between the socket 12 of the body 101 andthe `cone-shaped end 13 of the shaft 14. Y

The inner surface of the adapter 15` is gluedQor otherwise iixedly secured tothe end 13 of theY shaft 12,and

- is also glued or otherwise fxedly secured .to the inner walls of the socket A12 ofthe body'rnember 10.V lThe Vmaterial from which the adapter 15 is made is' preferably of a Vsofter or more resilient material than the body 10 so that a striking shock on a hard object can be absorbed within the adapter'bushing 15. y

A modie'd form of the invention is shown in Figures 3yand 4 wherein an adapter 15a is provided with longitudinal utesrl for absorbing shock. The flutes 16 are glued to the socket 12 to secure the point P'thereto.

` 5, 6 and 7, wherein annular ribs 17 are formed thereon l' YAnotherlmodilied adapter 15b isillustrated in Figures i Vwith glueG applied to the end 13of'the shaft 14 to object, proby vmit Onlya A further object of the-invention is to provide an adap-v ter ofthe class described above having'ribs or grooves formed thereonto provide a ycushioning action to absorb the shock in the protectingofthe arrow point when vthe kpoint strikes a hard object. y yv v v v l n Another lobject of this'invention is to provideanfa'lapter which will extendthe arrow. length so Vthat additional clearance will be allowed to Ithe' back of a huntingf'p'oint, orothertype ofpont. Y

' Other objects and advantages will become apparent in` Y the light of the following specification when considered in the attached drawings, in'whichr f Figure 1 is a side view of an adapter mounting an arrow point to a short section kof Yarrow shaft, Parts broken away for convenience of illustration; v j f Figure 2 is a sectional view, .taken'fon theline 2+2 of Figurerl, looking in the direction of-'the arrows.

Figure 3 is a fragmentary sideV View of amodilied form of the invention with parts broken'away for convenience of illustration.

Figure 4 is a sectional viewtaken on the line Figure 3, looking .in the directionof thearrows.

secure the same tothe inner' surface of'the adapter 15b and also gluefisapplied to theV outer surface 18 ofthe rib` 17 toholdthe same securely within the cone-shaped socket 12 of the arrow Vpoint P, referring particularly "to Figure 7. Figure 7 also illustrates Vhow the shock is absorbed by the ,ben'ding of the annular'ribs 17.

Referngvto Figure 9, a `further m-odcation is illus- Y tratedfwherein anadapterltlV is applied'ztthelend 13v of the. arrow shaft 14and is formed to receive a point P.

Figure 5 is a fragmentary side view of another modified form of the invention with parts broken away for convenience of illustration.-

YFigure 6 is av sectionalv view, Vtaken onlv'tl'eY line 6-6 of lFigure 5, looking in the direction of the arrows.A

AFigure 7 is an enlarged` fragmentary side view of the adapter shown in Figure '5 illustrating'the conditions at the moment of impact with parts brokenY awayffor convenience of illustration. i

Figure-'Slis a perspectiverviw. of the adaptendisclosed YVillFigurel` l Y Figure 9 is a side view of another modified forni,`

ience of illustration.

claims. l

A feature of this .form of theinvention is to lengthen the arrow shaft, 14 `and also to absorb shock on-gstriking a f target. Y y

Having "thus described thepreferredembodimentsjof thefinvention, it yshould ybe understood thatl numerous` structuralmodications and adaptations` may be yresorted v`45 to'without departing from the zs'copedof'th'eappended f Y What -is claimed is: i v l 1`. In an arrow Aof y Y Y f having a conicalrsocket'lanfd 4an arrow shaft Vhaving a conicaliv end normally receivedy in said socket, a shock 'absorbingvadapter bushing comprising a resilient hollow conical .body having theopposite ends thereof open,V

said body having Va wallof generally uniformjthickness with the hollowV body forming an internal conical socket,

and a plurality of resilient ribs integrally formed onmthe outer surface of said body, said adapter engaging overV andfxed to the conical endof said Vshaft with the Vconical'socket of said arrow point engaging over said adapter supported on and fixed to said ribs.. -Y f v, Y n ,Y y

2. A device as claimedkin claim'rl wherein said ribs" v extendflongi'tudinally of said d adapter. 3. Af'deviceras, clai ed 'nfclairn 1 are Vannular and are formed fonsaid adapter in spacedA apart'parallelrelation. Y Y Y Y i References inthe fiile-patent i UNITEDV STATES'PATENTS 'i Patentedreb; 16,. leso-f* th Ytyp including 'an arrowpointv i

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U.S. Classification473/582
International ClassificationF42B6/08, F42B6/00
Cooperative ClassificationF42B6/08
European ClassificationF42B6/08