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Publication numberUS2925862 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 23, 1960
Filing dateMar 8, 1957
Priority dateMar 14, 1956
Publication numberUS 2925862 A, US 2925862A, US-A-2925862, US2925862 A, US2925862A
InventorsKristen Sundby
Original AssigneeKristen Sundby
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Means for attaching an additional plastic window pane to a window frame or sash
US 2925862 A
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Kehs rE/v SUNDB y tCS MEANS FOR ATTACHING AN ADDITIONAL PLASTIC WINDOW PANE TO A WINDOW FRAME R SASH The present invention relates to means for attaching an additional, plastic window pane to a window frame or sash.

Many problems arise when an additional window pane is to be used in cooperation with an existing single window pane, as the distance between the panes should not be too great so as to prevent a too strong circulation of the air between the panes. If the single window sash is in close engagement with the frame it will according to the foregoing be advantageous to attach the additional window pane to an existing sash. If the sash does not abut tightly against the frame it would be suitable to attach the additional pane to the frame at the smallest possible distance from the single window pane.

Windows are known which are built up of small and rigid plastic panes with reinforced edges which are attached to the outside of a framework by means of resilient clips which grip around the edges. Such windows, in addition to the disadvantage that the panes only may have small dimensions owing to the risk of breaking the pane when attaching and removing it as the clips make it impossible to remove a large pane, have the disadvantage that no closure is obtained along all the edge of the pane.

The object of the present invention is to provide an additional window pane which is inexpensive, unbreakable and may have any size, and which may be attached in. a simple way to a window frame or sash. The pane should possibly be flexible to enable it to be rolled up for storage in the summer time when not in use.

According to the present invention a plastic foil is em ployed as an additional window pane, said foil being provided along all its sides with one part of a tongueand-groove closure of flexible material, preferably of transparent plastic, while the other part of the closure is adapted to be attached to the window frame or sash, in such a way that the additional window pane may be atatent tached or removed by pressing the two parts of the closure together or by pulling them out of engagement with each other.

Two embodiments of the invention will be described more in detail with reference to the drawing, in which:

Fig. 1 is a sectional view through a part of an additional window pane for attachment to a window sash according to one embodiment of the invention.

Fig. 2 is a sectional view through a part of an ad ditional window pane for attachment to a window frame according to another embodiment of the invention.

Fig. 3 is a front elevation of a window frame to which the invention has been applied.

In Fig. 1 an additional window pane 1 of plastic foil is provided along all its sides with one part 2 of a tongueand-groove closure of transparent plastic. The other part 3 of the closure is attached by means of a batten, for instance of wood, and screws to the window sash 5. When cleaning the permanent window pane or for removing the additional window pane in the summer time, the two parts of the closure are pulled out of engagement. For storing in the summer the plastic foil with its part 2 of the closure is rolled up and put away in a drawer or a locker.

In Fig. 2 the plastic foil 1 and the closure part 2 have the same structure as in Fig. 1. The closure part 3 is in this case angular so as to be attached by means of a batten 4, for instance of wood, and screws to the window frame 6.

I claim:

In combination, a separable tongue-and-groove joining strip comprising a tongue supporting part and a groove supporting part, one of said parts being secured to a window structure, the other of said parts being flexible and generally defining a closed polygon, and flexible plastic foil of corresponding polygonal shape secured to said other part of said strip, the part secured by said window structure and the other part secured to said plastic foil defining a complete seal to entirely heal the window opening or a partial seal to readily permit ventilation through the window opening.

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U.S. Classification160/354, 52/203
International ClassificationE06B3/04, E06B3/28
Cooperative ClassificationE06B3/285
European ClassificationE06B3/28F