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Publication numberUS2926805 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 1, 1960
Filing dateJun 6, 1955
Priority dateJun 6, 1955
Publication numberUS 2926805 A, US 2926805A, US-A-2926805, US2926805 A, US2926805A
InventorsRaynor Mead
Original AssigneeRaynor Mead
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Nursing unit
US 2926805 A
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R. MEAD NURSING UNIT March 1 1960 Filed June 6, 1955 INVENTOR. RAYNOR MEAD to 2,926,805 Patented Mar. 1, 1.969.

2,926,805 NURSING UNIT Raynor Mead, New York, NY.

Application June '6, 1955, Serial No. 513,291

1 Claim. (Cl. 215-11) This invention relates to useful improvements in transparent nursing units and more particularly its purpose is for increasing the functions of such units with or without food in the bottle, such as milk to encourage an infant to consume the milk, and to teach an infant the alphabet and other objects with pictorial representations, and to amuse and educate an infant when the bottle is partly empty or empty and with the feeding nipple inverted to storage.

An object of this invention is to provide a nursing bottle having at least one transparent sidewall and the opposite side wall formed with large and, small convexoconvex protuberances in a zigzag arrangement, and having inverted figures and the inverted alphabet imprinted or formed on the wall or preferably on the protuberances thereof when the bottle is right-side-up, so that when the bottle is inverted like in a feeding position with the protuberances positioned at the bottom the figures and the alphabet will be visible through the bottle right side-up.

Another object of this invention is that the protuberance will drain the milk film away from the figures more rapidly when the bottle is inverted to the feeding angle.

Still another object of this invention is to provide a bottle with atleast one blind side wall, but three or more blind side walls may be preferred, for the purpose of preventing an infant from viewing the figures until the infant is nursing at the bottle, or observing and studying the figures through the bottle when the latter is partly empty or empty and the feeding nipple is inverted-and sealed to the, bottle with the sealing disc and retaining cap used on this type nursing bottle.

Another object is to have a life-like figure handle formed on the sealing disc to hold and adjust the bottle to the desired position when the nipple is inverted to storage, and the contents or milk is to be used at a later time.

Another object is to provide a nursing bottle having the aforementioned characteristics formed on a side wall that slants inwardly to near the base of the bottle.

Still another object is that the protuberances formed on an inwardly slanting wall will bring the figures into a clear view rn ore rapidly as the level of the contents of the bottle recedes, and to prevent excess tilting of the bottle for an infant.

These and other objects, features and advantages of this invention will be manifest in the following detailed description and accompanying drawing of preferred embodiments thereof.

In the drawing wherein corresponding parts are indicated by the same reference numerals:

Figure 1 is an elevational view of the bottle 8 showing the figures and alphabet inverted on a side wall with the bottle right-side-up.

Figure 2 is a view partly elevational and partly crosssectional in inverted position and showing in elevation the wall opposite from that shown in Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a modification of Figure 1 in cross section showing an inclined front face.

Figure 4 shows a top plan view of Figure 1.

Figure 5 shows a perspective view of an infant feeding from the nipple of the bottle. i

Figure 6 shows a perspective view of an infant holding the life-like figure to adjust the bottle as desired.

Referring to the drawing in detail.

Bottle 8 is formed of glass or any other suitable material, is of the type generally referred to as a wide mouthed nursing bottle, and is square in horizontal crosssection, while the illustrated bottle 8 is square in crosssection other forms and shapes embodying the convexoconvex protuberances and the inverted representations thereon may be used, the alphabet may be completed on additional bottles for sales purpose and any desired inverted configuration may be used.

In Figure 1 is shown bottle 8 formed with convexoconvex protuberances in a zigzag arrangement on a side wall 11 which is opposite to the transparent wall 12 in Figure 2, inverted figures and the inverted alphabet 13 and 14 are imprinted or formed on said protuberances 9 and 10, and looking at side wall 1 1 you see the inverted figures and the inverted alphabet 13 and 14 disposed in the inverted position when the bottle 8 is right-side-up as shown in Figure 1, so that when the bottle 8 is invented like in a feeding position with the said protuberances positioned at the bottom an infant can view the representations through the bottle righ-t-side-up, as shown in Figure 2. Thus, an infant can view and study the figures 13 and the alphabet 14 through the bottle 8 rightside-upwith or without food in the bottle. But one of the main objects is to encourage an infant to consume the food while nursing at the bottle, because the infant must consume the food to view the representations. There are times when only a few ounces of food such as milk mixture is placed in the bottle 8 to be used at a later time, and the feeding nipple 15 is inverted and sealed to the bottle 8 with a sealing disc 17 and a retaining cap 16, and at this time an infant can be more amused by holding the lifelike-figure handle 18 with the transparent hollow chamber 19 in Figure 2 and adjust the bottle 8 to the desired positions, it is natural for an infant to take hold of an attractive and amusing handle such as the life-like figure handle formed with the transparent hollow chamber 19 formed on a disc 17 in Fig ure 2 which may be of any desired life-like configuration. In Figure 3 is Shown a side view of the convexo-convex protuberances 10 which will drain the milk film away from the representations and give a more rapid clear view through the bottle 8 when the latter is inverted to the desired positions, the protuberances 9 and 10 may be formed on an inwardly slanting wall 20 in Figure 3. The figures 13 and alphabet 14 can be viewed right-side-up when the bottle is full and in a feeding position.

Having thus described various preferred embodiments of this invention, it is to be understood that the invention is not limited to those precise embodiments, since changes and modifications, obvious to one skilled in the art, may be effected therein without departing from the scope of the invention which is intended to be defined in the appended claim. I

What I claim is:

A transparent nursing-bottle, substantialy polygonal in cross section and having a mouth, adapted to receive a removable flanged invertible nipple, and also having front and back substantially fiat faces, said front face inclined toward said rear face in a direction away from said mouth, the said front face having convexo-convex protuberances on the face thereof, some of said protuberances carry life-like figures and others carry letters that are inverted and backward when viewed from the front so as to 1 3 4 p'pear upright to feeding position when viewed through 1,595,618 Radford Aug. 10, 1926 the back face by the infant. 1,982,282- Bock -5. Nov. 27, 1934 2,509,129 Buck May 23, 1950 References Cited in the file of this patent 2,546,681 s rer M 27, 1951 UNITED STATES E T 5 2,630,932 Lestakis Mar. 10, 1953 1,032,610 Kern July 16, 19,12 FOREIGN PATENTS 1,122,306 Re'schke Dec. 29, 19.14 1,113 Great Britai 1398 1,399,313 Newell Dec. 6, 1921 387,917 France May 18, 1908

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International ClassificationA61J9/00
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