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Publication numberUS2928583 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 15, 1960
Filing dateAug 6, 1954
Priority dateAug 6, 1954
Publication numberUS 2928583 A, US 2928583A, US-A-2928583, US2928583 A, US2928583A
InventorsLaw Paul G
Original AssigneeLaw Paul G
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US 2928583 A
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ENVELOPE March 15, 1960 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Aug. 6, 1954 DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS IOWA v DES. MOINES 38 DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS P.O. Box I531 DES MOINES, IOWA Ammnor Qua} G. L an J (M W m'rorne a W 1' mass W? March 15, 1960 P. G. LAW 2,928,583

Foeaer- ME Nor DAY wig D/snowo AMERICAN VerERn/vs W 3'4 I2 W 2% FWOEL-l Qmwm'or 4 0ml 6. Law

dll'l'orngys' of the envelope in Fig. 1,

2,928,583 ENVELOPE Paul G. Law, Des Moines, Iowa Application August 6, 1954, Serial No. 448,222 7 Claims. (Cl. 229-73) My invention relates to improvements in envelopes and more particularly to a novel combination envelope and letter for use. in circularizing prospective contributors to a fund raising campaign. 7

The matter of sending out thousands of letters in any fund raising campaign creates an initial problem relative to cost and obviously in any deserving campaign, the lower the administrative costs are, the more money will be available for the object of the campaign. As presently done, however, I have observed that a common pattern is more or less followed by agencies or groups sending out such letters and this consists of an outer envelope for mailing to the addressee, an insert, folder or letter or both explaining the purpose and desire for a contribution, and a return envelope for a reply. In addition, the use of stamps to identify the particular campaign are frequently employed and a sheaf of these are enclosed to be placed on letters or packages in places other than that used by regular postage and thus identifies the sender as having contributed to the cause so identified. These various items, two envelopes, letters or folders, and stamps must of course be separately printed and handled and therefore add materially to the cost.

With these observations in mind, it is the general aim of my invention to provide an envelope arrangement foldable so as to serve the double purpose of carrying a message to the addressee and back to the sender and in addition having a detachable portion upon which can be printed any desired information.

Another object of this invention is to provide an envelope of the above class which has formed on its detachable portion a plurality of stickers, stamps or the like to identify the subject matter involved in the printed matter and which are perforated or scored so as to be individually detachable for separate attachment to packages or letters as might be proposed. In this respect, the stickers or the like form a part of the body portion of the detachable portion and one side thereof may carry part or all of the printed matter associated therewith.

. .A further object of my invention is to provide one side of the stickers or stamps as above characterized with a suitable adhesive such as used on regular postage stamps.

A still further object of my invention is to provide an all purpose envelope of the above class that will materially reduce the cost in printing and handling fund raising letters over methods presently in use.

These and other objects will be apparent to those skilled in the art.

My invention consists in the construction, arrangements, and combination, of the various parts of the device, whereby the objects contemplated are attained as hereinafter more fully set forth, specifically pointed out in my claims, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which: a

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of my envelope showing it ready for mailing to a prospective contributor,

Fig. 2 is a reduced perspective vieWof the rear side Fig. 3 is a cross sectional view on the line 33 of Fig. 1,

Fig. 4 is an enlarged elevational view of this envelope as it appears when opened by the addresseeand shows of this envelope taken thegdetachable message bearing portion together with States atentthe adhesive coated side of the detachable stamps of stickers formed as a part thereof,

Fig. 5 is an enlarged elevational view of this envelope showing the reverse side of the showing in Fig. 4,

Fig. 6 is an enlarged perspective view of a detachable sticker used on my envelope, and

Fig. 7 is a perspective view of the bottom portion of Fig. 4 being made ready for use as a return envelope to the sender.

Referring to the drawings my envelope consists of a single elongated sheet of paper indicated generally at 10 as shown in Figs. 4 and 5 and comprises the pocket or envelope portion 12 at the bottom, a flap 14 therefor provided with adhesive 16 and a portion 18 detachable from flap 14 along the perforation or scoring 20. The top of portion 18 is provided with a flap 22 suitably gummed as at 24 or the like for fastening to pocket 12 as will later appear.

The inner side of portion 18 as shown in Fig. 4, to distinguish from the outer side (Fig. 5), is adapted to contain any suitable printed matter designated by the numeral 26 and any pictorial illustration 30 that may be desired to explain the purpose and objectives of the particular solicitation, and in general can be used for any information usually contained in separate letters and enclosures in mailings of this kind. Also on portion 12 I have added a feature which is novel in envelopes of this type consisting of perforations or scoring 28 arranged to outline for separate removal a plurality of stickers or stamps or the like. The' printed face 30 of such stamps or stickers are on the outer side of portion 12 (Fig. 5) and in printing the same, one complete illustration 30 will of course be positioned to register within the respective outlines of the perforations 28 for obvious reasons. The inner side of portion 12 which contains the stamps 30 will be suitably gummed as at 32 for separate use on letters and packages.

In using this envelope for mailing to the prospective contributor, his name and address 34 are placed on the outer side of pocket 12 (Fig. 1), portion 18 is folded on line 20 against the inner side of pocket 12 and fiap 22 is carried around the closed end thereof where it is secured to the outer side thereof and carries the return address 36 of the sender as shown in Fig. 1. As a return envelope to the sender, the inner side of pocket '12 carries his address 38 (Fig. 7) and the outer side which served to identify the addressee 34 has printed thereon the word FROM 40 (Fig. 5) which is uncovered when theenvelope is opened by the addressee and now serves as a return address to identify the contributor. It will be understood, of course that portion 18 is detached along line 20 and flap 14 can then be folded on line 42 to seal the return envelope shown in Fig. 7.

With reference to Fig. 2 it will be observed that one of the novel aspects of this invention resides in the pictorial illustrations on the stamps 30 forming a part of the exposed envelope surface when it is mailed to the prospective contributor which is designed to attract attention and identify the purpose of the letter before it is even opened. These stamps are then detachable the same as if a separate sheaf were enclosed but when incorporated in the envelope itself as described not only adds to the appearance, but the gummed inner side provides additional space upon which printed matter 26 can be shown as indicated in'Fig. 4. The savings in extensive mailings of the type concerned by using this invention will be substantial in view of the fact that all information is contained on one sheet of paper, which also serves as a two way envelope. Thus, by eliminating a separate letter, separate return envelope and an enclosed sheaf of stamps or stickers, the amount of paper alone in mailings of several thousands can be a substantial

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U.S. Classification229/305
International ClassificationB65D27/06, B42D15/08
Cooperative ClassificationB65D27/06, B42D15/08
European ClassificationB42D15/08, B65D27/06