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Publication numberUS292947 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 5, 1884
Publication numberUS 292947 A, US 292947A, US-A-292947, US292947 A, US292947A
InventorsIioeatiga A. Porter
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US 292947 A
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UNITED STATES FFI C E PATENT l 4 r f 1 '11 JAMES T. PORTER AW) nornfriod A. ron'rn t, on nom om., russ.


SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 292,947,

dated February 5, 1884'.

Appliealion lilell October 2T, 1881i. (No model.)

Be itknown that we, JAMES T. v] oR'rI:n.and HoRA'rIoA A. PORTER, citizens of the United States, residing` at l-Iol yoke, Hampden county, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, have inventcd a certain new and useful Improvement in a Paper-Pulp-Saving Machine, or Save-All, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part thereof.

rllhe object of our invention is to save the paper-stock which usually runs to waste i'roni the paper-machines and stuftchests in a clean state, so that it may be used again; and it consists of a pipe leading i'roni thc`n1ixing-vats and stufichests, as shown in Figure l oi' said drawings.

Fig. l is a perspective oui` invention. Fig. 2 is a sectional. view, showing the relative parts and their relation to eachother. Fig. 3 is a sectional view ol" the encircling band which protects the wire of our invention from the water or dirt which might i'all upon it by the rotating oi' the saveall.

Similar letters ol' rclcrence indicate similar parts.

A is the chest eontainin g the pulp or stock to be saved.

B is the pipe, running from any desired point above the bottom of the pulp-chest, which is adjusted to the'desired height bythe nuts l P', said pipe running from ille stut'i chest to the machine or save-all. p

C is the hollow shaft entered by pipe l},and secured by nut N.

l) is the box which carries thehollow shalt C, and is supported by the i'ranle E and the circular band Il.

E is the said frame l'or chine.

. F is the head of the machine or save-all.

G G C G are the ribs that re-en force screen K.

l-I is the encircling band running on iheconcavo pulley I.

I is the grooved pulley. I

J is the stand supporting the grooved pulley on the frame ld.

A K is the screen inside the ribs (.1.

and sectional view of suliporling the ina- ]'i is the strengthening-band to fasten thev outer end of the screen l. and strengthen the ribs G.

M is the perforated eyli nder, which is attached to the head ot' the rotatingsavelall, and covers the head ol," the supply-pipe B.

N is the packing-:nut which tightens the packing` between the supply-pipe l andthe hollow shaft (l.

Cis the pulley which runs the save-all.

l l are the checlcnuts which adjust the height ofthe pipe l in relation to the bottom. ot' the box. A.

Q is a box or car for it empties itsell". A

The pipe before referred to, 13, enters the save-all through the journal. Cgwhich is con` nccted with the head ol the save-all, and the end ot' which projects into the machine several inches, and is surrounded by a perforated cylinder, M, which is alhxed upon the inside to the head ofthe save-all, a-nd the function ot' which is to agitato the stock by its rotation, thereby incre evenly distributing the I same over the bottoni and sides of the saveall, so that the water may i'recly percolate I through the screen K ol'the save-all, and that l l receiving the pulp as the pulp may bc more evenly distributed and carried more freely through the saveall to its ll receptacle at screen. The save-all is supported by the frame lil, and is i rotated by means ofthe pulley O, or its equivalent, fastened on the shaft C and ruiming in Y the box l) andthe concave pulley I. The hol Il low shaft C and the iron head l? are lined with copper or brass,so as to avoid rust, which ocl curs with any other lining. l Having thus described the object and o peration of my invention, what I claim is-,

l. The combination, ewith the revolving l' screen or save-all and the stuff-box, oi'a pipe l projecting above the li otto1n of the said bolv, l I

the outer end ofthe and connecting the saine with the save`all,and

a perforated screen, into which said pipe disg charges, and whichis connected with the head I of the said revolving screen or save-all,so as to i rotate therewith, substantially as set l'orth.

2. The combinatioinwith thc'f'ranleE and the l rotaryscreen or save-all,ol' the encircling band II :md ono or more `grooved pulleys, I, snpoi' the pipe B, projecting nbove. the bottom of 1o ported by Said frmne, and adapted to receive the said box, :md the elioekmuts l l, for :Ldsaid band7 substantially as set forth. justnibly securing' said pipe in pia-co, substan- 3. The combination, with the rotary screen tially als described.

5 or szwwall, of the hollow shaft C, connected JAMES T. PORTER.

with the head thereof, the pipe B, entering HORATIOA A. PORTER. said shaft, mld the securing-nut N, substim- Witnesses: tially as set forth. l (l. .'l`. Frl'xxx,

4. The combination, with the stuff-box A, l A. B. Gimrs.

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