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Publication numberUS2929496 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 22, 1960
Filing dateDec 14, 1956
Priority dateDec 14, 1956
Publication numberUS 2929496 A, US 2929496A, US-A-2929496, US2929496 A, US2929496A
InventorsLynn Stanly, Muehlebach William D
Original AssigneeChemical Sealing Corp
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Package for tape mounted materials
US 2929496 A
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W. D. MUEHLEBACH EI'AL March 22, 1960 PACKAGE FOR TAPE MOUNTED MATERIALS Filed Dec. 14. 1956 BY I W AWOR/VE hACKAGE FOR TAPE MOUNTED MATERIALS William D. Muehlebach, North Kansas City, and Lynn Stanly, Raytown, Mo., assignors to Chemical Sealing Corporation, Kansas City, Mo., a corporation of Missouri Application December 14, 1956, Serial No. 628,341

1 Claim. (Cl. 206-65) This invention relates to improved means for packaging and supporting tape mounted materials such as those disclosed in US. Letters Patent No. 2,256,864 and 2,454,821.

It is the most important object of the present inven tion to improve upon the package disclosed in US. Letters Patent No. 2,340,116 by the provision of means inherent in the package adapted to prevent accidental displacement of the spirally wound material not only during transportation, but during use, i.e., application of the putty-like material to a joint or the like to be sealed thereby.

Another important object of the instant invention is the provision of a support made in a manner to permit use thereof as an arbor whereby the tape and the material thereon may be progressively unwound as it is applied without danger of the various parts of the support falling apart or the tape becoming entangled and displaced from the support.

Another important object is to provide a support that utilizes the inherent characteristics of the material itself as a means for preventing accidental displacement of a core from a panel upon which the core is mounted.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a vertical, cross-sectional view through a polygonal container showing in elevation, tap-mounted material spirally wound on a support forming the subject matter of the instant invention.

Fig. 2 is a vertical, cross-sectional view taken at right angles to Figure 1 illustrating a plurality of supports within the container, parts being broken way for clearness.

Fig. 3 is an enlarged, elevational view of the blank from which the panel of the support is made; and

Fig. 4 is an enlarged, fagmentary, perspective view of the support prior to winding of the material thereon.

The plurality of supports 10 illustrated in Fig. 2 of the drawing, each include a flat panel 12 preferably to be made from cardboard that may be initially square or rectangular presenting a number of straight edges 14 adapted to engage the four walls of a container 16. It is desirable to provide arcuate corners 18 in the panel 12 for purposes hereinafter to be made clear.

A central hole 20 is formed in the panel 12 simultaneously with the cutting of a plurality of radial slits 22 therein equally spaced around the hole 20. At the same time the panel 12 is perforated or indented to present lines of weakness or bend 24 interconnecting the outer ends of the slits 22, presenting therefore, a plurality of tabs 26 that may be bent laterally in perpendicular relationship to one face of the panel 12 in the manner illustrated by Fig. 4. This present a central perforation in the panel 12 adapted to receive a cylindrical core 28 that may likewise be made from cardboard or the like.

The diameter of the core 28 is of no particular consequence, but the width thereof should be substantially nited States Patent ice 2 the same as the combined thickness of-the panel 12 and the width of the article of manufacture 30 to wound on the support 10.

The article 30 may be substantially the same as that disclosed in any one of the aforementioned patents and consists of a flexible tape 32 made for example, from tripled wax paper and having the putty-like material formed in a head 34 on one face thereof.

The elongated, flexible member 30 is Wound spirally around the tabs 26 with one edge of the tape 32 engaging the proximal face of the panel 12. It is seen that when the article 30 is thus wraped around the tabs 26, it holds the latter tightly against the outer circumferential face of the core 28, thereby holding the core 28 against displacement from the panel 12. Consequently, when the supports 10 with the articles 30 wrapped thereon, are placed in the container 16 in the manner illustrated by Figs. 1 and 2, the articles 30 are supported by the panels 12 since they become a composite part thereof with the tabs 26 and the core 28. The articles 30 are not only protected against damage during shipment, but cannot become accidentally displaced from the panels'12 during such shipment.

When the material 34 is to be placed in use after removal from the carton 16, the operator may unwind the same by extending his fingers through the core 28 and during such unwinding operation the core 28 will remain in place confined by the tabs 26. The arcuate corners 18 present a subtantially circular disc that is easily rotated during the application of the bead 34 and subsequent removal of tape 32 therefrom.

In order to package the units in side-by-side relationship as shown in Fig; 2, it is to 'be preferred that the tabs 26 do not extend beyond the core 28, hence the provision of hole 20 in panel 12. If however, it is desired to use a core of larger diameter or, if the width of the tape 32 and, therefore, the width of the core 28 is sufficient, hole 20 may be eliminated. Conversely, depending upon the diameter of core 28, the hole 20 may be of larger diameter when a tape narrower than that illustrated is employed.

Having thus described the invention what is claimed as new and desired to be secured by Letters Patent is:

A package comprising a polygonal container; and a plurality of separate, identical units housed within said container, each unit including a single, flat panel having a peripheral edge and a pair of opposed, parallel faces, there being a central opening in the panel and a plurality of tabs integral with the panel and surrounding the openmg, a core within said opening and separate from the panel and the tabs, the tabs being perpendicular to one of said faces of the panel and surrounding the core, said core having an annular end flush with the opposite face of the panel, an elongated, flexible tape having a bead of putty-like sealing material on one face thereof, the tape being wound tightly around the tabs with the putty in face contact therewith and bearing against said one face of the panel, holding the tabs in flat gripping relationship to the outermost surface of the core to retain the latter in the opening, said material being soft and pliable whereby the tabs embed themselves therein when the tape is wrapped tightly therearound, thereby retaining the tape in place and holding the tape, thecore and the panel together as a unit and against relative rotation, the units being in side-by-side relationship in the container with the cores aligned and with the panels alternating with the tapes whereby the panels serve as spacers between the tapes, said peripheral edges of the panel having a number were:

of linear stretches'each disposed-in line contact with a a References Cited in the file of this patent respective wall of the container,'said units being freely UNITED STATES PATENTS removable from the container whereby the panels and 2 454 821 McKee 30 1948 cores rve a reels for facilitating the unwinding of the 2700463 5 2 1955 tapes during application of said material, the cores being 5 "q-"r cylindrical, presenting bush figs adapted to receive a sup: FOREIGN PATENTS port abcut which the same may rbtat e'duringf unyvindi i'gf 232,071 a Great Britain Aug. 16, 1925

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U.S. Classification206/394, 206/408
International ClassificationB65D57/00, B65D85/672, B65D85/67
Cooperative ClassificationB65D57/00, B65D85/672
European ClassificationB65D57/00, B65D85/672
Legal Events
Aug 3, 1987ASAssignment
Effective date: 19870310