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Publication numberUS2929920 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 22, 1960
Filing dateFeb 19, 1958
Priority dateFeb 19, 1958
Publication numberUS 2929920 A, US 2929920A, US-A-2929920, US2929920 A, US2929920A
InventorsJerome H Feig
Original AssigneeMarvin Electric Mfg Co
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Recessed lighting fixture
US 2929920 A
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March 22, 1960 J. H. FEIG 2,929,920 RECESSED LIGHTING FIXTURE Filed Feb. 19; 1958 2 Sheets-Sheet l O 7 INVENTOR. I Jf/POME M FE/C 19 7' TOP/viii) March 22, 1960 J. H. FEIG RECESSED LIGHTING FIXTURE 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Feb. 19, 1958 IN V EN TOR.

197 TOP/V5 V5 2,929,920 RECESSED LIGHTING FIXTURE Jerome H. Feig, North Hollywood, Calif., assignor to Marvin Electric Manufacturing Co., Los Angeies, Califi, a corporation of California Application February 19, 1958, Serial No. 716,237 1 Claim. (Cl. 240-78) My invention comprises a recessed lighting fixture, and more specifically an electric light fixture for flush mounting in the ceiling of a room.

In general my fixture comprises a frame member which is adapted to be mounted either during new construction or during renovation in the ceiling of my room. This frame member has attachable on all or any of its sides means for permanently anchoring it to the plaster or to the studs above the plaster. Upon this frame member is mounted a J box to which the house wiring is attached. This I box is adjustable in position in relation to the frame and is mounted on a hinge so that it can be moved from a position above the ceiling and outside of the frame downwardly into the space encompassed by the frame. By such a construction the house wiring can be pulled through the conduits into a position where it may readily be attached to the J box and the J box doese not interfere with this positioning of the conduits or the wires through the conduits. After the wire and conduit are in the appropriate position then the J box is moved back on its hinge, secured in its normal position, and connected directly to the wiring.

Also the frame supports a reflector dome through which a light bulb fixture extends. The light bulb fixture is attached to the J box by a pipe so that the wiring from the J box to the fixture is completely enclosed. The reflector dome is connected to the frame in a detachable manner so that it can be removed to get at the J box.

Other objects and advantages of my invention will be apparent from the following description of the preferred embodiments thereof.

Figure 1 is a top plan view.

Figure 2 is a section taken on the ure 1.

Figure 3 is a bottom plan view.

Figure 4 is a perspective of a detail.

Figure 5 is a side elevation.

Figure 6 is a partial end elevation.

Figure 7 is a section taken on the line 7-7 of Figure 5.

Figure 8 is a perspective of a detail.

Figure 9 is a perspective of a detail.

Figure 10 is a perspective of a detail.

Figure 11 is a top plan view of a detail.

Figure 12 is a section taken on the line 12-12 of Figure 11.

Figure 13 is a perspective of a detail.

A recessed lighting fixture constructed in accordance with my invention has a frame 1 which, as shown in this application, is substantially square, but could be rectangular, round or uneven in shape. The frame 1 has an inwardly extending flange 2 substantially around its perimeter. On the sides of the frame 1 are cut T-shaped slots 3. The frame 1 may have one or more T-shaped slots 3 upon its various sidese. The T-shaped slots 3 have communicating the ewith upwardly extending slots 4, 5 and 6. A mounting bracket 7 (Figure 10) line 2-2 of Fighas a plate 8 with screw holes choring the same to the plaster or framework to hold my fixture in place. The plate 8 has an extension 10 which has a downwardly extending clevis 11. At the edges of the plate 8 are downwardly extending'projections 12 with slots 13. The clevis 11 and projection 10 are of such size that they will pass through the slot 5 in the frame 1 whilethe extensions 12 will pass through the slots 4 and'6. The extension 10 is adapted to pass through and slide in the T-shaped slots 3. The bracket 7 is thus attached to the frame 1 by inserting the clevis 11, projection 10 and projection 12 through their respective slots whereupon the bracket can be'moved up and down in the T-shaped slots 3 to the desired position and anchored thereby by a set screw 14 which tightens the clevis to prevent movement .of the bracket 7 in the slot 3.

The undersurface of the plate 8 contacts the top of the plaster and the bracket 7 can be attached to the plaster by screws or bolts through the holes 9. By adjusting up and down in the slot'3 the bracket may be positioned on the frame 1 so that the bottom edge of the frame 1 is substantially flush with the bottom surface of the plaster 15 as shown in Figure 3.

In some types of construction, it is desirable also to have a clamp that engages the bottom surface of the plaster 15. I have provided such a clamp in the plate 16 which has a clip member 17 which is adapted to slide in the T-shaped slots 3. When this clamp 16 is used, it is inserted in the T slots 3 before the bracket 7, and thus the clamp 16 is in engagement with the lower surface of the ceiling 15 and prevents lateral movement of the frame 1 in the hole in the plaster.

in some types of construction the plaster is of such 9 for the purpose of ana thin construction that the screws or bolts pass through the holes 9 in the bracket 7 and are not adequate to anchor the frame to the plaster and the plaster will not support the weight of the fixture. For this purpose a notched bar 18 is provided which slides through the slots 13. This bar 18 can be anchored over any of the wooden studs supporting the ceiling and attached thereto. Then the cutout dog 20 in the plate 8 engages the notches 21 in the bar 18, and after positioning the bar 18 across the appropriate studs the bracket 7 is locked in position on the bar 18 by bending the dog 20 into one of the slots 21 on the bars.

A reflector dome 25 has around its perimeter a flange 26. At one side of the flange 26 are formed slots 27 which engage lugs 28 on the flange 2 of the frame 1. The lugs 28 pass through the slots 27 and act as hinge points to permit the reflector dome to be supported thereon and vet to be detachable from the frame 1. A spring book 28 engages under the flange 26 and supports the reflector dome 25 opposite the hinges formed by the lugs 28 and slots 27.

A bracket has bayonet slots 31 therein to which a 1' box 32 is attached by the set screws 33. This I box 32 is slidable inwardly and outwardly from the frame 1 on the bracket to any desired position.

The bracket 30 has a downwardly extending leg 34 which has therein slots 35 through which are passed lugs 36 formed on the frame 1. A keyhole slot 37 forms a passage for a bolt 38 which is anchored in the frame 1. The slots 35 are large enough so that by slightly elelating the bracket 30 the bolt 38 'enters the widened portion 40 of the keyhole slot 37. In this position the entire bracket 30 may be rotated so that the I box 32 han s downwardly from the bracket 1, thus permitting an installer to pull the conduits and wiring up to the desired connection with the J box 32. The I box 32 is then rotated into its normal position as shown in Figure 1 and connected to the wiring.

;Patented 'Mar. 22, 1960 From the front face of the J box 32 a pipe 41 extends and has on its outer end a light socket 42. The wiring for the light socket passes through the pipe 41 and is connected to the house wiring in the I box 32. The socket 42 extends through a hole 43 in the reflector domet25 so that an electric light bulb 44 can be screwed into the socket 42 beneath the reflector dome 25.

- I claim: 7

A recessed light fixture comprising a frame, adjustable atttaching members carried by said frame, a bracket, a J box mounted on said bracket above and outside of said frame, said bracket being hinged to said frame whereby said bracket can be rotated and swing said I box into and below said frame, a pipe extending from said J box, a light bulb socket attached to said pipe and a reflector dome hingedly supported by said frame having a hole 5 therein through which said socket extends.

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