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Publication numberUS2930148 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 29, 1960
Filing dateOct 11, 1957
Priority dateOct 11, 1957
Publication numberUS 2930148 A, US 2930148A, US-A-2930148, US2930148 A, US2930148A
InventorsParker Johnnie H
Original AssigneeParker Johnnie H
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Shoe sole attachment
US 2930148 A
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March 29, 1960 J. H. PARKER SHOE sous ATTACHMENT Filed Oct. 11, 1957 Fig.6 44

Johnnie H. Parker INVENTOR.

9 BY gum 2,930,148 SHOE SOLE ATTACHMENT Johnnie H. Parker, Memphis, Tenn.

Application October 11, 1957, Serial No. 689,513

2 Claims. (Cl. 36-15) This invention relates generally to shoe soles, and more specifically to soles of the detachable type.

The primary object of this invention is to provide a detachable shoe sole, which may be replaced quickly, easily, and more inexpensively than conventional shoe soles now available.

Another object of this invention is to provide a shoe sole which'may be replaced wholly or partly, depending on which portion of the sole gets the most wear.

A further object of this invention is to produce a simple and inexpensive device and yet one which will be exceedingly effective for the purpose for which it is designed.

These together with other objects and advantages which will become subsequently apparent reside in the details of construction and operation as more fully hereinafter described and claimed, reference being had to the accompanying drawings forming apart hereof, wherein like numerals refer to like parts throughout, and in which:

Figure 1 is a side elevational view illustrating the detachable shoe sole comprising the present invention as attached to a conventional shoe;

Figure 2 is a bottom plane view of the shoe and shoe sole shown in Figure 1;

Figure 3 is a partly sectional view taken vertically through the center of the detachable shoe sole and partly elevational and illustrating details of construction thereof;

Figure 4 is a perspective view illustrating the shoe sole mounting bracket as fastened to a shoe;

Figure 5 is a perspective view of one of the plugs to be used in conjunction with the present invention; and

Figure 6 is a perspective view of a clamp used to hold the rear of the shoe plate in place.

Referring now more specifically to the drawings, the numeral 10 generally designates a shoe to which the present invention is to be applied. This shoe is shown having the conventional type of sole 12.

At the rearward portion of the sole, and mounted near the heel and parallel to the forward edge thereof. is a mounting bracket 14, which has a cut out or offset portion 16. This bracket has an extending lip 18 which is defined because of cut out portion-16, and has vertical holes therethrough as at 20. Lip 18 has threaded openings therein 22 for a purpose to be described below.

A metallic plate 24 of the same general shape as the sole of the shoe has a plurality of apertures 26 formed therein. Into these apertures are inserted neoprene plugs 28, see Figure 5, which each consist of a shank 30 and a I head 32. The plate 24 has at its forwardmost end a channeled upstanding peripheral projection 34, which is adapted to accommodate the forward portion of the'sole 12 of the shoe, to facilitate the fastening of the plate 24 onto the sole of a shoe. It will be noted that the plugs 28 are inserted through the apertures 26 with the heads 32 disposed on the same side of plate 24 as the channeled member 34. Now, after all the plugs are inserted into the plate the channel member 34 may be engaged with the forward portion of the sole, and the rearward portion of the plate, may be accommodated in notch 16 disposed above lip 18, so that the surface of the plate 24 is flush with bracket 14. It is to be noted that the rearward portion of the plate 24 has openings 36 formed therein which are to be aligned with openings 22 in lip 18.

Now, in' order to securely fasten the plate 24 to the sole, a clamp 38 is used to hold the rearward portion of walking to wearout one portion of the'sole faster than another. If this occurs, it is merely necessary to remove Patented Mar. 29, 1960 the plate onto the shoe. It is to be noted that the chan nel portion 34 will hold the plate onto the front of the shoe. This clamp 38 consists of a bight portion, and upstanding leg portions 42; The bight portion 40 has a plurality of openings 44 formed therein, tobe aligned withopenings 36 and 22 respectively. The clamp 38 is then placed over the plate 24 in alignment with the previously mentioned openings and then by means of 7 screws 46, the clamp may be connected to the bracket 14, and so serve to mount the plate 24 onto the shoe.

It is to be noted of course that rivets 48 are used to mount the bracket 14 to the sole of a shoe, theserivets passing through openings 20. I

The use of this device will'be obviousr However, his to be noted that some people have a tendency when the clamp, remove the plate, and replace the worn plugs with new ones. This can be done very quickly and easily, and at a cost much less than that of installing a new shoe sole.

From the foregoing, the construction and operation of the device will be readily understood and further explanationis believed to be unnecessary. However, since numerous modifications and changes will readily occur to those skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention to the exact construction shown and described,

I and accordingly all suitable modifications and equivalents may be resorted to, falling within the scope of the invention as claimed.

What is claimed as new is as follows:

1. A detachable shoe sole comprising an apertured metallic plate covering and coextensive with the bottom of a shoe'outsole from the toe portion to substantially the heel portion thereof, a plurality of wear plugs each comprising a shank and a head, each shank being disposed in one of said apertures with its end projecting below said plate and with its head disposed between said plate and the shoe outsole to provide thereby a spacer therebetween, and means for detachably securing said plate to the toe and heel portions of the'shoe outsole,"

said securing means including an integral upturned rim rising from the front edge of said plate and contoured to closely surround and grip the toe portion of a shoe outsole, said rim having an inturned flange overlying said toe portion, a bracket fixedly secured to the underside of the shoe outsole adjacent the shoe heel, said plate having its rearward portion resting upon the underside of said bracket, a clamp embracing said plate and secured to the upper surface of said shoe outsole, and means fastening said'clamp to said bracket thereby retaining said plate between said clamp and said bracket.

2. The combination of claim 1 wherein said bracket has a cut-away portion, said plate having its rearward end lying within and abutting against said cut-away portion.

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