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Publication numberUS2931365 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 5, 1960
Filing dateNov 12, 1958
Priority dateNov 12, 1958
Publication numberUS 2931365 A, US 2931365A, US-A-2931365, US2931365 A, US2931365A
InventorsMckenzie Crystal A
Original AssigneeMckenzie Crystal A
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Cigarette, cigar or pipe holder for golf bags, buggies or the like
US 2931365 A
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April 5, 1960 c. A. MCKENZIE 2,931,365

CIGARETTE, CIGAR OR PIPE HOLDER FOR GOLF BAGS, BUGGIES OR THE LIKE Filed Nov. 12, 1958 CIGARETTE, CIGAR R PIPE HOLDER FOR GOLF BAGS, EUGGIES OR THE LIKE Crystal A. McKenzie, Kilkenny, South Australia, Australia Application November 12, 1958, Serial No. 773,408 1 Claim. (Cl. 131-241) This invention relates to a cigarette, cigar or pipe holder for golf bags, buggies or the like.

Smokers who play golf often find themselves in the position of reaching a tee or any other part of the course and wanting to deposit a partly smoked cigarette, cigar or a pipe without finding a convenient locality to temporarily leave it. 7

It is the object of this invention to provide a device which can be attached to a golf bag, buggy or the like and which will hold a cigarette or cigar or pipe so that the smoker can drive off or play his shot and can then again continue smoking.

The device comprises a holder which has a fixed part and a moving part preferably engaged on a golf bag or buggy by a suitable clip or hook, the moving part being so arranged that it can be moved from its holding position to open to receive a cigarette or pipe or the like and will then be repositioned to hold it until such time as it is desired to remove the cigarette or pipe or the like.

in its simplest form the invention provides a device which comprises a lower member and an upper member connected together by hinge means and spring loaded to be urged together to hold a cigarette or cigar or pipe or the like between them, said upper and lower members being shaped to form an enclosure to receive the lit end of the cigarette or cigar or the bowl of a pipe, said holder being provided with means to attach it to a support.

To enable the invention to be fully understood an embodiment will now be described with reference to the accompanying drawings in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of such an embodiment, and

Fig. 2 is a side elevation with the moving part, or cover, partly raised to receive a cigarette or the like.

In the drawing, a lower fixed member 1 comprises a tray 2 provided with an interior hollow to receive ash and to accommodate the lit end of a cigarete or the bowl of a pipe. The member '1 has a raised marginal portion 1a extending outwardly from said hollow, surrounding the same and including a pair of oppositely disposed recesses 3 so that either cigarette or cigars or pipe stems can be engaged therein. A spring-loaded member 4 is associated therewith in such a manner that when a cigarette or pipe stem is engaged in the holder between the wall of the recess 3 in the lower member 1 and the wall of the recess 5 in the marginal portion 4a of upper memnited States Patent 0 her 4, it will be firmly held therebetween due to the pressure of the spring 6.

The spring 6 encircles the exposed central portion of a hinge pin 7 which engages the lugs 8 of the member 4, the lugs 9 of the lower member 1 and also the struck out members 10 of a spring clip 11.

The clip 11 is thus connected to both the lower memher 1 and the upper member 4 by the pin 7, but the lower member 1 is normally held in a fixed relationship to the clip 11 by a spring tail or portion 12 having its end 13 hingeably engageable in a recess 14, thus allowing the lower member 1 to be held at right angles to the clip 11 but permitting the member 1 to be swung up or folded against the clip when it is desired to fold the unit.

The clip 11 has a rear part 15 which forms a grip at 16 but the end 17 of the part 15 is curled back to prevent it from catching when the clip 11 is being engaged on a support such as a transverse bar of a golf buggy or the like.

The spring 6 between the members 1 and 4 thus keeps the two parts closed on a cigarette or pipe stem, the user simply pressing the spring-loaded upper member 4 out of the way when positioning the cigarette or pipe or the like and allowing the spring 6 to bring the member 4 down on to the member 1 into its holding position.

When it is desired to remove the cigarette or pipe it is only necessary to reverse the procedure by gripping the cigarette or pipe while at the same time lifting up the spring-loaded upper member 4 to release them.

The device may be of a size to protect a bowl of a pipe by encircling it or it may simply hold the stem of the p1pe.

By making the device in the form of a receptacle it is possible to have the burning end of the cigarette or cigar or the bowl of a pipe disposed inside of the receptacle so that it is fully protected against rain or the like and also the danger of burning anything is reduced.

What I claim is:

A holder for golf bags, buggies and like supports comprising a lower member provided with an interior hollow and including a marginal portion extending outwards therefrom, said marginal portion having a recess therein, an upper member provided with a hollow and including a marginal portion extending outwards therefrom, the marginal portions of the two members lying one on the other with said members superposed, a hinge pin pivotally connecting said members together, spring means on said hinge pin to urge the two members together so that the marginal portions engage, the marginal portion of said upper member having a recess corresponding with the recess in the lower member, and a spring clip on said hinge pin including a portion adapted to engage a support and including a vertical portion hingeably engaging the lower member and holding the same in a horizontal position with the clip engaged on said support but permitting the lower member to be folded against the said clip.

Johnson Aug. 16, 1949 Schehl Feb. 17, 1931

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