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Publication numberUS293205 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 5, 1884
Publication numberUS 293205 A, US 293205A, US-A-293205, US293205 A, US293205A
InventorsNobman Wiabd
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Nobman wiabd
US 293205 A
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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 293,205, dated February 5, 188,4.`

v Applioatlonled November 22,1883. (No model.)

.To Ya/ZZ whom it may concerrtr.

Be it known that I, NORMAN VIAED, of 'Washingtom in the District of Columbia, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Combined Carpet Stretchers, which is made substantially as set forth hereinafter, and as set forthinthedrawingsaccompanying,inwhich- Figure 1 shows the entire implement, and Figs. 2, 3, and et show details of parts of the same.

The object of this invention is to make a simple combined' lever and thrust carpet--` stretcher provided with separable partswhich can be used at the same time for separate parts of the work of drawing and holding the carpet and driving the tacks therein, as Well as servlng for extracting tacks and nails.

`for use together.

points, D, onone end, to engage with the floor separately.

or carpet in use, as shown. It has slotE and cross-pivot F therein, arranged to receive and hold the other portion of the implement; and it has a long handle, I-I, provided with a round flat head, G, on its end, as shown. The points D are turned of steel wire with smooth round points, and are set tightly into drilled holes in the end of lever A. Their shape enables them to penetrate the carpet Aby passing smoothly between the threads or fibers without injury to them. The partBhas a handlearm, K, with a hook, I, on its end, arranged to engage with the pivot F in part. A, to combine the two parts for use, and easily separable therefrom when the parts are to be used Its other end is forked into parts M N. The part M is broad and Jdat crosswse, and is curved lengthwise, so as to rest upon the ioor and be suited to move freely or rock thereon. tions L on its upper surface, and is curved iii relation to the pivot in fork N, so that it will benearest thereto at the end, as shown by dottedline c. The portion M has ahole and claw-slot, m, arranged for drawing nails, and two claw-notches, m', in its end, as shown, for drawing tacks. The portion N has a pivot,

O, by which part C is attached so as to swing Part M has cross-oorrugafreely, as shown by dotted line o. It has also a` hammer-head, P, projecting at its end, as shown, arranged so as to be used for driving tacks. The partC is pivoted to part N, and is formed as shown, and with its end c broad,l to engage with part M, torform a grippingclutch arranged to receive and hold the edge or fold" of the carpet without injury `to its fabric while drawing it, and so that it will loosen thereon when the pull is relaxed. The cross-grooves L are arranged with part C to promote this action. The combined parts are arranged for use as in Fig. 1 for drawing and stretching the carpet, using part B C to hold and pull by, and lever A to engage with the floor therefor, the parts' being connected by hook I and pivot F or their equivalents.

The part A is used separately as a thrust or push Garpetstretcher, using the points D to engage with the carpet, and the flat head Cr4 to push by. By this the wrinkles can be smoothed out of the carpet, and the edge can be drawn into place and held for tacking. At the same time the part B can be used for driving the tacks, as well as for pulling those which may be misdrivcn.

'It will be seen that the implement has peculiar advantages in providing two parts which can be used separately at one time for drawing and holding the carpet and for driving the tacks, while, without additional parts to be provided or looked after, they can be put together and used to draw the carpet into place with great force.

The parts admit of a variety of changes and modifications, some of which are shown in the drawings. In some cases I make the hook on the end of part B to project sidewise, as in Fig. 2, instead of downward, as in Fig. l, and make for it ahole through part A, as in Fig. 4, instead of the slot and pivot in Fig. l; or, instead', I make a number of Vcog-like bearings on the back of lever A, as shown in Fig. 4, to receive andholdthis hook, by which the leverage may be changed as it may be required. These and others I use alternatively as equivalents, as preferred.

The cross-corrugations on part M, I make steep on the sides which resist the strain of the carpet, and with inclinations on the other sides substantially that of circles having their Y center vin the pivot of part C, so` that when 3. The part B, provided with clutch M C the carpet is held the arm C will not be made and hammer-head P. to push down endwise on the carpet by hard 4. An implement formed of parts A B, arpulling, and thus injure the same; nor will it ranged for use alternatively together and sep- 5 cause the grip to tighten so as not to loosen arately in putting down carpets, substantially 2o easily or toendanger breakage. as and for the purpose set forth. I prefer to make the parts of soft Cast-iron, In testimony whereof I affix my signature in though they may be made of Wrought or mallepresence of two Witnesses.

able metal.

1o I claim- NORMAN WIARD.

, l. A thrust carpet-stretcherprovided with a grip attachment, as described. XVitnesses:

2. A thrust carpet-stretcher having bar H, SAML. J. VALLACE, provided with points D, head G, and means JOSEPH S. RIDER.

I 5 for attaching a grip mechanism.

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