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Publication numberUS2932423 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 12, 1960
Filing dateDec 5, 1956
Priority dateDec 5, 1956
Publication numberUS 2932423 A, US 2932423A, US-A-2932423, US2932423 A, US2932423A
InventorsBaumgartner Doyle M
Original AssigneeBaumgartner Doyle M
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Carton holder
US 2932423 A
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April 12, 1960 D. M. BAUMGARTNER 2,932,423

CARTON HOLDER Filed Dec. 5, 195e I` I8 /4 INVENTOR.

2,932,423' CARTON HOLDER j Doyle M. Baumgartner, Prospect, Ohio 4Application DecemberS, 19'56, Serial No. 626,420

` z claims. (ci. zoffs) This invention relates to holders for 'milk cartons:

It is an object of the presentinvention to rprovide a server and plastic holder for parafIin-coated cardboard milk cartons of rectangular cross section which includes novel means `forgripping theholder and serverso. as to prevent either the cartonnor holderlfrom slipping. and spilling the milk, which gripping means also serves to indicate by the sense of touch how much milk remains in the carton.

It is another object of the present invention to provide a reusable holder and server for milk of the above type which includes weighted means for preventing the holder and carton from tipping over as Well as to prevent the milk from owing too rapidly through the pouring spout, which so frequently occurs when the conventional carton is almost empty.

Other objects of the invention are to provide -a holder and server for milk cartons bearing the above objects in mind which is of simple construction, hasa minimum number of parts, is inexpensive to manufacture and efcient in operation and use and that will readily allow the removal of the carton when empty, or at any time such removal is desired.

For other objects and for a better understanding of t the invention, reference may be had to the following de- `:tegrally formed with the circular ridges 16 of triangular tailed description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a preferred embodiment of the present invention shown in operative use;

Fig. 2 is a vertical longitudinal sectional view thereof;

Fig. 3 is a horizontal transverse sectional view thereof; and

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary view similar to Fig. 3 but illustrating a modified form of the present invention.

Referring now more in detail to the drawing, indicates generally a paran-coated cardboard milk carton of the type well known to those skilled in the art including the usual gable 11, substantially as illustrated.

In the practice of my invention, a plastic holder indicated generally at 12 is provided and includes the tubular side wall 13 of rectangular cross section (Fig. 3) integrally formed at its lower end with the bottom wall 14. The height of the holder 12 is less than that of the carton 10 so as to expose the gable portion 11 and to in no way interfere with the pouring of the milk in the usual manner. Due to its semirigid construction, the holder 12 will overcome the disadvantages attendant with the cardboard carton 10, for example the collapsible feature and other objectionable features attendant in the cardboard structure. Y

Improved means are provided for gripping both the carton 10 and the holder 12 and comprising the provision of a plurality of vertically spaced circular finger openings 15 provided in at least two opposite walls, the side walls 13 surrounding the nger openings 15 being in- Tgcross section which will prevent the openings from tearflied SwsPaf-O -Means are provided 2,932,423 Patented Apr. 12, 1960 ing under useandalso serve to guide the users fingers therewithin. f f In the event that only two opposite Walls are'provided with the linger openings (although it'will bereadily 'apparent that Yall four can be so provided) 4the other opposite' walls will be provided with suitable advertising matter `17 whereby to provide a premium item, for milk manufacturers, etc.

If-Windovvs'lS' and ridges '16 thus increase thejornamentallattractiveness of the holder and the portions of the `-side= walls 13 adjacent thereto may be further decoratedV with rectangularly arranged ridges', 17 "integral1y formedltherein which provide a further frictional engagementfmeans.mi l Y v Y 'l y l f for so Weighting the holder as to prevent `:the lholderfand carton from tipping over as well as to facilitate the ow of the milk by moving the center of gravity. upwardly and include the provision of a rectangularplate4 18 in the bottom of theholderresting directly on'the bottom wall 14v of amaterial having a high specic gravity, for example lead. The upper peripheral edge of the plate 18 is bevelled as at 19 and the plate is retained in position by mean of an internal rectangular ridge 20 of triangular cross section integrally formed on the interior of the holder and which engages the bevelled surface 19 of the plate (Fig. 2).

In conventional milk cartons 10 without the present invention, after the milk reaches the halfway point of the carton when the latter is in a tilted position, the entire contents rush to the pouring spout, causing an overflow of milk, especially when pouring into coiee cups. The weighted means 1S moves the center of gravity to the center of the carton when tilted so that the contents pour therefrom in a steady and even stream.

The holder may be made in one-half gallon sizes in addition to the more common quart size Shown. The device may also be made in various other sizes and colors.

The windows 15 will prevent any slipping due to moisture which might form on the container or holder or carton, while in the refrigerator. These windows by reason of the sense of touch will also be of service for determining how much milk remains in the carton without further effort. The windows will be provided on each side providing sure gripping means regardless of how the milk cartons pouring lip may be facing. The weighted plate 18 will counterbalance the surge of milk and the weight of the plate should approximate about half the weight of the cartons contents. Thus, the holder contributes to an economy of milk and preserves the wholesome flavor for a longer period due to the greater refrigeration which takes place by providing an extra wall.

As shown in Fig. 4, a modified form of the invention is provided wherein a thin cover of plastic 21 is positioned across the inner face of the side walls 13 to close the openings 15. This will prevent milkfrom spilling out of the carton into the holder.

In other respects the form of the invention shown in Fig. 4 is the same as that shown in Figs. 1 through 3, and like reference numerals identify like parts throughout the several views.

While various changes may be made in the detail construction, it shall be understood that such changes shall be within the spirit and scope of the present invention as defined by the appended claims.

What I claim as new anddesire to protect by Letters Patent of the United States is:

l. In a reusable holder and server for cardboard milk cartons of rectangular cross-section comprising, in combination, a reusable tubular plastic server of substantially rectangular cross section adapted to receive therein a cardboard milk carton of substantially rectangular cross section, a cardboard milk carton, a rectangular plate *of high specific gravity, said server comprising a horizontal rectangular-shaped bottom wall, andl four vertical rectangular shaped side Walls, said walls being ofthe same height, the upper end of said side walls terminating below the pouring portion of said milk carton, said server on at least a pair ofY opposite sides having vertically spaced openings of substantially circular configuration for gripping the server and carton therethrough, said side walls of said server surrounding said vopenings being formed with circular outwardly extending ridges of triangular cross-section for reinforcing the portion of said walls surrounding said openings and to facilitate the Aentry -therethrough of the lingers of Ithe user, said plate arranged inside said server adjacent the bottom wall thereof, a rectangular ridge integrally formedon the interior sides of said vertical side walls at a distance above the bottom wall equal to the-thickness of said plate, said ridge engaging the upper peripheral edge of said plate and retaining the same in position, said plate so arranged to prevent the server from tipping over and to facilitate the smooth ow of the contents of the milk carton when being served therefrom, said rectangular ridge being of triangular cross section and the upper peripheral edge of said plate being beveled and in intimate contact with the lower surface of said ridge.

2. A milk carton server according to claim 1, said server having said side walls integrally secured to said bottom wall forming a closed lower end portion for said server.

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