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Publication numberUS2936695 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 17, 1960
Filing dateNov 27, 1956
Priority dateJun 22, 1956
Publication numberUS 2936695 A, US 2936695A, US-A-2936695, US2936695 A, US2936695A
InventorsRaymond Donot Guy
Original AssigneeRaymond Donot Guy
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Apparatus for producing infusions, decoctions and the like beverages
US 2936695 A
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Claims priority, application France June 22, 1956 1 Claim. (Cl. 9?--295) My invention is concerned with an apparatus and package for forming infusions which are particularly adapte for individual use.

One object of my invention is to provide an apparatus of the kind embodying a package or cartridge" containing the product to be infused, in which the cartridge is tightly clamped between a hollow member containing the water and a ring adapted to be firmly secured to the lower section of said hollow member.

Another object of this invention is to provide an apparatus of the kind above described, which just comprises a hollow cylindrical or frustoconical member and a ring adapted to be secured to one end of said hollow member, the cartridge being so clamped between said hollow memher and said ring that all the water poured into said hollow member is constrained to pass through said cartridge.

Still another object of my invention is to provide an apparatus of the class described in which a hollow member is assembled with a cartridge by means of an elastic ring.

Further objects and features of my invention will appear in the reading of the following description, reference being made to the accompanying drawings given by way of example and by no means in a limiting sense. In said drawings:

Fig. 1 is an elevational sectional exploded view of a first embodiment of an apparatus and cartridge according to the invention.

Fig. 2 is a similar sectional elevational view of a second embodiment of my invention.

Fig. 3 is a partial sectional vertical view of a further embodiment of the invention.

Figs. 4 and 5 are respectively plan and elevational views of an elastic ring forming part of the apparatus illustrated in Fig. 3.

Fig. 6 is a plan view of a modification of said ring.

Figs. 7 and 8 are elevational sectional views of two further embodiments of my improved apparatus.

In the embodiment illustrated, the cartridge includes a first stamped frustoconical body 1, provided with a collar or flange 2 extending in a plane substantially perpendicular to the axis of said frustocone. The frustoconical recess thus constituted is filled with ground coffee and is closed by a flat cover 3 the edges of which are folded back as shown at 4 over the outer periphery of said flange 2.

The cover 3 and the bottom 5 of the body 1 are perforated as provided by the slashing of a large number of very small openings such as 6 which allow the water to pass through the cartridge while their jagged edges hold the coffee powder in position.

The cover 3 and the body bottom 5 are then covered through spraying or in any other suitable manner by means of a product which may be removed by means of hot water, said product being of a comestible nature and having a neutral flavour, such as a concentrated solution 2,936,695 Patented May 17, 196 0 of glucose. Said product stops the openings 6 and protects the coffee against the action of the external air.

When it is desired to use the cartridge, the latter is fitted inside the lower end of a hollow member 7, capped by a cover 8 the skirt of which is provided with inner axial heads, the inner surface of the lower end of said hollow member having a frustoconical shape and including aiong its lower surface an outer flange 9 adapted to bear on the collar 2.

I then fit over the member 7 a ring 10 provided with an inner collar 11 on which rests a packing ring 12. The assembling of said parts 7 and 10 over the periphery of the cartridge may be ensured through a threaded connection as shown at 13 and 14 or otherwise.

The collar 2 is thus clamped fluidtightly between the flanges 9 and 11 while the water poured inside the hollow member '7 is constrained to pass through the cartridges after removing or dissolving the material stopping the openings 6.

The apparatus thus designed is laid on any desired cup or the like receiver.

In the embodiment illustrated in Fig. 2, the arrangement includes a bottomless hollow member 16 into which is poured the hot water which is to produce the infusion or decoction. Said hollow member is provided at its lower end with a bead 17 projecting slightly outwardly and adapted to cooperate with an elastic outer ring 18 which includes a main part 19 extending perpendicularly to the general axis of the apparatus and the breadth of which is sulficient for it to form a bearing through which the apparatus may be set over a support or container. The upper surface of the ring is provided with an annular tongue 20 which is slightly folded inwardly so as to form a sort of rabbet 21 adapted to house as illustrated the outer flange of the actual cartridge 22 together with the peripheral head 17 on the hollow member 16.

The ring 18 may be slotted transversely so as to allow the easy introduction into its rabbet of the head 17 and of the flange of the cartridge 22; preferably, said slot extends solely through the annular tongue 20 on said ring 18. Said ring 18 is made of any suitable elastic material such as a metal sheet covered with plastic material or otherwise or again it may be made entirely of plastic material. To make use of said apparatus, it is sufficient to position the cartridge 22 inside the lower end of the outer hollow member 16 and to set in position the ring 18, the difierent parts being thus assembled reliably by reason of the elasticity of said ring which returns into its starting position after insertion of the bead 17 and flange of the cartridge. 7

Thus, a pressure is exerted both on the bead 17 and on the flange of the cartridge 22 so as to hold them in contact with each other and this provides for a fiuidtightness which is quite sufficient for practical purposes.

In the embodiment illustrated in Fig. 3, the hollow member 23 is provided with a flange 24 directed inwardly and said flange bears against the underside of the outwardly directed flange 25 of the cartridge 22. At a short distance above said flange 24, there is provided inside the hollow member an annular flange 26 of a reduced thickness, so as to form with the first flange 24 an annular groove or rabbet 2'7.

Inside said groove or rabbet 27 is wedged a ring 28 of elastic material provided as illustrated in Fig. 4 with a radial slot 29. The size of said ring is such that the two edges of said slot 29 may be in contact with each other when the ring is fitted inside the groove 27. Said ring 28 is rigid with a lug 30 (Figs. 4 and 5) directed inwardly and adapted to be held between the thumb and the forefinger of the user, whereby the positioning and removal of the ring 28 are made easier.

The operation of such an arrangement is obvious: the cartridge 22 is positioned in a manner such that its flange 25 engages the upper surface of the flange 24. The ring 28 is then introduced obliquely after the user has taken holdofits lug 30 and it is then urged slightly outwardly so as to be positioned inside the groove 27. Obviously, it is possible to give the ring 28 any desired shape and for instance that illustrated in Fig. 6 in which said ring is shown as including a number of radial elements such as 31-32 which converge towards a central knob 33, said knob serving for taking hold of the ring as a substitute for the lug 30 in the case illustrated in Fig. 4.

The ring 28 is made of elastic material and is advantageously constituted by an elastic wire coated with plastic material. Its cross-section may be ovalshaped as illustrated in Fig. 3 so as to further its introduction into the groove 27 and to ensure through its compression an improved fluidtightness.

In the embodiment illustrated in Fig. 7, the cartridge 34 is not provided with a cover welded or secured thereto in any manner whatever and said cartridge may be fitted freely inside the ring 35 and rest through its outer flange 36 over the shoulder 37 formed in said ring perpendicularly to its axis. In this case, the cover of the cartridge 34 is constituted by the sieve 38 which is rigid with the lower end of the hollow member 39.

In this embodiment, the cartridge 34 is fitted inside the opening 40 of the ring 35 after it has been filled with ground cofiee. The ring 35 is then screwed over the lower end of the hollow member 39 whereby said cartridge 34 is clamped in position by engagement of its flange 36 between the ring 35 and the lower end of the member 39. It is then suflicient to introduce the desired amount of hot water into the hollow member 39 and to proceed in the usual manner for preparing the coffee.

Obviously, the same cartridge of a removable coverless type may be designed in a manner such that it is no longer to be fitted inside the opening 40 of the ring 35 but inside the lower section of the hollow member 39. At this moment,-the cover 38 may also be free and be set in contact with the upper edge of the cartridge 34 before the ring is screwed in position, or again said cover 38 may be rigid with the shoulder 37 provided in the ring.

As illustrated in Fig. 8, it is also possible to make the cartridge 34 rigid with the lower end of the hollow member 39. This latter embodiment leads simply to providing a perforated partition 41 which is made rigid with the inner wall of the member 39 within the latter at a distance d from the lower opening of the latter so that the volume thus defined between the perforated partition 41 and the lower edge'of said member 39 corresponds to one measure of coffee. The sieve 42 forming the cover of the cartridge may be free and set in position at the moment of use either over the shoulder 37 of the ring 35 or over the edge 43 of the lower end of the member 39 immediately before the screwing into position of the ring 35.

Obviously, in the two last described embodiments, the introduction of the measure of ground coffee is produced by holding the body 39 upside down with reference to its normal position of use.

I may also provide a cartridge having a larger volume, the apparatus having then a corresponding size so as to be capable of producing several cups of coffee at a time.

What I claim is:

An infusion apparatus comprising a hollow member having open ends, said member having a lateral bead provided on one of said open ends projecting outwardly, a cartridge for a substance to be infused having opposite sides capable of having a fluid pass therethrough, said cartridge having a flange detachably mounted on said member head end, a resilient ring having a supporting portion extending substantially perpendicular to the axis of said cartridge with said cartridge flange seated thereon and said cartridge extending therethrough, said ring having an annular tongue extending concentric with said housing and slanting inwardly detachably housing and retaining together said member bead and said cartridge flange detachably retaining said cartridge to and exteriorly of said hollow member.

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U.S. Classification99/295, 99/304
International ClassificationB65D8/04, B65D81/00, B65D85/804
Cooperative ClassificationB65D85/8043
European ClassificationB65D85/804B