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Publication numberUS293799 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 19, 1884
Publication numberUS 293799 A, US 293799A, US-A-293799, US293799 A, US293799A
InventorsProtection Eelt
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US 293799 A
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(No Model) G. B. SIMKIN.

PROTECTION BELT AND ATTACHMENT. No. 293,799. Patented Feb. 19,1884.

wii nes-s'es;


GEORGE ll. SIBIKIN. til (lllt.\( ;t). ll.l.l\ tll.\.


SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 293,799. dated Febrnary 19, 188' Application tiled April .13, l t

To ul/ zv/mmt it III/If] woncern:

tie it known that l. (tnonon ill. SlllKlX. a eitizen ot' the Tnited States, residing at (hr (ago in the county ot' (oolc and State ol- .llli nois,l1a\'e invented a new and nset'nl ]n1pro\' ment in a. lTroteetion-lleltt and Attaehment. ot whieh the following is a Sllfltllll'tlLlUll.

The ohjt-eti of my intention is to provide a ht-lt that will altord a means ot'sal'ely to those who areene'ae'ed in washing windows or paint' ing, or anyolher dangerous oet-npation on the outside ot' the windows olhnildings. and to Combine with surh sat'ely-helt the m-eessanv articles for attaching it to walls and window- (-asine's.

lo the aeeompatrvi11g drawings. Figure t represents the helt and shoulder-hraees un- (Xe model shape. .\t the other end ol rope t. at h-t't of drawing. Fig. l, is attaeln-d the snap-hook I The rope passes through the ad instalile ('ollar l1. andthen through tin-owot'tlnhook I). and haek again through the eollat. and is enlargedat the end. to prevent \\'ilhdra\\'al.h lhl'ming a halt erown and split'tnt 'lhe rope is held andadiusted in length h v the tllllllll)- serewj'.\\'liiel1 passes t hrough the eollar ll. and

; operates against the .\'lll'lll 't' ol said rope.

strapped. Fig. Zrepresentsa person equipped with my lNll in the art olwashing windows. 1

lri g. tithe ring-staple used for uniting n| snaphook to.

I employ a. strong lit-it, ot' any suitahle material. which is fastened in 'li'ont ot' the wearer. la-lttl'ashion, h a st rong hnelihau. and st rap 1), or any other helt-t'astening. The lu-lt sustained by sl1onlder-hraees 1', of any desired material. which are fastened st rongly to the hawk ol' the helt, and adjusted in front to the size of the wearer by buckles d (I and straps v. back, issl rtmgly lastened, by a piece of leather, A", stitched on each side. or otherwise detainahly held, an ordinary circular ring, 13. Said ring encircles the belt; A, so that \l'lllltCVLl strain may come on the ring in case of an ac (fltlt'llt' while wearing the belt may come entirely on the helt ,a11d not on the lastenin which holds the ring. Passing through the ring I; is a hempen rope, (l, oran 'otherslrong and suitable material, of snl'lieient length to spread across the widest windows that are used, and still adjustable to the smallest win- (lOWS. All the right end of the rope Fig. 1. is strongly fastened, by splicing or otherwise securing, asnap-hook. l).whieh is of the usual Upon the inside of thehelt. at the I the rope t.

t l l .l denotes the staples ol= ring-holt. or an) other st rone' t'astenin; l hat ill answerthe purpose. which are driven into the wall aside ol' the window-easing. or driven or serewt-d into the casing; itsell'. as sh wn in l ig. 3. The snapimoks lleneaetwith these staples when the hell is put in use. and l'orms the means ot support t the person wearing the hell.

in putting my intention in use. the opel'zr tion is as Iollows: .\t'ter laslening the helt to the person h the means shown. the party stands with his hat-1; to the window from the inside ol'the room and adjusts thesnap-hooks l to the staples 1*. then steps harlzward under the windowto the oulsideolthe huihlinezand is read to follow windows. painting. or glazing.

()ther l'orms ol' rollars than that shown ean he employed. so long as it accomplishes the Ultlttil wa11ted---tl1eadjustment ot'theleneth ot' \\'hat lelaim as new. amidesire teseeure hy Letters flatent, is-

protection-belt and attaehments, consistin; ot'a helt, A, the ring l5. the huekle u and strap II, the shoulder-ltram-s w. the bnekles 1i, and straps e, in (annhination with rope t. the snap hooks I) and collar ll. the thnmlrserew's f, and supporhstaples l". suhstantially asand tor the purpose described.

tilCUlZttl] l. SUHUX.


.TA .\1 ns 1% )'ll 111:. .l. h. Siu'ru.

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