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Publication numberUS2941208 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 21, 1960
Filing dateSep 5, 1957
Priority dateSep 5, 1957
Publication numberUS 2941208 A, US 2941208A, US-A-2941208, US2941208 A, US2941208A
InventorsMarano Herbert W
Original AssigneeWilson Jones Co
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Stapling machine assembly
US 2941208 A
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H. w. MARANO STAPLING MACHINE ASSEMBLY Filed Sept. 5. 1957 June 21, 1960 Pllll- INVENTOR #523597- MM/mn/vo ATTORNEY United States PatentO STAPLING MACHINE ASSEMBLY Herbert W. Marano, Summit, N.J., assignor to Wilson :gnes Company, Chicago, 111., a corporation of Massausetts Filed Sept. '5, 1957, Ser. No. 682,117

1 Claim. (Cl. 1-3) The present invention relates generally to an improved fastener-applying device, and in particular it relates to an improved desk-type stapler.

The conventional desk-type stapler is characterized by the large number of parts and components required for a satisfactory, operable device. As a consequence, the assembly of the conventional desk-type stapler is complex and highly labor-consuming. This greatly contributes to the cost of the desk-type stapler, which as a result is a relatively expensive device.

It is thus a principal object of the present invention to provide an improved fastener-applying device.

Another object of the present invention is to provide an improved desk-type stapling device.

Still another object of the present invention is to provide an improved desk-type stapler of simple and rugged construction.

A further object of the present invention is to provide an improved stapler characterized by the ease of assembly thereof.

- The above and other objects of the present invention will become apparent from a reading of the following description, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawing, wherein Figure l is a partially exploded perspective view of a desk stapler embodying the present invention;

Figure 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of the base portion thereof, the head being shown in broken line and partially broken away for convenience of illustration; and

Figure 3 is a bottom plan view thereof.

In a sense, the present invention contemplates the provision of an improved stapling device comprising a base member including a base plate having a depending peripheral skirt defining with the underface of said base plate a downwardly directed recess; a bracket mounted on said base plate adjacent to an end thereof; a stapling head hinged to said bracket; a leaf spring disposed between said stapling head and said base plate normally urging said stapling head to an upper position; a support strip located in said recess and extending longitudinally for substantially the full length of said base member; foot pieces mounted at opposite ends of said support strip and projecting below said peripheral skirt, and a common fastener passing through and mutually securing said leaf spring, base plate and support strip.

Referring now to the drawing which illustrates a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the numeral generally designates a stapling head and the numeral 12 a base member. The stapling head 10 is of conventional construction and may be of the type described in US. Patent No. 2,624,878 issued on January 13, 1953 to H. W, Marano. The stapling head 10 includes a magazine 14 hinged at its trailing end to a drive head 16 which carries at its forward end, in the usual manner, a driving blade (not shown) registering with the staple throat disposed at the forward end of the staple magazine 14.

Base 12 includes a longitudinally extending base plate 18 provided with a depending peripheral skirt 20 which,

2,941,208 Patented'Ju'ne 21, 1968 with the underface of base plate 18, defines a downwardly directed recess 22. Adjacent the leading end of base plate 18, there is formed a longitudinally extending aperture 24 which is covered by a longitudinally slidable re cessed. anvil 26 having a depending leg 28 registering with the aperture 24 and slidably secured to base plate 18 by a resilient strip 30 fastened to the underface of the leg 28 and abutting the side borders of the aperture 24. A depending locating lug 32 is defined by a. tongue stamped from the base plate 18 and bent downwardly and rearwardly immediately posterior to aperture 24. I

A pair of laterally spaced, parallel, longitudinally extending slots 34 are formed in the trailing portion of the base plate 18. A U-shaped bracket 36 is provided which includes upright parallel cross arms 38, which register with the slots 34, and a flat bridge portion 40 which abuts the underface of base plate 18. A rivet 42 effects the partial securement of bracket 36 to base plate 18. Stapling head 10 is hinged to bracket 36 by a pin 44 which passes through aligned openings formed in cars 46 projecting rearwardly from bracket arms 38 and corresponding openings formed in stapling head handle 16 and magazine 14.

A longitudinally extending support strip 50 is disposed within recess 22, extending for substantially the full length thereof, and is accurately located by means of an aperture 52 formed therein which registers with downturned lug 32. Support strip 50 is provided with an uppermost section 56 which abuts the underface of base plate 18, a section 58 at a lower, intermediate level, which abuts the underface of bracket bridge portion 40, and leading and trailing lowermost sections 60 and 61 respectively. Leading section 60 is connected to section 56 by an inclined wall 63 and trailing section 61 is connected to intermediate section 58 by inclined wall 64.

The leading end of support strip section 60 terminates in depending, laterally spaced, downwardly rearwardly inclined claw flanges 65 which are angularly disposed relative to each other. Rearwardly of the flanges 65 and also depending from the section 60 are a pair of laterally spaced, downwardly forwardly inclined lugs 66. A front foot piece 67 includes a base portion surmounted by a dovetail section 68 which is firmly engaged between the confronting faces of flanges 65 and lugs 66, the upper face of the leading and side borders of the base portion being in abutment with the underface of the peripheral skirt 20 and of corresponding configuration thereto. The trailing support strip section 61 terminates in a downwardly, forwardly directed flange 69 and is provided with a pair of laterally spaced downwardly rearwardly directed lugs 70. A foot piece 71, having a base portion surmounted by a dovetail section 72, is carried by support strip section 61, the dovetail section 72 being engaged between the confronting faces of flange 69 and lugs 70. The trailing upper surface of foot piece 71 abuts the underface of the peripheral skirt 22 and is of similar configuration. Foot pieces 67 and 71 are preferably formed of rubber or other suitable resilient material.

A leaf spring 76 is formed of a pair of superimposed resilient strips and includes a trailing leg 77 provided with an aperture 78, the underface of trailing leg 77 abutting the upper face of base plate 18. Extending forwardly and upwardly from the leg 77 is an inclined arm 88 which terminates in a horizontal arcuate portion 79 bearing against the underface of magazine 14 resiliently to maintain stapling head 10 in its raised position. Leaf spring 76 and support strip are secured in assembled condition to base member 12 by a single fastener defined by a rivet 80 which passes through an opening 82 formed in the support strip 50, an aligned opening formed in base plate 18 and opening 78 formed in leaf spring 76. Furthermore, the rivet 80 completes the securement of bracket 36 to base plate 18. It is apparent that by reason of the above onstru t ons the as emh y o h p n unmoved desk stapler is greatly facilitated.

While there has been described and illustrated a pre ferred embodiment of the present invention, it is appareut that n merou alt ra on udumissions may e mad without departing ,fliom-the spirit thereof. t

Having now sr bsd my n e t on Wha L ai n e e se u y Lette s P e t s: 7

An improved ,stapli g device comprising a base anember including a base plate having a depending peripheral skirt defining with the undertaee of said base plate a do a r it e ce s a plat h v n a Pa r of longitudinally extending slots formed. the11 e in,al;raeket n d on s i base plat adja ent to anen the se and including a pa o Tupr s t e s e isten swith sa d Sluts and a b id Po ion connec n ihe b tt m o s legs d a u ing h nde t kes-of s id a Pla e k apl g h ad h u t a d bracket; a lea pri g dispose t a d pl ughea and aidzbase plate, s idf p us normally urging said stapling "head to an upper position, a

support strip located in said recess and extending longitudinally for substantially the full length of said base member, foot pieces mounted at opposite ends of said support strip and projecting below said peripheral skirt, an opening in said support strip between the ends thereof, a locating element extending downwardly from the base plate and towards the slots therein, said locating element extending through the opening in the support .strip, and a single common rivet passing through and mutually securing said 'leaf spring, base plate, {bracket and support strip.

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